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Male Masturbation Guide: The Best Tips and Techniques For Jerking Off

11 min read
Male Masturbation Guide: The Best Tips and Techniques For Jerking Off

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Thankfully, the days of being told that masturbating was wrong—that if you were to engage in the act, you'd go blind, grow hair on your palms, or that you'd go straight to the fiery pits of hell at your demise—are finally disappearing in the rear-view mirror.

As we grow up, we're programmed to explore our minds and bodies, to find out what everything does, how it works, what we like—and that's good and healthy, and it shouldn't stop just because we get a little older. However, there is often a great deal of shame and embarrassment linked to masturbation. For many, it's largely down to the fear of getting caught in such a personal pursuit or having been misinformed by less-educated and equally embarrassed parents.

As we grow up, we're programmed to explore our minds and bodies, to find out what everything does, how it works, what we like—and that's good and healthy, and it shouldn't stop just because we get a little older

So let's leave the shame behind and—quite literally—embrace the penis, and the sexual pleasure masturbation brings: on your own, as part of your sex life, to make the most of the many health benefits, or just to chase the ultimate mind-blowing orgasm.

TLDR Summary

  • Masturbation, often shrouded in shame in the past, offers sexual pleasure and health benefits.
  • Main reasons men masturbate: pleasure, alleviating tension, exploration, and improvement of sexual intercourse.
  • Masturbation provides multiple health benefits: reduces prostate cancer risk, good for heart health, combats erectile dysfunction, produces natural neurochemical highs, relieves stress, improves sleep, and boosts the immune system.
  • Self-pleasure can improve sexual satisfaction and open up communication in relationships.
  • Masturbation techniques can be enhanced through toys, exploring the male G-spot, edging, and partner play.
  • The solosexual community, preferring masturbation over intercourse, is expanding, with shared masturbation events and networks.
  • Embracing the journey of masturbation leads to more rewarding outcomes and improved overall health and well-being.

Why do men masturbate? 

  • It feels good – plain and simple
  • It's the simplest way to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm
  • Alleviates sex drive and sexual tension
  • Combats boredom
  • It's relaxing
  • It helps us learn more about what we like sexually, explore our fantasies, and the masturbation techniques that work the best for us
  • Improves sexual intercourse and enhances our sex life

Let's face it—why wouldn't we? It's got a host of health benefits that we'll touch on next, and it feels amazing, so really, it's a no-brainer.

Scientifically—and this creates another great reason to drop the guilt—in a round-about way, we were programmed to.

Without procreation, human life couldn't continue. If we weren't driven to sexual intercourse to keep the circle of life turning, we'd be handing the planet back to the plants and animals.

Key drivers behind why we have sex include the desire to attain pleasurable orgasms full of 'happy chemicals'; we're one of the few species who engage in sex for pleasure

Fortunately, the key drivers behind why we have sex include the desire to attain pleasurable orgasms full of 'happy chemicals'; we're one of the few species who engage in sex for pleasure, after all. And when we're not in a relationship, we go to all kinds of lengths to simulate sex, taking advantage of the sensations and feeling it brings.

Masturbation is the easiest way to satisfy our sexual desire, so what are you waiting for? Go scratch that itch; Mother Nature wants you to, after all.

Are there any health benefits to masturbating?

Yes. Apart from the obvious enjoyment, masturbation offers many health benefits to its participants. Whoever told you that masturbating was bad when you were a child needs a reeducation. Your self-pleasure is packed with healthy advantages, so if you needed a reason to indulge in regular masturbation (you didn't; nobody ever did), read on:

1. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Despite not understanding how just yet, studies have shown that ejaculating more lowers the chances of prostate cancer.

Again, with medical associations unable to pinpoint whether sex and masturbation offer the same benefits, why take the risk? Mix up your masturbation technique to utilize the same muscle groups as you would during sex; just keep working the prostate gland that produces the fluid in semen and pushes it out during ejaculation, and you're lowering the chances of a life-threatening problem.

2. Good for your heart

Anything that activates blood flow and gets your heart pumping encourages positive health benefits. When you reach orgasm, your heart rate and blood pressure increase; it might only be a little workout, but it's a great workout.

3. It helps fight erectile dysfunction and incontinence

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most talked-about problems with men and sex. Fortunately, there are several solutions for physical problems, and when it comes to the emotional or psychological side, masturbation can be a great tool to boost confidence and reduce anxiety.

