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The All-In Guide to Prostate Massagers: How to Use Them & Best Tips

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prostate massagers

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For far too long, society has paid too much attention to the taboos surrounding anything 'anal' in their sex life. Thankfully, in today's pleasure-seeking culture, anal play and male sex toys are on the table in a big way—and for everyone. The threats made towards anyone's masculinity from deriving pleasure from any part of the body are finally being left in the past.

Anal play is nothing new; it's been around forever. Why? There are so many incredible sensations on offer however you identify and whatever your sexuality; feelings that are often unlikely to be explored without a little push—and that's a travesty with so much next-level pleasure potential on offer.

Who can enjoy prostate massaging?

If you were born with a penis, you'll have a prostate gland. We've all heard of them; sadly, more likely during conversations about cancer than anywhere else, yet this walnut-sized gland can deliver masses of pleasure when stimulated correctly.

Sex toys aren't made solely for women anymore

Today, there's a sex toy for everyone who wants to try one. There are more anal and prostate play toys on the market than ever. Prostate massagers bring so much to sex—in partner or solo play—delivering intense orgasms you won't have experienced from penile stimulation alone.

With so many to choose from, we'll talk about what to expect and what could make the best prostate massager for you; there's more to choosing one than simply picking the most powerful prostate massager on offer.

Prostate massage offers a unique experience and one worthy of exploration.

It can help to achieve a stronger erection and combat a range of sexual health issues while providing a pleasure potential like no other.

As the sex toy market realized there were enough takers for male anal play and prostate pleasure, the market stepped up a gear. Prostate massagers of all shapes and sizes appeared with every feature imaginable: adjustable positioning, remote control, vibrating motors that deliver multiple vibration patterns, hands-free operation, a rotating head, mobile app operation that gives your partner control, in silicone, steel, glass, plastic, and rubber—all designed to hit those sensitive nerve endings that stimulate the full body orgasms we'll talk about a little later.

Prostate massagers come in different sizes and shapes

Sadly, some of those taboos left a few doubts with possible users, resulting in many prostate toys being designed to appear as far from penis shaped as possible. For those who get turned on by a penis—there are plenty of those too.

Each prostate massager varies in insertable length and girth, with varying bulbs, bends, and in a wide range of materials. They have all kinds of unique features, including flared bases, perineum arms, varying vibration intensity, and ribbed extensions, all designed to pleasure your P-spot, perineum, and of course, your prostate.

Whatever feels good for you, you'll find every type of manual and vibrating prostate massager imaginable.

All you have to do is explore which one's your favorite.

About prostate massaging and orgasm

The whole point of a prostate massager is to bring pleasure where you hadn't previously found it. Those new to anal play may be a little apprehensive, and there's much to unpack discussing prostate orgasms. However, if you ease yourself in gently, there's plenty to gain from expanding your sexual repertoire in this direction.

The most basic prostate stimulator is your finger. Before buying a prostate massager, it's worth exploring this way, tracking down your prostate gland and seeing which techniques trigger your favorite sensations. Another simple way to get used to having something inserted into your anus is to start a little smaller, with a butt plug, for example. Part of the pleasure is getting to know this unexplored erogenous zone and all it can bring.

It's not only about pleasure—there are health benefits to prostate massage

Apart from sexual pleasure, prostate massage is a common method of releasing fluid and pressure from the prostate gland. There are several health benefits to releasing that pressure, and one of the side benefits for many is realizing that it feels so good.

What do prostate orgasms feel like?

Climaxing through prostate play is regularly described as having 'full body orgasms' instead of being limited to sensations solely within the genitals. Also, because of the difference in sexual recovery time between the prostate and penis—known as the refractory period—it's possible to experience multiple orgasms or be ready to go again far sooner than after a conventional orgasm.

Although not everyone can achieve a prostate orgasm, many do. They can be entirely separate from penile orgasms or happen together. For those who can't achieve prostate orgasms, the gland's stimulation can still enhance a penile orgasm to deliver something far more intense than they're used to. If you haven't explored anal and prostate play yet, there's a lot to discover and only one real way to learn.

