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Top 10 Best Sex Toys for Men in 2024

19 min read
Top 10 Best Sex Toys for Men in 2024

If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, look no further than our definitive list of the best sex toys for men. With the ongoing rise of the male sex toy, pleasure has never been so easily achievable. We're living in the era of high-tech adult toys - imaginative and sophisticated; they're helping lead a bedroom revolution. From lube to prostate massagers, there's an option for everyone.

Incorporating toys into your bedroom routine is a fantastic way to increase sexual pleasure for you and your partner. Studies indicate that sex toy use provides long-term positives to sexual relationships.

We're sex toy experts here at Lynk Pleasure, so if you're looking to introduce them into your love life but aren't sure where to begin, this is the place for you. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice on the market, with hundreds of products dedicated to enhancing your sex life. That's why we've put together this definitive list of the best sex toys from our Lynk Pleasure catalog. We've done the research for you; all you have to do is sit back, relax and read. We'll discuss all the latest and best sex toys for men and then go over what you'll need to consider before choosing a sex toy that's right for you.


This guide was originally produced in January of 2023. As part of our quality assessment process, we evaluated our recommendations in the beginning of 2024 to make sure they meet the necessary quality standards to make it to this list.

Here are some of the things we took into account when updating the list:

  • Usability and overall ergonomics of each sex toy for men.
  • Last year customer reviews and feedback on the products
  • Industry trends and innovation
  • New products launched over the last quarter

Best Sex Toys for Men: The Lynk Guide

Best Penis Vibrator SUTRO 9 Speed Hands-Free Penis Vibrator & Stamina Trainer
Best Male Masturbator/Stroker TOUCH Compact Real Stroker Sleeve
Best Couples Sex Toy SIMUL 9 Speed Vibrating Couples Girth Enhancer Ring
Best Automatic Masturbator Pump The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump
Best Pump for ED Endurance Pro 9 Inch Penis Pump + Air Gauge
Best Vibrating Cock Ring Frenzy · 10 Speed Vibrating Couples C-Ring
Best Cock Rings LOOP XL · Silicone Constriction Rings
Best Lubricant Lynk Water-Based Lubricant
Best Penis Sleeve 9 Inch Herculean Penis Sleeve
Best Prostate Massager MOTUS Come Hither Vibrating Wave Motion Prostate Massager

SUTRO 9 Speed Hands-Free Penis Vibrator & Stamina Trainer
SUTRO 9 Speed Hands-Free Penis Vibrator & Stamina Trainer

Material: Premium-grade silicone Safety: Phthalate-Free · Latex-Free · Non-Porous
Noise Factor:  Very quiet Functions: 9-speed, soft silicone
Battery: Rechargeable Features: Hands-free, powerful, stimulating texture
Waterproof: Yes Best for: Stamina training, personal pleasure
Remote Controlled: No Insertable Length: 3.94 in. (open tip for length)
Overall Length: 3.94 in. Overall Width: 2.52 in.

Toys like the SUTRO are made with two things in mind: pleasure and performance. The first of its kind, the SUTRO is charting new territory in acting as a penis vibrator and a stamina trainer.

If you're looking for that truly hands-free orgasm experience, the SUTRO might be perfect for you.

With 9 different vibration speeds and functions, the SUTRO is a device that you'll come back to over and over again.

The medical-grade silicone is ribbed for pleasure and fits snugly around your penis. Its many vibration functions, coupled with the textured silicone, are designed to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings along the shaft and glans. Versatility is the name of the game here, as this pleasure toy can be used as a hands-free penis vibrator or a vibrating stroker.

One of the most surprising things about the SUTRO is how quiet it is, especially considering how powerful the motor is. It's easy to feel relaxed with this toy, and you'll quickly find yourself having fun. Its strong motor is one of the key features of the SUTRO - the intensity makes for excellent stamina training if you struggle with premature ejaculation. Edging while wearing the SUTRO is a surefire way to increase your sexual stamina.