Orgasm creates strong contractions, working the pelvic floor muscles, and strengthening them, which can help fight against erectile dysfunction and incontinence. Frequent masturbation using the stop and start method—or 'edging'—can also provide great results against premature ejaculation.

4. Produces natural highs from neurochemicals

Our bodies create a whole bunch of chemicals that make us feel good. Boosting their production with less healthy stimulators, such as cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, and opiates has huge drawbacks and often comes at a price to our health and wellbeing. Why take those risks when you can produce the same chemicals and intense pleasure during a masturbation session? Masturbation triggers nerve endings in the penis head or via prostate play, just like any sexual activity, and orgasm releases a rush of chemicals to achieve the intense natural high we crave

5. Stress relief

If you've ever thought about a promotion, the warning light on your car dashboard, or how you're going to pay the bills this month while you're masturbating, you're doing it all wrong.

Sexual arousal does a great job of shutting out all those intrusive thoughts—and your solo sex session is no exception.

It's almost meditative, the way it closes down all those unhappy or niggling thoughts, only leaving room for fantasies and figuring out how best to encourage new and different sensations.

6. Improves sleep and sleep quality

For insomniacs, or those suffering from stress and other sleep issues, having a bedtime masturbation routine is often their best weapon. Male masturbation is a great way to combat anxiety and sleep issues and help you fall asleep.

Using the same stress-relief chemicals discussed already, pushing out those niggling thoughts that keep you awake, masturbation floods us with endorphins and oxytocin, with orgasm releasing prolactin and serotonin, all there to help advance us into sleep.

7. Boosts your immune system

Besides how beneficial sleep is to your immune system, the neurochemicals produced by masturbation and orgasm combat cortisol—the stress hormone—while lowering your blood pressure.

Each of these elements boosts your immune system, making your body better at fighting off those bugs and colds that plague everyday life. So it really does make masturbation a literal self-care practice.

8. Improves sexual intercourse and satisfaction for both partners

We often consider masturbation a solo sexual activity, yet while exploring our own needs and desires, we're accruing valuable information we can bring to our relationships.

It's standard to hear sex experts tell us that knowing ourselves better through our masturbation experience can help us educate and inform our partners of the things we'd like to try and vice versa.

Masturbation is perfect for foreplay and exploring new sensations—it also makes multiple orgasms more likely

However, there's even more to gain when you start masturbating together.

It's perfect for foreplay and exploring new sensations—it also makes multiple orgasms more likely. Sharing your masturbation techniques with a partner could well be what opens the flood gates to more exciting and open sex, exploring erogenous zones, reducing embarrassment, and dropping the barriers in communication that too often hold us back.

7 Tips for better masturbation

What makes a great masturbation technique? Most men will have found a natural way into the art, but it doesn't hurt to consider a few masturbation tips and tricks to broaden your repertoire.

1. Set the scene and take your time

The days of worrying about a parent bursting into your room or a partner catching you in the shower should be long gone (unless that's what turns you on). Instead, to boost the sexual pleasure of your masturbation experience, treat yourself to the things you like, creating an environment that relaxes and stimulates you.

To heighten your experience, extend your sexual pleasure by taking things slowly. To keep things comfortable for extended sessions, use plenty of lubrication—silicone-based, if that's your preference, or water-based lube if you're using silicone sex toys.

Once you've got your erect penis, it's up to you what you do with it. Take a break from your traditional routine, and consider any new creative way to deliver different strokes, perhaps with your non-dominant hand, switch up the speed of your technique, or why not try a male masturbator? Speaking of which ...

2. Find your favorite sex toys

The playing field is leveling, with sex toys being just as prevalent in the male masturbation market as for women. Male anatomy presents itself beautifully to all kinds of fabulous tools and toys designed to deliver self-pleasure and heighten the masturbation experience.

Whether your new sex toy is triggering the nerves in your penis head or pushing the levels of anal stimulation, there are all kinds of male dildos and prostate stimulators available

Whether your new sex toy is triggering the nerves in your penis head or pushing the levels of anal stimulation, there are all kinds of male dildos and prostate stimulators available. Enter a world of Fleshlights and masturbation sleeves, vacuum cups, and male vibrators—they all bring something new to male masturbation and self-pleasure. Any one of them could be your next big personal-time pleasure.

A cock ring can help strengthen erections, so why not explore how much better your masturbation is with an even harder penis? Better still, a vibrating cock ring can create a different type of experience for you and a partner—a true two for one.

