Lynk Pleasure: Editorial Principles

Searching for reliable information online can sometimes feel difficult. It’s hard to know for certain if what you’re reading is trustworthy or instead just designed to persuade you to spend your money.

At Lynk Pleasure, one of our core values is to create and share information that is interesting, useful, and – above all – accurate. By doing so, we aim to empower our customers – giving you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your sex life and products that are right for you.

In this guide, we’re going to explain how each of our expert writers produces the trustworthy information you’ll find here on Lynk Pleasure. We’ll walk you through the non-negotiable features of everything we write, including:

  • Human writing
  • Exhaustive research and fact-checking
  • Use of reliable and reputable sources
  • Collaboration with experts

Human writing

If you’ve ever come away from a blog post or a product review with more questions than answers, you’re not alone. A lot of information you read online is produced by people with no real knowledge of what they’re writing about or who the reader will be.

This is where we strive to do things differently.

Almost everything you read here at Lynk Pleasure is researched and written by Danny Garrett – a certified sexual wellness expert through the Eldorado Sexual Health Board. As well as writing for us, Danny’s work and expert input can be found on a range of health and sexual wellness websites, including The Enhanced Male,,, and many more.

Writing for real people

Everyone who finds our website has a slightly different reason for exploring our products and advice. Some people might be exploring new areas of their sex life. In other cases, you might be looking for a product that helps combat the symptoms of a sexual wellness issue you have.

Danny’s expertise gives us a true understanding of our readers' situations. With many years of sexual wellness knowledge, Danny can look at an issue from your point of view – considering the questions you have and the knowledge you’re looking for. This means that the information on our site answers your specific questions – rather than just recycling health knowledge or product features that can be found elsewhere.

Exhaustive research and fact-checking

Although everything you read on Lynk Pleasure is created by experts, we don’t just rely on our own knowledge when we’re writing.

There are many different fields of science that all contribute to sexual wellness knowledge, including:

  • Pharmacology (the science of medications)
  • Physiology (the science of anatomy)
  • Psychology (the study of the human mind and its functions)
  • Sexology (the study of human sexual behavior)
  • Linguistics (the study of language and communication)

As such, we make sure we know what’s happening at the cutting edge in these fields – and many more. Then, when we create information that makes this complex information accessible and actionable for our readers.
If you’d like to see how this looks, take a few minutes to explore our article about Condom Associated Erection Problems (CAEP). Our blog includes information from 15 different published studies carried out on CAEP. When we research these sources, we make sure we only reference studies that have been “peer-reviewed” – which means their validity has been checked by other scientists in that field to ensure the information is accurate.

  • Our website has over 300 links to authority resources that provide scientific backing to the statistics and facts you’ll read
  • On average, for each invididual blog we create links to 10 scientific studies or sexual wellness resources
  • The statistic and facts you’ll read in our blog are backed up by links to over 90 different individual academic journals, online peer-reviewed resources, and expert sources

Fact-checking and critical thinking

Of course, science can sometimes be contradictory – one study doesn’t make a stone-cold fact. To make sure that we’re confident when we’re presenting information, we’ll also look for studies that disprove what we’re researching. It’s only when we’ve critically analyzed all the available information about a subject that we will reference the appropriate studies and build part of our trusted health center around it.

Sex and sexual health are often core parts of a person’s life. There’s no substitute for qualified medical knowledge if you’d like to understand these areas better – but by offering balanced and researched knowledge, we strive to be a trusted resource that will help people get a better understanding of their body and mind.

Use of reliable and reputable sources

We’ve talked about the kind of scientific studies that we use to research topics we write about – but what are these resources specifically?

As you can no doubt imagine, there are hundreds of studies and academic journals covering the areas involved with sexual health and well-being – but these are some of the more commonly found resources referenced by our writers here at Lynk Pleasure:

The Oxford Academic Journal of Sexual Medicine: Part of the Oxford University Press, sharing scholarly and academic books and journals from across the university’s huge range of studies and research.