If you're looking to liven up your showers or baths, the SUTRO is 100% waterproof and compatible with water-based lubricants. There's no messing about with batteries either, and charging it couldn't be simpler, thanks to the included rechargeable USB cable.

Customer reviews:


Lots of fun with or without a partner! It's also relatively quiet compared to most other vibrating toys

FFred P.


Very intense feelings, love the soft material and the ribs.

EEddie S.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Compact yet powerful penis vibrator Can only be used hands-free if you can achieve an erection
Hands-free penis vibrator, vibrating stroker, and stamina trainer, all in one One user reported it was "almost too strong" so beginners may want to start out with the lower settings
Made from super soft medical-grade silicone Only compatible with water-based lube
Full of ribs and dots which perfectly stimulate your entire penis
9 intense speeds and vibration patterns
Excellent for edging and stamina training
Strong yet quiet motors
Rechargeable battery, comes with cable
Fully waterproof so can be used in a bath or shower
The small form factor makes it great for traveling and easy to store
Great toy for beginners
Satin smooth medical-grade silicone wraps snuggly to your penis for ultimate comfort
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TOUCH Compact Real Stroker Sleeve
TOUCH Compact Real Stroker Sleeve

Material: Premium-grade Real-Skin TPE Safety: Phthalate-Free · Latex-Free · Body-Safe
Noise Factor: Silent Features: Textured canal, hand grip
Battery: N/A Functions: Realistic feel  · extra soft · stretchy
Waterproof: Yes Best for: Stamina training  · personal pleasure
Lubricant type: Water-based only Insertable Length: 2.1 in. (open tip for length)
Overall Length: 2.1 in. Overall Width: 2.1 in.

If you're on the hunt for a masturbation sleeve to improve your orgasm, look no further than the Lynk Pleasure TOUCH. A compact male masturbator, the TOUCH is a pleasure enhancer with a textured inner canal and would make a good choice for men looking to dip their toes into the sex toy market.

The ribbed canal stimulates you as you move the sleeve, maximizing the feeling you get from every stroke. The TOUCH is a game changer as it's subtle enough to be a portable travel toy while also providing a sensation that rivals a high-cost fleshlight - all at a fraction of the price!

The TOUCH is a pleasure enhancer with a textured inner canal and would make a good choice for men looking to dip their toes into the sex toy market.

You'll be impressed the second you pick up the TOUCH with its premium quality real-skin TPE - a material with a texture identical to natural skin. While it excels in solo play, when you use it for fun alongside oral the velvety soft feel of the TOUCH is guaranteed to take you to all new heights of pleasure.

Flexible and stretchy, this toy is perfect for all sizes. We recommend using a water-based lubricant with it to achieve intense, friction-free stimulation. The TOUCH is waterproof, easy to use, and even easier to clean - something you should do after every use to ensure it remains in good condition!

Customer Reviews:


Very easy to use, feels good, easy to hide.



First time with anything like this. I really loved how soft it was.

TTim L.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Travel-friendly discreet pocket-sized masturbator Hard to use on a flaccid penis
The intensity of each stroke can be increased easily due to the soft material
Beginner-friendly due to its ease of use
Extra smooth and realistic feeling material
Regular use will help to build sexual stamina
The ribbed and textured inner canal offers a variety of pleasure sensations
Latex-free, body safe, and 100% waterproof
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SIMUL 9 Speed Vibrating Couples Girth Enhancer RinSIMUL 9 Speed Vibrating Couples Girth Enhancer Ring

Material: Premium-grade silicone Safety: Phthalate-Free · Latex-Free · Non-Porous
Noise Factor: Very quiet Functions: 9 speed, .75" added girth
Battery: Rechargeable Features: Dual C-rings, 2 vibrators
Waterproof: Yes Best for: Couples play, girth enhancing
Remote Controlled: Yes, wireless Insertable Length: 3.5 in.
Overall Length: 4.50 in. Insertable Width: 1.1 in.

