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Dr. Aaron Spitz Answers Internet's Questions About the Penis

6 min read
Dr. Aaron Spitz Answers Internet's Questions About the Penis

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Today, we're grateful to welcome Dr. Aaron Spitz, who will shed some light into some penis-related concerns, expressed by internet users in forums on the internet. 

About Dr. Aaron Spitz

Aaron Spitz, MD is a top fertility expert, board-certified urologist, and microsurgeon located in Orange County, California. He is a trusted authority on men's health matters and is author of The Penis Book: A Doctor's Complete Guide to the Penis—From Size to Function and Everything in Between.

You can find him on Youtube and Twitter

Monix9090 – Discusses experiences with curved penises

Why do some men have curved penises and is there anything you could recommend for these to improve their sexual experience?

Some men are born with curved penis. There are two chambers in the shaft of the penis that fill with blood to cause the penis to become erect. These chambers normally are fused together evenly side by side, but in some men, while the penis is forming, the fusing together is slightly off-center causing the penis to curve in one direction or another depending on how off-center it is. In most cases, it is a mild and gradual curvature that does not interfere with sexual pleasure. If it is more severe it can be improved with surgery.   

A very different cause of curvature in the penis is Peyronie's disease which occurs later on in adulthood, usually after one’s 40s. This is due to an area of thickening and stiffness of the lining of one or both of the chambers. This area is called a plaque but has no resemblance to a plaque on the teeth or plaque in the arteries.

This area cannot expand like the rest of the lining of the chambers that expand as the chambers fill with blood, so instead the chamber kink, indent, or twist at this area, and often shorten as well.  Peyronie's disease may be caused by an injury during sex or due to a genetic condition that causes similar curvatures in the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet, known as Dubrytren’s contractures. 

In most cases, however, it just happens spontaneously.  It goes away spontaneously in about 20 % of men over the course of a year or two. For the rest, the treatment can be injections of medication to soften the stiff plaque, coupled with a stretching device, or it can be improved with surgery.  

rivermandan – Asks about his ability to “crack his penis” –

Have you ever heard of a patient that can crack his penis, is it dangerous or bad for their health?

    I have not heard of a practice of “cracking” one’s penis; however, there are conditions where a patient may hear a pop during sex which may be due to a strain or even a rupture of the suspensory ligaments that hold the penis against the pubic bone at the base of the penis.  This can be painful but usually does not require surgical intervention.  Another cause of hearing a pop or cracking sound of the penis is a penis fracture. This is a rupture of the chamber that fills with blood and it is very painful and results in significant bruising and a large amount of swelling due to bleeding under the skin called a “hematoma.” This is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention. 

    Bear2Pants – Is concerned about having relationships with her boy as his penis is quite big.

    Any advice for couples where the man has a big penis?

    It would be wise to check with your gynecologist to ensure there are no conditions of your vagina or pelvis that might be aggravated by intercourse with a large penis. Use lubricant as needed. Explore positions carefully to determine which are more comfortable. Some positions allow for deeper penetration and may be more uncomfortable. 

    Sufficient-Mark774 – Says he has experienced a decrease in penis sensitivity – He wonders if that might be caused by spending time in the hot tube.

    Is it possible to lose sensitivity on your penis by extensive times in the hot tube?

      I am not aware of hot tub exposure causing a loss of sensitivity of the penis but hot tub exposure is known to cause a decrease in sperm production which is temporary but can last up to a couple of months after a single session.

      SO30Throwaway681 – Concerned about losing erections when changing positions / losing contact 

      Is there anything to do in his situation? How can men maintain erections in those moments of pause in between sexual activity?

      Losing erections while changing positions may be due to a mild form of performance anxiety in which a man may feel concerned about keeping the erection during the transition. When a man is worried about something, anything–taxes, grizzly bears, erections, he releases adrenaline which decreases blood flow to the penis and diverts it away to the brain, heart, and lungs.  

      So having less worry about sexual performance can allow for better erections. More commonly, however, a man may have some age-related decrease in blood flow to his penis and require more continual stimulation to get the same degree of erections as when he was younger with better blood flow. Age-related changes can be slowed down or reversed with healthy habits such as a whole food plant-based diet, regular exercise, smoking cessation, moderation of alcohol, and good sleep.  Nonetheless, in many cases, a man may require medication such as sildenafil to improve blood flow and keep his erection more reliably. This can be determined by a physician.


      A user commented, concerned about tight frenulum –

      They would like to know if there’s any way to loosen it or is surgery is the only solution.

        A tight frenulum may be alleviated with surgery to release it. In some cases, it may improve with the application of prescription steroid cream over several months. 

        Legendary425 – Concerned about masturbation “stunting” penis growth.

        Is there any truth in that concern?

          Masturbation does not stunt penis growth. However, Jelqing to increase penis size may cause damage to the penis and should not be pursued. 

          A female user asked about her partner having insecurity when his penis goes soft during sex.

          What can men do to overcome that anxiety of losing an erection? 

            Performance anxiety is a situation in which a man may feel concerned about getting or  keeping an erection. When a man is worried about something, anything–taxes, grizzly bears, erections, he releases adrenaline which decreases blood flow to the penis and diverts it away to the brain, heart, and lungs so he can survive in case his anxiety is actually about something like a grizzly bear.  

            So if a guy can stop worrying about the sexual performance he can start having better erections by preventing adrenaline release. But this is easier said than done because with each episode of performance anxiety erection failure, the anxiety gets worse and worse and the adrenaline release is more intense. It can be hard to tell yourself not to think about something without making it the only thing you think about.  Psychologists who specialize in sexual medicine can provide counseling and strategies to help a guy reduce performance anxiety. 

            These strategies include reducing a goal-oriented approach to sex and a penis centric approach to sex.  Prescription pills such as sildenafil may be effective at overpowering the adrenaline effect and allowing enough blood flow for a good erection. Sometimes these pills are prescribed as a bridge to help a man restore his confidence and experience less and less anxiety to help get back to his good old self. 

            LenocInc21 – Is concerned about bumps after shaving his genital area.

            Is there any way to prevent irritation on your skin after this?

              Using lubricated shaving cream, an adequate sharp shaver, and warming up the skin ahead of time with a warm shower or warm compresses may allow for less bumps during shaving. 

              We found a lot of questions on how partners can get the most out of their partners’ penis shape.

              Do you have any general advice to get the most out of each penis shape?

                Experiment with positions. For some couples, rear entry allows for deeper penetration if desired.  Some women may require more clitoral stimulation which may occur less with rear entry, so basically try different positions with consideration of whether depth or more external stimulation is being improved as desired. 

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