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How do prostate massagers work?

Prostate massagers work just like other dildos and vibrators, only with a few unique differences.

Explicitly shaped for prostate stimulation

A prostate massager is sized and shaped to reach the prostate at the best possible angle, hitting the sensitive nerve endings that deliver the most pleasure. They curve gently to follow the shape of your anus but turn a little further forward to work the prostate gland precisely where it's needed.

As with a butt plug or other anal sex toys, prostate massagers are shaped to ensure they can't be completely inserted and lost inside. They feature a broad or flared base or lugs to prevent any such occurrence.

Manual or motorized—which is the best prostate massager for your tastes?

Stimulation can be manual, or your toy may utilize vibrating functions like traditional vibrators.

Practically every vibrating prostate massager offers multiple vibration modes, often with dual motors, one at either end of the toy, doubling your pleasure potential.

They'll feature an easily accessible button on the prostate massager itself, or they may have a separate remote control.

For some, direct stimulation can be a little too sensitive. Using a prostate vibrator (or another toy with vibrating motors) for external perineum stimulation (between the base of the penis and rectum) is a great way to build toward stronger sensations.

Maximizing materials

When dealing with such a delicate body part, hygiene is a must. Fortunately, every prostate massager is manufactured accordingly. The best prostate massagers are constructed from medical-grade silicone, which is non-porous and easy to clean. For those looking for something a little different, glass or metal massagers are ideal for temperature play and are just as easy to clean and maintain.

Anti-bacterial soap and hot water are enough to clean your toys thoroughly, yet there are plenty of specialist cleaning solutions and supplies from reputable retailers for those wishing to keep their toys in perfect condition.

The different types of prostate massagers

There are many types of prostate massagers on the market; what makes the best option is down to the individual. For newcomers to prostate play, here are a few features you can expect to see.

Prostate massagers by features

Diagram of the Prostate Massagers By Features

Vibrating prostate massager

Designed to administer additional stimulation to enhance the experience. Usually with various vibration settings and occasionally with dual motors at either end of the toy (and often hands-free), stimulating the prostate and perineum simultaneously.

Best for: A great all-around experience, changing the feel and intensity of stimulation during play.

Non-vibrating prostate massager

Manual prostate massagers leave the control in the hands of the user. A manual toy is a great next step for those who have found the perfect way to bring themselves to orgasm with a finger. They allow for easier reach and approach. Glass and stainless steel manual prostate massagers allow for temperature play and are almost always manual models.

Best for: A more traditional feel for those who don't enjoy the vibrating sensations or for those who enjoy something a little hotter or colder with their climax.

Remote-controlled prostate massager

Going hands-free is a big deal in masturbatory toys these days, and prostate massagers are no exception. Remote control prostate toys allow greater freedom, giving your hands back for all kinds of other activities or just laying back and enjoying the moment in the most relaxing way possible. Alternatively, passing your toy's remote control to your partner is a great way to intensify foreplay or to enjoy long-distance sex acts from different locations.

Best for: Experienced users who enjoy partner play, taking it easy, and those who like to stimulate multiple body parts simultaneously.

Tapping, rotating, and thrusting models

For those who've found a method that works for them but would like less stress on their wrists and fingers, a prostate massager that emulates different techniques, either tapping, thrusting, or rotating, is the ideal type of toy for them.

They offer far more movement with obvious to-and-fro tapping functions, rotating tip/bulb actions, or a thrusting in-and-out motion mimicking anal sex or fingering, all driven by powerful motors and, again, utilizing a selection of patterns and speeds.

Best for: Those looking for more movement and intensity than a typical vibrating prostate massager offers.

Prostate massagers by material

Diagram of the Prostate Massagers by Material

Silicone toys

Silicone is the standard material in the sex toy market. With medical grade options, it's non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for internal use. In addition, it's easy to clean, soft to the touch, and looks very smart.

The main thing to remember is that they're not compatible with silicone-based lubricants, so always use plenty of water-based lube with silicone massagers.