A high-tech wearable penis vibrator, the SIMUL is designed for partner play. It will keep you harder for longer, stimulate your partner, and give you both mind-blowing orgasms simultaneously.

The SIMUL adds .75 inches of girth to your manhood and is held on to your penis with a dual cock and ball ring that will make you thicker and harder than usual. The added girth is a bonus, but when you factor in the 9-speed vibrators (one built into the sleeve for penis stimulation and one that stimulates your partner's clitoris), you'll be reaching new heights of simultaneous pleasure in minutes.

A high-tech wearable penis vibrator, the SIMUL is designed for partner play

A couples climax has never been so achievable with the 9-speed modes available through the SIMUL, all controlled with an easy-to-use wireless remote. The vibrations also have the added benefit of increasing blood flow throughout the penis, promoting a healthier erection overall.

Unlike other vibrators on the market, this one is whisper quiet - meaning you'll be able to immerse yourself into the experience without distractions. The SIMUL is made with medical-grade soft silicone, and its powerful motor will have you and your partner rolling around in ecstasy in no time.

The SIMUL is waterproof, so if you're looking to liven up a couple's bath, it's the toy for you. It's easily charged and comes with a magnetic USB charging cable included. We recommend you clean it after every use, using a specialized sex toy cleaner and warm water.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Dual 9-speed vibrators designed to maximize both of your sexual pleasure Only compatible with water-based lubricants
Increases your girth by 3/4 of an inch The battery may drain faster when used at a high speed
Dual cock ring improves your erection quality and lets you last longer
External clit stimulator gives her as much pleasure as you
Waterproof for fun wherever you go
Easy-to-use wireless remote control settings
Encourages increased intimacy between you and your partner
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The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump 
The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump

Material: Acrylic · Silicone · ABS · TPE Safety: Electric air release valve · Air pressure gauge
Noise Factor: Quiet Features: XL digital display · Silicone Sleeve  · Timer
Functions: Variable power settings · Smart-tech exercises Modes: Manual · Smart Auto  · Stroker (masturbation)
Battery: Rechargeable Sleeves: Silicone vacuum sleeve · TPE Stroker Sleeve
Waterproof: No Best for: Improved size  · Stamina Training  · ED
Lubricant type: Water-based only Max Insertable Length: 8.5 in.
Cylinder Length: 9 in. Overall Width: 2.5 in.

The Excelsior is by far the best automatic penis pump on the market. The combination of powerful pumping equipment and advanced technology has created a very versatile pump. The level of research and development put into making this pump is unseen within the industry, which is why we can comfortably crown it as our best automatic masturbator pump.

The Excelsior is by far the best automatic penis pump on the market. 

The Excelsior functions as both a penis pump and an automatic masturbator pump - swap out the silicone sleeve for the real-skin masturbation sleeve, and you have a lifelike blowjob simulator! The masturbation sleeve is made from the same realistic material used in the best fleshlights. Combine that with the powerful suction from The Excelsior, and the result is a wildly stimulating oral sex experience.

Aside from automatic masturbation, this pump has been designed to help promote good penile health. Increased blood flow within your penis results in firmer erections, leading to more intense and pleasurable sex.

Daily use of a pump can lead to improved erection quality, but the genius of The Excelsior is the Smart Mode technology that comes pre-programmed into it.

Smart mode exercises automatically increase and decrease the vacuum pressure within the pump, working out your manhood for you. These exercises increase the blood flow within the penis, resulting in long-lasting, bigger erections, better erection quality, and stamina. The Excelsior also has a manual mode, allowing you to choose the pressure it will maintain. All these varied options for size training give this pump the upper hand over others on the market.

The Excelsior has multiple smart exercises pre-programmed into it, and the large LCD screen contains various important pumping metrics that allow you to track your growth progress effortlessly. You can also save your desired pressure between workouts using the Smart Memory Technology, allowing you to get a firm erection within seconds.

