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9 Tips to Improve Orgasms as a Male

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9 Tips to Improve Orgasms as a Male

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Despite the pleasure lasting just seconds, the orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual stimulation for men. The feeling of orgasm can be euphoric however, men who have ejaculatory issues may view orgasms in a different light. Some men ejaculate too quickly (premature ejaculation) whilst others struggle to reach orgasm at all (delayed ejaculation).

The good news is that regardless of your situation, there’s a strong chance your orgasms can be improved. Such improvements are typically achieved by making lifestyle changes. For example, quitting bad habits or doing more exercise.

We’ve explored a number of ways that men can improve their orgasms, while being mindful that everyone has different goals.

Some men will want to improve an orgasm that already feels great, others may simply want to be able to enjoy sex. This article brings you insights into the male orgasm and 9 tips on how to improve your orgasm as a male.

About the Male Orgasm

The male orgasm is a feeling of intense pleasure during the peak of sexual stimulation. Usually, the expulsion of semen from the tip of the penis (known as ejaculation) coincides with the male orgasm. Despite often occurring simultaneously, it should be noted that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate functions. The male orgasm can occur independently of ejaculation.

The orgasm is the third phase of the sexual response cycle, which refers to the sequence of physiological reactions during sexual arousal. Orgasm is preceded by the final phase ‘resolution’. During this, an individual can’t become sexually aroused until they have recovered. This highlights the significance of the male orgasm as once it occurs, men go into recovery until the sexual response cycle can restart.

Male orgasm issues, including premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation, can make sex unenjoyable.

Such conditions can leave men unable to contain their climax sufficiently, or even reach climax at all. This can lead to self-confidence issues and sexual frustration for both partners. Orgasm difficulties can be a result of psychological, social, and health-related issues. For example, traumatic sexual experiences, relationship difficulties or penile damage are all potential causes of ejaculatory issues.

Different Types of Male Orgasm

Not everyone knows that men can achieve various kinds of orgasms. The most common types of male orgasms have been highlighted in the table below.

Ejaculatory Orgasm This is the most common type of orgasm that men experience during sexual stimulation. Orgasm is often a result of penile stimulation and usually coincides with ejaculation.
    Prostate Orgasm Also known as ‘the male G-spot’ the prostate is a gland that can be sexually stimulated. It can be accessed via the anus with a lubricated finger or sex toy. With enough stimulation, men can achieve a pleasurable prostate orgasm.
      Pelvic Orgasm Edging is a technique that involves getting near to orgasm and stopping prior to climax. When repeated, this technique can lead to a build-up of sexual pressure in the pelvic region and a highly intense pelvic orgasm.
        Dry Orgasm A dry orgasm occurs when a man experiences an orgasm without the release of semen. The causes of dry orgasms may be surgical procedures or health conditions affecting the prostate or testicles.

        The causes of dry orgasms may be surgical procedures or health conditions affecting the prostate or testicles.

          Tips to Improve Orgasms as a Male

          Now that you know about the male orgasm and the different types, it’s time to look at how men can make their orgasms better. Here are 9 tips for improving your orgasms as a male:

          1. Try Prostate Stimulation

          The prostate plays a key role in the creation of semen, but utilizing the gland's stimulation capabilities can lead to a powerful orgasm.

          The prostate, which is roughly the size of a ping-pong ball, is located under the bladder and can be accessed via the anus. 

          Prostate massaging (sometimes called prostate milking) involves stimulating the prostate for sexual pleasure. This can be done by rubbing the gland with a lubricated finger or a sex toy. After enough stimulation, individuals can achieve a pleasurable prostate orgasm. If you’re struggling to reach orgasm from prostate massaging, try combining it with penile stimulation. 

          2. Use Sex Toys

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          Sex toys can be used to improve orgasms during masturbation, or sexual activity with a partner. Some sex toys, such as vibrating cock rings can increase sexual enjoyment for both partners. Sex toys can be beneficial for men with premature ejaculation, as it can allow them to mimic real sex when masturbating, and stimulate their partner even after early ejaculation.

          Sex toys can be used to improve orgasms during masturbation, or sexual activity with a partner. 

          Two examples of sex toys to improve orgasms for men are fleshlights and cock rings. Fleshlights imitate sexual organs such as the vagina, allowing men to experience and practice penetration during masturbation. Cock rings are placed around the base of the penis, and tighten everything up. Using cock rings can lead to firmer erections, intense delayed orgasms and stimulate both partners through vibration.

          3. Do Kegels

          Kegels are an exercise that can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The exercises involve squeezing the muscles by imitating the feeling of holding in urine. With enough practice, men will be able to achieve much greater control of orgasm release. 

          The exercises involve squeezing the muscles by imitating the feeling of holding in urine.

          One of the benefits of Kegels is the ease of access to the exercises, which can be done in a variety of positions such as sitting or lying down. Smartphone apps are popular for offering instructions for squeeze and release timing. With practice, men can hold their ejaculation in the way they would urine. This is great for combating premature ejaculation and allows the build-up of pelvic pressure for delayed orgasms during intercourse. 

