The Ace Automatic Electric Penis Pump

The Ace is the perfect penis pump that focuses on simplicity to max out your size & stamina. The 3-speed automatic penis pump gets you quick results with minimal effort. Comfortably pump thanks to the easy to use one handed controls and silicone comfort sleeve.
The Ace Automatic Electric Penis Pump
The Ace Key Features & Functions
Material: Acrylic · Silicone · ABS Safety: Electric air release valve
Noise Factor:  Quiet Features: Digital display, silicone sleeve, timer
Battery: Rechargeable Functions: 3 preset power settings & speeds
Waterproof: No Best for: Improved size · Sexual Performance  · ED
Lubricant type: Water-based only Max Insertable Length: 7.5 in.
Cylinder Length: 8 in. Overall Width: 2.5 in.


When you are ready to put the power in your hands for maximum penis enlargement, The Ace automatic electric penis pump is the device for you.  The Ace was designed to be a distraction-free penis pump with the most powerful vacuum motors available. The ultra-quiet motors pack a punch with 3 incredible speeds that will provide all the power you will ever need to achieve the results you desire.

The classic bullet shape is sleek and handsome and includes a liquid silicone penis pump sleeve to ensure the perfect vacuum chamber every time.  Thanks to the anti-air leak technology, The Ace will help you maximize your pumping to achieve the perfect erection with each use.

The 2.5-inch wide cylinder measures 8 inches long which is the perfect size for most men.  Once you have completed your pumping routine, simply release the air from the vacuum chamber with the electric quick-release air valve.

Three unique preset workout settings
Easy to use 3 button control pad
USB rechargeable battery w/ included charging cable
Includes a liquid silicone pump sleeve for maximum comfort and effectiveness
Pump safely thanks to the quick release air valve
Disassembles for a more thorough deep clean


When using a penis pump, too many options can often cause confusion and a lack of results. That’s why The Ace packs just want you need. The 3 powerful speeds and quick release valve provides a rock-hard erection at a moment’s notice.



The soft silicone sleeve is extremely comfortable and creates the perfect air-tight seal for maximum effectiveness each time. Stretchy enough to fit most penis sizes, this comfort sleeve will help you achieve your desired results.

The · Ace · Automatic · Electric · Penis · Pump
The · Ace · Automatic · Electric · Penis · Pump
Boost your performance with a powerful erection.
Boost your performance with a powerful erection.
  • Durable silicone and acrylic materials that can handle consistent use
  • Discreetly use thanks to the ultra-quiet yet powerful motors
  • Laser-engraved measurements that make it easy to check your progress
  • Keep yourself guessing with a variety of speed settings
  • Easy clean up with warm water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner
  • Disassembles for a more thorough deep clean
  • Easily achieve an airtight seal to help you get hard at maximum speed
  • Instantly boost your performance without the need for pills or harmful surgery
  • Helps create thicker and harder erections with improved sexual stamina
The · Ace · Automatic · Electric · Penis · Pump

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brent G.

Very good selection and service. Good communication if need information about a shipping problem.

Kenneth M.

All it did was make my dick bigger.

Optimal strength

This item does not lack any power. If used properly will definitely get the job done! 15 minutes should do well daily and couldn’t be more convenient. Suffering with ED this had made my life 100% easier.


The science behind penis pumps
A penis pump works by creating an airtight seal around your penis, and then removing the air from the chamber. That process creates a vacuum, and the pressure in that vacuum pulls more blood into your penis — just like a natural erection.
Shrug off erectile dysfunction and go to town.
Since penis pumps work by using physics rather than stimulation, ED can’t stand in your way. According to WebMD, up to 80% of men with ED are happy with the results of their pump. And the other 20%, well, they’re probably using the wrong pump.
Safety features that give you peace of mind.
Fearlessly push your limits while working yourself out. The Ace has a patented quick-release valve that can relieve vacuum pressure in less than a second, so you’ll never have nagging injury concerns in the back of your mind.
The Ace Automatic Electric Penis Pump

Instantly boost your performance without the need for pills or harmful surgery

Instantly boost your performance without the need for pills or harmful surgery

With the Ace from Lynk Pleasure, you can sit back, relax, and watch yourself get rock hard in no time at all
Lynk Pleasure Penis Pumps The Ace Automatic Electric Penis Pump
ACE Auto Electric Penis Pump $49.99