The British Journal of Urology (BJUI): One of the most highly respected journals in the world, including original articles, reviews, comments, surgical education articles, and translational science articles across the field of urology.

International Journal of Impotence Research (IJIR): A medical journal that explores impotence, with input from a huge range of sciences, all studying human sexuality and sexual well-being.

PLOS ONE: A peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal with different publications spanning seven different areas of science and medicine. The open-access nature of PLOS often speeds up the publication and review of studies – making it a good source for very new information.

National Library of Medicine: part of the National Institutes of Health, is the world's largest medical library, providing access to biomedical literature, research, and health information resources for professionals and the public.

International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM): a global professional organization dedicated to promoting research, education, and clinical practice in human sexuality, addressing sexual health issues, and fostering collaboration among professionals.

Psychology Today: A popular online platform where experts and professionals discuss the psychological aspects of sexuality, relationships, and well-being – amongst a host of other topics.

Science Direct: An online resource providing access to a huge range of worldwide scientific studies. It hosts 18 million pieces of scientific content from over 4,000 academic journals and 30,000 science-based textbooks.

Naturally, this is just a handful of the many resources our writers use – but hopefully gives you an idea of the academic thinking that informs everything you read here on Lynk Pleasure.

Making science and psychology understandable

As you can no doubt imagine, a lot of the studies and academic papers we read when we research our health center topics are written by scientists for scientists. This makes the information complex and often difficult to absorb.

We take this complex information and making it accessible for everyone who uses Lynk Pleasure. When we write about a topic, you’ll get the important facts, statistics and findings – but without the heavy science-based language!

Collaboration with experts

As you can now tell, a lot of effort and research goes into creating everything you read here at Lynk Pleasure. As well as the writers we have on our staff here, we also frequently connect with guest experts in specialist areas of sexual wellness.

Recent collaborations have included a question-and-answer session about penis health with Dr. Aaron Spitz, MD and a men’s health question-and-answer session with Dr. Josh Gonzalez, MD.

Dr. Aaron Spitz, MD

A portrait of a man in a suit and tie.

Dr. Aaron Spitz is a renowned, board-certified urologist specializing in male reproductive medicine and surgery urologist. As well as his exceptional technical knowledge, he also has a passion for supporting patients’ with empathic wrap-around care – helping people to understand their conditions and the best treatment and recovery routes.

Dr. Spitz is also an active educator and author with a commitment to raising awareness about men’s health issues.

Dr. Josh Gonzalez, MD

A black and white photo of a man smiling.

Dr. Josh Gonzalez, MD is a highly esteemed board-certified and fellowship-trained urologist and sexual medicine specialist. At his state-of-the-art facility in West Hollywood, LA, he focuses on sexual dysfunctions in men and women and offers complete general urology and sexual health care to patients – many of whom identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Dr. Gonzalez offers a holistic approach to sexual wellness, considering the huge number of physical and psychological factors involved with sexual well-being.

Why do experts collaborate with Lynk Pleasure?

For us, expert collaboration is an essential part of what we do. Not only does it add huge amounts of value to the information we provide to our website users, it also confirms that medical professionals are assessing our work and confirming it is of the highest standard.

Lynk Pleasure’s Editorial Principles: A Summary

Hopefully, we’ve been able to give you some insight into the processes and thinking behind everything we write here at Lynk Pleasure.

For us, our editorial principles are a checklist held at the heart of our business. By adhering to them, we’re doing our very best to make sure every piece of information we share checks important boxes for our readers:

  • Written by expert writers who understand the questions, needs, and circumstances, and conditions of all our readers
  • Exhaustively researched and fact-checked to ensure absolute scientific accuracy without bias
  • Calling on information from the studies, scientific papers, and journals that are peer-reviewed and at the cutting edge of their area of expertise
  • Approved and added to by sexual wellness experts who are highly respected in their field

Ultimately, these all add up to one thing – trust. When you turn to Lynk Pleasure – whether that’s reading an informative article or product description, purchasing one of our innovative products, or reaching out to our customer care team, you can be absolutely confident that you’re trusting a company that puts our customers’ sexual wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.