Best for: Ideal for all users, from beginners to experts.

Acrylic toys

There are several alternative plastics to the silicone used in prostate massagers. Check the packaging, but most are non-porous, making them just as easy to clean. Acrylic is a more rigid plastic than silicone, offering a different feel yet still a safe option for your anus.

Best for: An alternative to glass and silicone for a firmer feel.

Glass toys

Glass prostate massagers and dildos make the most beautiful toys on the market and wouldn't look out of place in a display cabinet. Moreover, given its ability to retain heat—hot and cold—it's the ideal material for temperature play. Glass toys are constructed from durable, shatter-resistant glass and are compatible with all lubricants.

Best for: For experienced users who like to feel something a little hot or cold in their sex play or for collectors of the most sophisticated-looking toys on the market.

Rubber toys

Rubber tends to be found at the lower end of the market. It's a low-cost material used for budget toys—regularly found in butt plugs, dildos, and vibrators. In addition, rubber is flexible yet firm, so it's suitable for prostate massagers.

A quick note to those with allergies or who are sensitive to different materials; rubber toys contain latex, which can trigger reactions. On the plus side, you can use silicone lubricants with rubber toys—but not oil-based options such as KY.

Prostate massagers by size and shape

What size and shape are the best prostate massagers? Of course, that's entirely down to each individual and how they find their sweet spot.

Insertable length  Some users will always want a little more, and with a longer toy, they'll feel fuller and experience sensations through the entire length of their anus.
Girth  Fatter, wider toys will help users feel fuller in a different way, providing a feeling of connection with more nerve endings at once.
Contoured head A greater curved or contoured head helps to direct the bulk of the bulb toward the walnut-sized gland, ensuring better contact and stimulation.
 Multi-bulb shapes and design Prostate stimulation can be tricky to get used to, so using a prostate massager with a selection of bulbs or additional lugs and stimulators (internal and external) can help hit the sweet spot with much less effort.

    What type of lubricant should I use with my prostate massager?

    As we mentioned while discussing prostate massager materials, using the correct lubricant for each is essential. For example, silicone prostate massagers are best matched with water-based lubes—never mix silicone lube with silicone massagers—and never use oil-based lubes with rubber toys.

    How to Use a Prostate Massager in 11 Simple Steps

    Preparing yourself for using a prostate massager

    1. Evacuate your bowel earlier in the day. This should clear your passage and reduce the chance of fecal matter appearing on toys and fingers.

    2. Shower and clean yourself thoroughly. Taking steps to avoid embarrassing situations is worthwhile, and it's best to be as hygienic as possible throughout your experience. Cut and clean your nails to prevent minor cuts or bacteria from spreading, and remove rings and jewelry.

    3. Clean your toy, have the correct lube ready, and prepare your environment. The best results come from stimulating all your senses, so create a relaxing room with any other toys or stimulation material you'd like to use to hand.

      Tips to improve your experience while using a prostate massager

      4. Apply lube liberally to the toy and your anus. The skin in your anus is delicate, so the more, the merrier until you know your ideal amount.

      5. Take things slow and steady if you're new to anal penetration. You'll likely experience resistance the first few times you try and insert your toy. Building slowly, using small pushes, and relaxing will make the process easier.

      6. Gently moving your prostate massager, find out what feels the best. There's no other way to find out what works for you than to experiment. Experienced users will have no problem making the most of their toys; new users will need to build to their level.

      7. Take your time. Achieving any level of pleasure from prostate stimulation takes time and patience. It's a far cry from how quickly you can reach penile orgasm. Prostate massage is a long-game process.

      8. Other toys and stimulation can help you stay turned on. For the best chances of experiencing the most intense orgasms, try perineum stimulation simultaneously with prostate massage. Wearing penis rings can help maintain stronger erections for longer. The most powerful orgasms rely on physical and emotional stimulation; whatever you use to turn yourself on during typical masturbation, use that alongside your prostate massager to get the most from your sessions.

