If you have a product in mind but aren’t sure how to promote it, or you are looking for a way to get started, you’re in the right place! Below you will find marketing strategies to help you make money as a affiliate.

Below you will find three sections:

  • YouTube Content Ideas
  • Organic Social Media Tips
  • Listcicle topics that have lots of Google searches for your blog

YouTube Content Ideas

Creating videos for YouTube about enhancement, wellness and sexual health does not mean you have to do porn. Instead you can focus on providing solutions to common issues or by answering questions.

Products from and other websites can then be tied in as solutions.  There are hundreds of thousands of men and women looking for solutions each month making this is a prime opportunity for you to earn!

Bonus tip #1

You can include your affiliate links (with an advertising disclosure) in both the description section of your video and also on the video itself. 


Bonus tip #2

If you have a URL shortener like PrettyLinkPro or you can create easy to type in URLs from your affiliate links.

As you share the product in your video, place the URL at the bottom of the screen and tell people they can go to this URL and find the product. You can also display each URL with the product on an end screen and let the person watching know they’ll see it again.

Video Topics: 

  • Which Lube is Best for penis pumps
    • In this video make sure to mention compatibility (never use silicone on silicone).
  • How to pick the right cock ring for your size
  • The 9 best cock rings & how they work
  • How to Pick a Prostate Massager
  • Which Penis Pump is the Right One to Use
  • Is My Cock Ring to Tight? Here’s How to Tell.
  • The Difference Between a Cock Sheath and Sleeve
  • How to Use a Penis Pump (The Right Way)
    • The person will already have a pump so use your affiliate links for lubes and cock rings as they are accessories that work well with pumps.

 The most important thing to remember is that the information must be accurate.  Also, if you’re not a licensed medical doctor, please do not give medical advice, and make sure you provide a source to a reputable website if you share a statistic or fact. 

Bonus Tip #3:
And don’t forget YouTube is not the only video platform you can make money with. You can upload videos to Xtube, PornHub, xHamster and more! 


Social Media Strategies

Social media is a great place for you to make money as an affiliate. Unlike a blog or YouTube where the content can gain exposure for years, many platforms have a shelf life under 1 week so make sure to fine tune your sales pitches. 

STRATEGY #1 - Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the few social media platforms where your content can bring sales for more than a year. The trick here is to not just share an affiliate link, but to provide a solution and tie your link in.

Solutions can include: 

  • Step by step images for putting on a cock ring
  • Average growth charts for length and girth with penis pumps by time (1 month, 2 months, 1 year, etc…)
  • Listcicle teasers with a collage (the 10 best prostate massagers reviewed)

The first step is to create a board based on a theme. Themes could include ED solutions, how to get a larger penis, and the best sex toys for men.

Next you’ll want to start pinning and adding unique or interesting pins (that are also topically relevant) so there is something other than your own content for Pinners to find.

Now you can load your affiliate link directly to Pinterest, write a unique description that describes the solution and upload your image.  However this has less of a chance at making money.  

If you really want to grow as a business and earn you’ll want to have your own blog or website.  Create a post about the topic and incorporate your affiliate links into the post. Now pin your blog post to your board and add the right hashtags.

Now as people find your pin and click through you can get blog subscribers in addition to affiliate sales. It’s an even bigger win for you!

STRATEGY #2 - Instagram Posts

To get exposure on Instagram you need a mix of the right hashtags and to send positive signals to the algorithm.  Signals include swipes, comments, likes and saves.  

 Because there are no clickable links on posts, you’ll need to use a unique coupon code in the description. 

Write to the affiliate manager for your code, but please note it will only be live for 72 hours as Instagram is a short life channel.

To create an Instagram post that can make money think about something that educates, entertains and causes someone to take an action. 

You could write that you’ve listed the 5 best flavors of lube in order and ask your followers to click like and leave a comment about their favorite.  Another one could be fun facts about penis pumps.

As the person swipes to the next image they’ll learn something fun and how they can benefit themselves. Then on the last image share “save 20% on your pump with code “insert code” at”.

Now you’ve presold a reason to buy a pump (for girth, stamina, etc…) and a place to buy one and save because they follow your account.

Listicle Topics With Search Volumes

Listcicle is just a fun word for a “best of” list. It can be the best penis pumps to keep you hard or the top 20 vibrating cock rings to stimulate everyone’s senses. The trick here is to make sure you optimize it well for both search engines and social media platforms.

Below you’ll find a few topics with the amount of people searching for the topic each month and some optimization tips. Our affiliate managers are always happy to brainstorm unique ideas for your site.  Write them at


  • 9 Prostate Massagers That Actually Work (22,000)
  • 13 Anal Lubes to Make Your Lucky Night, Extra! (14,800 searches)
    • Use 13 different themes here like numbing, stimulating, warming, flavored, etc…
  • 17 Best Cock Rings Including Vibrating, Metal & More! (120,000)
  • 11 Best Male Masturbation Sleeves (3,000)
  • 6 Vibrating Cock Rings to Make Fun Time Buzztime!
  • 12 Penis Extender Sleeves that Please!

Optimization tips:

  • Place each list item in an H2 or H3 tag.
  • Make sure you use the bullet list feature (you can remove the bullet point so it looks good using html).
  • Have a unique image for each social media platform loaded to the head area.
  • Name the image with an alt tag.
  • Have a table of contents at the top that features each list item. As the person clicks the item, have it take them right to the section of your page.
  • Write a unique description of why each product is featured on your list.  This pre-sells why the person should shop and also makes your page more engaging.