This toy's excellent design, intelligent technology, and versatility would make it a welcome addition to any growing sex toy collection or arsenal. What could be better than a blowjob machine that improves your sexual health?

Customer Reviews:


Bought it, used it, love it. Great value. Had it for 3 months now.

LLoren T.


This device adds sensitive AI to enhance the many variable settings. A winner!

DDavid M.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Powerful and reliable penis pump which is great for stamina training and increasing blood flow and size Beginners may find all the features and functions too intense for them
Most powerful penis pump on the market Not waterproof
Made from premium, durable materials including flame-polished acrylic The most expensive item on this list
The cylinder features laser-etched measuring guide letting you see your gains as they happen
Fits even larger men with a max insertable length of 8.5 inches
The oversized, backlit LCD screen allows you to monitor settings and metrics such as speed and pressure
Smart Memory Technology allows you to save your perfect settings
Two modes - manual for choosing your own settings, and smart auto mode for an effortless exercise
Single-hand controls make changing settings a breeze
Includes liquid silicone sleeve for a comfortable air-tight seal, as well as realistic TPE masturbation sleeve for blowjob-like sensations
Built-in timer and quick-release valve to keep you safe while pumping
Disassembles for easy cleaning
The battery is rechargeable with included USB cable
Whisper-quiet pump
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Endurance Pro 9 Inch Penis Pump + Air Gauge
Endurance Pro 9 Inch Penis Pump + Air Gauge

Material: Acrylic · Silicone · Brass Safety: Quick release air valve · Pressure Gauge
Noise Factor:  Silent Features: Flared base, customizable configuration
Air Gauge: Precision air gauge Compatibility: Interchangeable hand pumps & cylinders
Waterproof: Yes Best for: Improved size, performance, ED
Grip: Silicone | Ergo Max Insertable Length: 8.5 in.
Cylinder Length: 9 in. Width: 1.75 in. | 2 in. | 2.25 in | 2.5 in. | 3 in.

One of the most beneficial sex toys you could purchase if you have erectile dysfunction is a penis pump. Studies have repeatedly shown that using a pump can help men with ED achieve an erection, and doctors often prescribe them to combat it. The Endurance Pro 9 Inch comes doctor recommended and is proven to help you achieve, and maintain, a strong, firm erection.

This is a scientifically backed pump with years of design and testing behind it to ensure your erection health is the best it can be.

The Endurance Pro pump stretches your penile tissue and improves blood flow throughout the penis. Think of it as a workout for your penis that will enhance your sex life and alleviate symptoms of ED.

The Endurance Pro is a manual pump made from premium-grade materials. It merges absolute comfort and scientific innovation to create a truly professional pump. If you're a serious pumper involved in size or performance training, you no doubt have specialist parts you'd like to use. Good news, the Endurance Pro can be fully modified. The hardware is built for quick disconnects, meaning you can quickly and easily interchange accessories and parts while maintaining air pressure inside the cylinder. This pump is made to provide maximum enlargement results and is sure to improve your sexual performance.

Safety is the name of the game when it comes to pumps, and we're pleased to say that the Endurance Pro has a pressure gauge and a quick-release air valve that can relieve vacuum pressure swiftly and safely, allowing you the freedom to pump without worry. Remember to clean your pump after use with warm water and soap - a super quick job!

Customer Reviews:


I suffer from ED and this pump has saved my marriage. I am able to get an erection now and give my wife the sex she deserves.



WOW!!! First time ever trying anything like this, it was a fantastic experience. Very easy to use and comfortable. I suffer from extreme ED and this had me up and going in minutes and with a cock ring, stayed hard until the job was done.

Highly recommend this.