        Post-play instructions

        9. Don't worry if an orgasm doesn't happen during your initial experiments. While many elements of prostate pleasure will be apparent immediately, it can take time to reach orgasm. Enjoy the journey; don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself to make it happen.

        10. Follow the cleaning and storage instructions for your toy. You don't have to rush out of the room as soon as you've finished; relax, enjoy the results of your efforts, then ensure that your toys are clean and safely stored, ready for your next session.

        11. Wash yourself as well as your toys. At the very least, wash your hands, but you should also pay attention to parts covered in lube, cleaning off anything that may have appeared during play.

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          Are prostate massagers safe? Safety instructions and potential risks

          3 safety instructions to avoid risks while using a prostate massager

          1. Hygiene is paramount – Keep yourself and your prostate massager clean and hygienically safe at all times.

          2. Don't try to get too excited too fast – Take your time building the pressure and intensity of your play. The skin inside the anus is quite delicate; show it some respect.

          3. If any sex toy breaks, stop using it immediately. Nobody needs tiny shards of plastic or glass causing physical damage.

          3 risks associated with improper use of a prostate massager

          1. Passing prostate massagers from user to user without cleaning can be a quick way to spread bacteria between users. Consider condom use when sharing toys.

          2. Using a prostate massager intermittently between anal and vaginal use can cause severe bacterial harm.

          3. Failing to follow the manufacturer's use and storage instructions can cause issues, infections, or injuries.

          How to care for and store your prostate massagers

          The rules for storing your prostate massager are simple:

          1. Keep toys clean and dry at all times.

          2. Clean your prostate massager immediately after use. Don't allow them to sit covered in any body fluids for longer than necessary.

          3. Store them out of direct sunlight to protect the material's surface.

          4. Try to keep toys made of the same material apart—especially silicone. Store them in their own bags, cases, or containers wherever possible. Although mixing materials is acceptable for many plastics, glass, and stainless steel toys, they may still cause damage to more fragile pieces.

          5. If you choose to store your toys together, ensure they're protected. Avoid situations where you may chip glass, wear or melt plastics, or meld silicone massagers and vibrators together.

          Prostate massagers FAQs

              The following are some of our customers' most relevant queries. If there's anything you're unsure of or have specific questions about the prostate massagers or anal sex toys on our website, our expert staff are always ready to listen and answer any questions you may have.

              Does prostate massage help with BPH?

              Although there is no hard medical proof, releasing built-up pressure in the prostate is thought to alleviate some symptoms associated with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

              Is it normal to feel like you want to pee while using a prostate massager?

              It can feel that way for many beginners, but it will pass in time. Urine flow is incredibly unlikely, but it's still worth emptying the bladder in advance to try and minimize unwanted sensations.

              I can’t find my P-Spot using a prostate massager—what can I do?

              The P-spot is another name for the sensitive patch of the prostate. It's called that because it's in a similar position to the female G-spot. Try exploring with your finger if you don't feel any new sensations with a prostate massager. You'll have far greater control, which will help you locate the most sensitive parts more easily.

              How long can you keep a prostate massager in place?

              You can wear your prostate massager (as you would a butt plug) for up to a couple of hours at a time. However, it's imperative to keep yourself suitably lubricated, so you may have to re-lube and refit from time to time.

              Can the use of a prostate massager affect fertility?

              There is no medical proof that prostate massage increases fertility. However, damage to the prostate can cause harm to the reproductive system so take care during stimulation. If you have any sexual health issues, always consult medical professionals or sex experts for the best advice.

              Do prostate massagers work on everyone?

              It all depends on what you expect from them. Of course, not all people will experience the unique orgasm we spoke of, but there's no reason why a prostate massager can't bring additional pleasure to all kinds of sex acts.

              In Conclusion

              Whether you decide on a prostate massager with remote control and perineum stimulation or a hands-free model with two vibrating motors and a range of vibration settings, feeling those rumbly vibrations on your P-spot will add something extra to your play sessions.

              As long as you pay attention to hygiene and health, prostate stimulation delivers safe, unique, intense sensations that are right on point amongst people with a penis.

              Uncover the prostate's role in male health and pleasure

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