3. Get acquainted with the Male G Spot / P Spot

Anal play is fast becoming an acceptable standard for men of every preference in today's sexual society, and rightly so. With the prostate providing both explosive and pleasurable orgasms, why shouldn't you toy with it?

By exploring different positions and different sex toys, self-love is no longer limited to an old-fashioned handjob but open to new sensations in every one of your erogenous zones.

4. Change positions

Humans are creatures of habit, but to get the most out of your masturbation techniques, you take the opportunity to break tradition and try some alternative positions.

You'll find you can reach different parts of your body in new ways, offering new sensations, with different strokes changing the pace and feel of your actions. It can feel like an altogether different experience if you rock back and forth, move your hips, or gently thrust in time with your stroke instead of sitting or lying still.

Use your free hand to explore the other parts of your body. There are more erogenous zones in your body than just your penis. Play with your nipples and balls, stroke your inner thigh—they're full of nerve endings, and all add to your masturbating experience.

5. Explore edging

Talking of changing pace, 'edging' (prolonging orgasm by stopping at the point of climax before starting again) delivers far more powerful and explosive orgasms, as well as combatting premature ejaculation and encouraging a firmer erect penis. Sometimes, sexual tension can be a good thing—if you're building it to achieve an earth-shattering orgasm.

Explore Edging and Orgasm control:

We have put together this essential guide to Edging and Orgasm control:

6. Play with a partner

Playing with a partner sounds like one of the more obvious masturbation tips, yet it can still reap vast rewards when playing with your romantic or regular sexual partner.

However, one of the current and growing trends amongst today's sexual communities is that of the 'solosexual'. Solosexuals prefer masturbation over other means of sexual intercourse, yet that doesn't necessarily limit them to performing on their own. The modern-day sex life doesn't have to take traditional routes, so why not mix it up with someone new?

There are clubs, websites, networks, and events specially designed to bring solosexuals together to masturbate with each other. The community lends itself beautifully to fluid sexualities such as heteroflexible and homoflexible, as well as straight and gay men who enjoy sharing their activities with others.

There are clubs, websites, networks, and events specially designed to bring solosexuals together to masturbate with each other

7. Make it about the journey—not the destination

If you look after the journey, the destination will take care of itself. The more effort you put into the build and the practice itself, the more explosive the orgasm. Simply by trying new things, with new toys, and even with new people, you can only add to what is already a great way to help fill your day.


Men's masturbation FAQ

How often should men masturbate?

Unless it hurts or affects your physical or mental health or your relationship, there is no set practice. Masturbate as much as it feels good.

Is it true that men masturbate way more than women?

We're all different, so there isn't a definitive answer. For example, some women masturbate more than some men and vice versa. It is considered the general norm that men think about and treat masturbation differently than women and tend to masturbate far more frequently.

Can masturbation be harmful?

It's highly unlikely and only in specific cases that are pretty extreme. As noted earlier, if it doesn't hurt and it isn't causing social problems, it's a healthy act we should all engage in. Just look at the benefits.

Is masturbation addictive?

When something is so easy and so good, you can understand why it becomes easy to engage in the activity regularly. An addiction suggests an unhealthy relationship, though, so as long as you don't feel out of control and, again, you aren't causing harm to yourself or others, you're fine to keep going as you are.

Does my penis get less sensitive the more I masturbate?

It can, but don't worry, that sensitivity will come right back after a suitable break. Hyperstimulation can lower sensitivity and even bring about an inability to climax. However, by changing your technique and easing the pressure and number of sessions, everything should soon settle back to normal.

Is masturbating to porn okay?

There's much debate in this area, with most depending on each person's culture, religion, and personal beliefs. There isn't anything wrong with masturbating to pornography as long as you remember that most of it isn't real and is based on fantasy.

Porn can help you explore your fantasies and learn about new actions and activities, but you should remember that much of it can be quite unrealistic. Consent is everything in healthy and explorative relationships. If you're masturbating solo, however, you've already got the only consent you need.


As one of the few creatures on Earth that can masturbate, it is in our DNA to explore this phenomenon. We've covered many of the basic personal benefits such as helping with premature ejaculation as well as improving health through the release of neurochemicals. As with all great pleasures, as long as we do not abuse or allow it to control our lives, it is something we should continue exploring and enjoying. Following these basic guidelines for masturbation will allow you to capitalize on the enjoyment of this gift.

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