          4. Have a Healthy Diet

          Sexual activity is cardiovascular exercise. Like most other forms of exercise, it’s one that’s complemented by a healthy diet. There is a well-known link between an individual’s diet and their likelihood of developing diseases. Diet is widely considered a risk factor for health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Such conditions don’t just pose a risk to your health, but your sexual performance too. 

          Individuals with health conditions may find it difficult to engage in sexual activity.

          Diabetes is an example of a disease that increases the chances of sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunctionBy making dietary improvements, you can reduce your chances of developing health conditions that hinder your sexual performance and enjoy a richer sex life.

          Curious about ways to enhance your sexual health and vitality?

          5. Improve your Sexual Stamina

          This point isn’t referring to orgasm control (discussed in Kegels and edging sections) but the physical stamina required for sexual activity. An individual’s performance during sexual intercourse can be affected by their stamina.

          The phrase ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint’ springs to mind. There’s no use flying out of the starter blocks if you never reach the finish line.  
          Two areas which may increase your sexual stamina are cardiovascular and strength training.

          If you want to have sustained periods of sexual activity you may need to train and build up to it.

          Popular cardiovascular exercises include walking and running. Resistance training with weights can help increase your strength and may allow you to hold positions for longer during intercourse. Always consult a professional before making radical changes to your exercise habits. 

          6. Quit Smoking

          Most smokers know the health risks associated with the habit, which are well publicized. From the graphic images on the pack to the warnings about an increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

          What people might not realize is that smoking can have an impact on the quality of their sex life. 

          Studies claim that there is “substantial evidence” that smoking may increase an individual’s chances of developing erectile dysfunction (ED). This is a condition in which men are unable to maintain an erection for long enough to enjoy sex. It may result in them climaxing too soon, or being unable to stay erect for long enough to reach orgasm.

          Men should also consider the impact smoking has on their physical health in relation to sex. For example, reducing their physical stamina and increasing their chances of developing a health condition.  

          7. Try Multiple Orgasms

          A simple take, but one of the best ways to improve your orgasms is to have more of them. Multiple orgasms can allow individuals to experience several orgasms in a single session of sex.

          Admittedly, the chances of being able to experience multiple orgasms are slim. In fact, it’s said that there’s less than a seven percent chance of being able to have multiple orgasms if you’re older than 30. But you’ll never know until you try.

          The two main types of multiple orgasms in men are known as ‘sporadic’ and ‘condensed’.

          Sporadic orgasms See climax occurring (you guessed it) sporadically over several minutes.
          Condensed orgasms Involve multiple orgasms in a shorter space of time, sometimes just seconds.

          There’s little scientific research on the topic, but factors that may influence multiple male orgasms include practicing orgasm without ejaculating and using sex toys. 

          8. Try Edging

          Edging involves pleasuring the penis until coming to the brink of climax, then withdrawing stimulation before reaching it. The idea behind this technique is to work towards an orgasm multiple times. Stimulation is repeated and individuals feel sustained periods of pleasure. When the orgasm finally happens, it feels highly intense due to the long build-up and delayed release.  

          As individuals repeatedly bring themselves near to climax, they will begin to familiarize themselves with the timing required to prevent orgasm.

          This can make edging an effective tool for people with early ejaculation issues. Edging can be done alone during masturbation or during foreplay and sex with a partner. When an individual does achieve an orgasm, they will feel the tension built up in their pelvic region being released.  

          Diagram of the Main Benefits of Edging

          9. Boost your testosterone levels

          Testosterone is practically a synonym for ‘manliness’, people hear the word and picture gyms full of muscular men lifting enormous weights. Testosterone itself refers to the sex hormone, responsible for a large part of male sexual maturity.

          Testosterone governs genital development, deepening of the voice and hair growth. 
          There’s also a chance boosting testosterone levels can improve your orgasms. Research suggests that there’s a strong relationship between testosterone and libido levels.

          Low libido can lead to unwanted sexual deficiencies such as erectile dysfunction, which may inadvertently affect an individual’s quality of orgasm.

          Testosterone therapy is said to be effective in restoring mild ED, but should be undertaken with the consultation of a medical professional. Exercise and dietary changes may be a natural means to increase testosterone as demonstrated by a study carried out on overweight and obese men

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          The orgasm is the driving factor in male sexual activity. Despite it feeling great for many, not all men have a positive relationship with sexual climax. Irrespective of enjoyment levels, there are a variety of techniques that individuals can employ in an attempt to enhance their orgasms. Examples include using sex toys and improving mind-muscle connections to the pelvic region, with techniques such as edging and Kegels.

          Leading a healthier lifestyle and quitting habits such as smoking may also improve the quality of a male’s orgasms. 

          Such techniques may assist men in overcoming sexual dysfunctions and vastly improve their overall sex life. While the advice in this article is designed to be informative, it cannot be considered a substitute for medical advice. If you believe you have health issues that affect your sex life you should consult a doctor for a professional medical opinion. 

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