Nova Handheld Digital Air Pump Controller for Penis Pumps

Elevate your size and strength gains to unprecedented levels with the groundbreaking Nova Handheld Digital Air Pump Controller for Penis Pumps. This revolutionary smart device is engineered to effortlessly transform your manual pump into a fully electric, intelligent pumping powerhouse, making it the most potent handheld pump available today.
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Nova Handheld Digital Air Pump Controller for Penis Pumps
Material: Polymer · Silicone · ABS Safety: Quick release air valve · Pressure Gauge
Noise Factor: Silent Air Gauge: Digital
Grip Style: Handheld, Electric
Includes: Silicone hose + male adapter
Waterproof: No Best for: Smart automatic pumping

Experience unprecedented enhancement with the Lynk Nova Handheld Digital Air Pump Controller. The best accessory you can add to your pumping equipment. This cutting-edge hand pump is specially designed for those who are serious about their penis enhancement.

The Nova is a universal fit digital electric hand pump that easily connects to almost all penis pump cylinders turning it into an electric device capable of high pressure with built-in smart pumping exercises.

The Nova hand pump is revolutionizing the pumping game as the first-of-its-kind handheld electric pump controller, boasting both smart and manual pump settings.


Universal Pump Compatibility

The Nova seamlessly connects with the entire range of Lynk Pleasure modular pump cylinders, including the 9 inch, 12 inch, and the distinct Mushroom Tip cylinder. It features a universally accepted 0.30" male adapter, ensuring compatibility with all cylinders equipped with female quick disconnect fittings.

Even standard pumps with nipples can be easily adapted by removing the male adapter and attaching the hose directly.

To use the nova with a standard pump with nipple, simply remove the male adapter from the end of the silicone hose and place the open hose end over the nipple on the cylinder.  

Smart Functionality for Your Convenience

With the Nova's smart function, you can set your preferred pressure settings and dive into one of the six pre-built smart pumping exercise modes. It's like having a personal coach guiding you to the results you desire.

Manual Mode for Precision Control

If you crave precise control, our manual mode allows you to fine-tune the pressure to your exact liking, and it'll hold there for your comfort and satisfaction.

Advanced LED Screen for Safety

Every Nova hand pump comes equipped with a fully electric LED screen featuring an air gauge. This ensures precision pumping, and you'll never have to worry about over-pumping injuries.

Built-in Quick-Release Air Valve

Safety first! The Nova pump features a built-in quick-release air valve, combined with an air monitoring gauge. This means you can pump with confidence, knowing you have control over your pressure at all times.

Upgrade Your Existing Pump with Ease

The Nova pump seamlessly plugs into nearly all manual penis pumps, instantly transforming them into fully automatic electric pumps with an air gauge and release valve. If your manual pump cylinder already has a nipple, simply remove the male adapter from the end of the silicone hose and plug it directly into the existing cylinder's nipple.

Everything You Need, Right Out of the Box

Each Nova Comfort Grip Hand Pump comes complete with all the necessary components for an instant connection to high-performance modular penis pump cylinders. This includes 12" of medical-grade silicone hose and a male quick disconnect fitting.

Elevate your pumping experience with the Nova Handheld Digital Air Pump Controller and take your journey to new heights of pleasure and size gains. It's time to invest in your satisfaction and confidence like never before.

Note: Works with most penis pump cylinders. Cylinders Sold Separately.

Brilliant oversized backlit digital LCD screen for easy reading
Automatic pressure adjustments at the push of a button help you enjoy thicker and harder erections
Smart memory technology keeps your pressure and progress for long term improvements
Features 6 smart automatic pumping exercise modes
Electronic quick-release valve for safety and peace of mind
One of a kind handheld electric pump
Designed to get you thicker and harder for better sexual experiences
USB rechargeable battery w/ included charging cable
Nova · Handheld · Digital · Air · Pump · Controller · for · Penis · Pumps
Nova · Handheld · Digital · Air · Pump · Controller · for · Penis · Pumps
High Performance Pumping Gear
High Performance Pumping Gear
  • The comfortable and ergonomically designed grip is perfect for all users
  • Specifically designed for effortless pumping with frictionless components
  • Enjoy a full electric experience with no manual work needed
  • Extremely durable material that can handle rough movement and use
  • The digital display shows all the information needed to help you hard and healthy
  • Built-in vacuum level gauge for precise and accurate pumping
  • Anti-air leaking technology keeps pumping results consistent
  • Includes an electric quick release safety air valve
  • Not designed for use with water
Nova · Handheld · Digital · Air · Pump · Controller · for · Penis · Pumps

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
john s.

ability to program the pressure, time of pressure thru cport, up to 6 pressure combos per AI # 1-6. also lbs or kpa, also up down pressure button for better control

Nova Handheld Digital Air Pump Controller

This is a great addition to my equipment. Full of great features to play with, but I think the best is the AI mode. It allows the pump to operate on it's own by adding and reducing the amount of suction which I believe aids in gaining more size.

Mark M.
Great Pump

Well designed electric pump and when used with memory programs along with kegel exercise increased EHS can be achieved and maintained

Lynk Pleasure Penis Pump Hand Pump Nova Handheld Digital Air Pump Controller for Penis Pumps
Nova Handheld Pump Controller $79.99
Nova Handheld Pump Controller $79.99