DDavid D.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Doctor-recommended, scientifically designed penis pump Not a pump for beginners
Professional grade pump, built for experienced users An entirely manual pump
Proven to help improve erectile function in people with erectile dysfunction
Can improve your sexual stamina and performance
Compatible with modular accessories made for other pumps, as well as all our Lynk pump accessories
Multiple width options are available
Excellent safety features allow you to pump safely
High-Quality materials and professional craftsmanship make this pump a wonder
Very easy to clean
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Frenzy · 10 Speed Vibrating Couples C-Ring
Frenzy 10 Speed Vibrating Couples C-Ring

Material: Premium-grade Silicone Safety: Latex-Free · Phthalate-Free · Body-Safe
Functions: 10 powerful speeds & patterns Noise Factor: Quiet
Battery: Rechargeable Waterproof: Yes
Overall Length: 4.5 inches long Inner Diameter:  1.4 inches
Run Time: 3 hours Best for: Couples · Added pleasure

If the sound of a cock ring that can make you and your partner quiver in ecstasy sounds appealing, look no further than the Frenzy 10-speed vibrating cock ring. Sensually smooth, with ten fierce vibrating patterns guaranteed to provide mind-blowing stimulation, the Frenzy is a toy designed for passionate partnered sex.

Wearing this will make your erection bigger and last longer. You'll have a thicker and harder package and a toy that would make anyone's legs shake at your disposal. The vibration settings are controlled with a single button, allowing you to excite your partner within seconds. To add to the many sensations, it has two ball ticklers that will have you immediately reeling in pleasure.

The Frenzy has a whisper-quiet motor, and the innovative design includes a powerful offset vibrator that stimulates you and your partner.

The vibrator is pleasurably textured and can be turned upside down if you're looking for some intense testicle stimulation.

Made from ultra-soft and stretchy medical-grade silicone, this cock ring will be a lovely, snug fit for most penis sizes. Thanks to its waterproof design, you can enjoy the thrill of using it in the shower, and with a rechargeable battery life of up to 3 hours, there are almost no limits to its use.

Honestly, this cock ring has it all - and at a super cheap price point. If you want to add a spark of passion to your sex life, then the Frenzy might be perfect for you.

Customer Reviews:


I absolutely love it! It fits me perfectly. Snug, but not right to the point of discomfort. I wear it almost all day.

JJason V.


Great first product. Soft and stretchy helps keep me tight and hard.

RRandy P.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Dual-function cock ring with offset vibrator to provide maximum pleasure to you and a partner One user reported that it was awkward to adjust, but they still said it fit well and felt great
Affordable cock ring Potentially too intense for first timers
Ten intense speeds controlled easily with the single-button design
Couples toy, but you can use it upside down for solo play
Comfortable, snug fit on most penis sizes
USB rechargeable
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LOOP XL · Silicone Constriction Rings
LOOP XL Silicone Constriction Rings

Material: Premium-grade silicone Safety: Latex-Free · Phthalate-Free · Non-Porous
Noise Factor: Silent Features: 3 ring kit · Soft · Stretchy · XL Thick
Waterproof: Yes Functions: Improved stamina · Thicker erections
Lubricant type: Water-based only Size: S · 0.75", M · .875", L · 1"

If you're looking for a way to last longer in bed, the answer is simple: LOOP XL Constriction rings. If you've never used a cock ring before, you're missing out. They're an easy and exciting way to enhance your performance in the bedroom and can help you get a thicker erection that lasts a lot longer.

The LOOP XL set includes three differently-sized constriction rings that can be used in various ways. Made from ultra-soft medical-grade silicone, the cock rings are insanely comfortable and can be stretched up to three times their normal size. You can use the LOOP XL rings in various combinations to help you last longer or improve your erection quality, and they can also act as a ball stretcher by stacking all three around the base of your testes.

Made from ultra-soft medical-grade silicone, the cock rings are insanely comfortable and can be stretched up to three times their normal size.

Cock rings can be used in combination with a penis pump to enhance their effectiveness. We recommend using a water-based lube with the LOOP XL set in order to avoid any irritation or damage to your skin. Using a silicone-based lube can cause them to deteriorate and break down over time.

Customer Reviews:


I cannot get enough of how comfortable these rings are! These rings are so comfortable around my cock and balls, I don't know if I ever want to take them off!Great quality and extremely durable!

I love them!

NNick D.


I love the Lynk Pleasure Loop XL Silicone Cock Ring Kit and Ball Stretching Set. I love how comfortable it makes me feel and how it enhances my confidence as a whole as well as my ability to feel orgasmic 💪🏿

AAdam E.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Set of three cock rings Only compatible with water-based lubricants
Simplistic design, straightforward to use
Help improve your erection quality and last longer in bed
Doesn't kill the mood like other sex toys might
Very versatile in how they can be used
Waterproof and latex-free
Extremely comfortable
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Lynk Water-Based Lubricant
Lynk Water-Based Lubricant

Lubricant Type: Water-based Safety: FDA Approved
Bottle Type: Pump  Features: Condom-safe
Sex Toy Safe: Safe for all toys & materials Volume: 8 fl oz (240 ml) · 32 fl oz (950 ml)
Waterproof: No Best for: Sex · Masturbation · Anal 

Hands down, every man should own a bottle of lube - solo play is made so much better with its addition. When you start involving it in penetrative sex, it turns what is already a pleasurable experience into a mind-blowing one. It's also integral to anal sex.

Water-based lubricants are widely considered the best all-round lubes. They contain fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients, making them gentler on your skin. If you're looking for a safe and effective lubricant, the Lynk Pleasure Water-Based Lubricant could be the perfect choice for you. Our lube is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, 100% body safe, and has no harsh chemicals added.

Bringing this lube into the bedroom will enhance your pleasure and make your intimate moments a friction-free experience.

Less friction makes for much more fun and a more relaxed and enjoyable sexual experience. Lynk Water-Based Lubricant is the best choice you can make if you're using a silicone sex toy. Silicone lubricants break silicone sex toys down, so it's imperative that you have a water-based lube on hand. It's also latex and condom compatible - you can rest easy knowing that no matter how rough you play, Lynk Water-Based Lubricant will keep you safe and friction-free. It's long-lasting and incredibly slick - if it starts to dry out it can easily be re-activated with a drop of water or saliva.

Lynk Water-Based lube is easy to clean up, and, perhaps most importantly, it's non-staining, so you don't have to worry if it ends up on your clothes, bed sheets, or carpets -wherever you end up playing!

Customer Reviews:


I love it! It's smooth, non sticky, and just feels great

DDale W.


I really enjoy this product. It does what you need it to do and you don't need a lot either. Just a little on whatever you're using it for and you're good to go. Good product. Have and will continue to buy.

JJacob B.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Improves both solo sessions and partnered sex Some users didn't like the pump bottle
A water-based lubricant that doesn't contain harsh chemicals
Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and 100% body safe
Non-staining and quick to clean up
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9 Inch Herculean Penis Sleeve
9 Inch Herculean Penis Sleeve

Material: Premium-grade Silicone Safety: Latex-Free  · Phthalate-Free · Non-Porous
Noise Factor:  Silent Features: Ball strap  · realistic · stays erect
Waterproof: Yes Best for: Increased size · Stamina  · Role-Play
Solid Tip: Yes Tip Length: 1.5 in.
Overall Length: 9 in. Max Insertable Length: 6.5 in.
Inner Shaft Length: 5 in. Width: 2 in.

Every guy has dreamt of having a bigger package at some point. Well, you'll be living the dream with the Lynk Pleasure 9 Inch Herculean Penis Sleeve. With a restrictive ball strap that slows blood flow and prevents climax, the Herculean sleeve will make you a stallion in the bedroom.

Super realistic detailing gives this sleeve a lifelike quality, and the premium-grade silicone material makes it an exceptionally thrilling experience for any user and partner.

This sleeve will fit most penis sizes, and the ball strap ensures that it stays on whether you're erect or not. You're sure to have your partner weak at the knees with the increased length and girth of the Herculean sleeve. We recommend applying a water-based lubricant to the inside and outside of the sleeve for an intense, frictionless experience.

Customer reviews:


Great. She was pleased.

RReggie G.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Instantly increase the length and girth of your member Might be intimidating for some first-time user
It can be used without an erection Only compatible with water-based lubricants
A quick way to perform if you can't get an erection
Easy to use
Waterproof for bathroom exploits
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MOTUS Come Hither Vibrating Wave Motion Prostate Massager
MOTUS Come Hither Vibrating Wave Motion Prostate Massager

Material: Premium-grade silicone Safety: Phthalate-Free · Latex-Free · Non-Porous
Noise Factor: Very quiet Functions: 9 speed, come hither motion
Battery: Rechargeable Features : Flared base, perineum vibrator
Waterproof: Yes Best for: prostate milking, perineum play
Remote Controlled: Yes, wireless Insertable Length: 4.33 in.
Overall Length: 5.50 in. Insertable Width: 1.18 in.

Although it might look intimidating at first glance, the MOTUS is excellent whether you're looking to get into anal play or are a seasoned veteran. Wonderfully smooth to the touch, the MOTUS is designed to be the ultimate in prostate pleasure. What sets it apart from other anal toys is the implementation of the finger-like "come hither" waving motion. Professionals recommend this as the best method to stimulate the prostate gland, which can lead you to mind-blowing orgasms.

The MOTUS "come hither" motion delivers targeted internal prostate stimulation, precisely stroking the prostate with the perfect pressure needed to electrify your body.

With 81 different vibration combinations available, the MOTUS isn't shy about delivering p-spot satisfaction. The amount of pleasure it can provide is only limited by the battery life - 2 hours, if you have the stamina for it! On top of the "come hither" motion head, The MOTUS has a second designed to massage the perineum - an area with such pleasurable potential you'll be kicking yourself for never having tried it before. The MOTUS is contoured to fit comfortably inside you, with the dual motor providing that additional perineum stimulation to bring you to an explosive hands-free orgasm.

The MOTUS is a straightforward device to use - there are no wires and no messing about. It's easily operated with the wireless remote control, making it perfect for solo or partner play, and its waterproof construction means you can enjoy it wherever the mood takes you. It's an exceptional prostate toy for all experience levels.

Customer Reviews


This is awesome! Fit and worked great. This afternoon was an awesome experience with this little wonder. Worth every cent and was perfect size for my wife's hand to finish me off!


TTim H.



This was easy to use, no fears of getting "things" caught up when putting it in and taking it out. Definitly a good buy.

MMichael H.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Features "come hither" motion, the best way to stimulate your prostate Features "come hither" motion, the best way to stimulate your prostate
Dual motors also give it the ability to massage your perineum Only compatible with water-based lube
The massager moves a full 30 degrees while vibrating to provide intense pleasure Battery lasts less time when using max settings
81 total combinations of speed and vibration for a huge number of pleasurable possibilities One user noted there was a learning curve to insertion, but also stated they felt no pain during the process, and it was their first experience
Shaped specifically to comfortably stay in place
Includes wireless remote control making it simple to alter settings
Battery lasts up to 2 hours and is easily recharged with the included cable
Fully waterproof so can be taken with you in the bath or shower
Easy to charge, with a USB cable included
Can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of experience level
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How to choose the best sex toy for your needs

Choosing a sex toy shouldn't be an intimidating process. People of all ages enjoy toys; it's normal and healthy to use one, and they're great ways to add excitement to your sex life. The right sex toy is an excellent investment, not only for you but for your partner.

Your comfort is one of the most important factors when buying and using a toy - getting in the mood is hard if you're not relaxed! As we've shown, there are a lot of excellent products on the market with qualities that appeal to different people. Whether you're interested in getting into anal play or fancy a way to switch up those masturbation sessions, we've put together this streamlined process to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Decide what you want to improve in your sexual life

If you feel like something is missing in your sex life - if that itch just isn't being scratched - then you can bet on there being a sex toy that can help. Remember, sex toys are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and help you achieve more orgasms.

Deciding what you want to improve doesn't have to be complicated; when in doubt, start small. Maybe you're bored and fancy a more intense solo orgasm, or you want to increase how long you can last. If you and your partner are stuck in a rut and want to improve your sex life, there are toys for that. And if you want to improve your erection size and strength, there are toys for that

To ensure you choose the best sex toy for you, consider what you hope to achieve by using it in the bedroom. 

Understanding your goals will help you select the toy that best meets your needs. If something in your sex life is lacking or not performing adequately, our sex toys have you covered.

Evaluate your budget

Finding your budget and sticking to it is an excellent method to narrow down your options. If you're new to sex toys you probably have a smaller budget allocated, which is smart! As we've said, when in doubt, start small.

After all, nobody wants to spend hundreds on their first sex toy to find out they're massively out of their depth. That's a waste of money and time that could be better spent exploring an easier-to-use beginner-friendly toy.

Our list includes sex toys for people of all levels of experience, including budget-friendly options for beginners and more expensive options for those willing to splurge. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced user, you'll find something on our list that meets your needs and budget. So, if you have the financial means, feel free to consider the more expensive options – they're sure to be worth the investment!

Understand the features of each product

This is a big one. If you know what aspect of your sexual experience you want to improve or enhance, then you need to understand the features of the toys you're looking at to make the correct decision. Examine the product descriptions thoroughly; not every feature is for everyone, and you don't want to accidentally purchase a toy that doesn't perform in the way you thought it would.

Nothing is worse than being disappointed with a sex toy purchase. That's why we suggest having a good understanding of all the features your potential toy may have. This knowledge will help you avoid wasting your time, and it means you'll get the maximum function out of any sex toys you do buy! It'll also help you avoid any unnecessary injuries that may come about from using a toy in a way it's not designed for.

Consider storage options

When it comes to storage, size matters. As sex toys come in diverse shapes and sizes, it's essential to have an idea of where to store them. Smaller objects can easily be stored out of sight, or if they're a favorite, you could leave them a permanent spot on your nightstand. Larger objects, however, will require more space.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when storing any sex toy is to ensure it's been cleaned and dried. Ignoring this will lead to bacteria growing on your toys, which could negatively harm you and cause your toy to degrade and break over time.

Storage places should be kept in good order, as their purpose is to keep your toys clean while not in use. Improper storage exposes sex toys to dirt, dust, and bacteria.

A good rule of thumb is if a sex toy comes with something to store it in, you should be using it.

It's wise to envision where you would store a sex toy before you buy it, especially if you're not working with a lot of storage space. It'll help you narrow your options down if you are struggling and prepare you to take proper care of your sex toys.

Understand maintenance requirements

The upkeep for most sex toys is simple. As previously mentioned, toys should be cleaned and dried thoroughly after use and stored somewhere that won't accrue dust and dirt. When buying a toy, you should keep in mind how you intend to clean it - be it with soap and warm water or a specialist sex toy cleaner. Different materials require different cleaning solutions, so it's important to know what your new purchase is made out of and what cleaning products can be used on it.

Communicate with your partner (if you have any)

If you're in a relationship and looking to buy a toy for solo pleasure or couples' play, it's nice to communicate this with your partner. As they say, communication is the bedrock of any healthy relationship. Having your partner's input on this will help you to make the best decision for your needs, and they'll no doubt get a kick out of helping you choose something from this list to heat up activities in the bedroom.

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Using male sex toys in the bedroom can be a gratifying and rewarding experience. These toys offer a range of benefits for health and intimacy, and you're missing out by not incorporating them into your sexual activity! If you're having difficulty deciding what to choose, follow our process to help you find the toy that will work best for you. Don't hesitate to try out male sex toys and see how they can enhance your sexual experiences.

Regardless of your level of experience, there's guaranteed something for you in the Lynk Pleasure catalog. It's full of high-quality pleasure-enhancing toys that will improve your sex life and help you achieve many exciting orgasms!

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