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How to Get Harder Erections? 11 Proven Tips for Better Hard-ons

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How to Get Harder Erections? 11 Proven Tips for Better Hard-ons

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oWhen the time comes for intimacy, it’s natural to want to be at your best. Being able to get a firm and full erection is a great place to start. Although a hard erection doesn’t sound like too much to ask for, it’s not always straightforward.

Some men find that nerves lead to ‘stage fright’ and as a result, the ability to maintain an erection eludes them. In more complex cases, men can suffer from sexual dysfunction; erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disorder that can prevent men from maintaining an erection for long enough to enjoy sex.

This article explores some techniques that may help you get harder erections.

From men looking to counteract the impact of sexual dysfunction to those wanting a more intense erection, the desire to make them harder draws plenty of curiosity. This article explores some techniques that may help you get harder erections.

1. Do regular exercise

It’s no secret that exercise offers plenty of benefits. It can improve individuals’ fitness, reduce their chances of health conditions and act as an avenue for socializing. One of the lesser-known benefits of exercise is its potential to improve erectile function.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

Doing regular exercise may help you achieve stronger erections by reducing your chances of developing erectile dysfunction; a condition affecting up to 150 million men worldwide. Research suggests that regular aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) for 40 minutes, 4 times a week may benefit men with arterial ED. Other studies show that Kegel exercises (which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles) have been effective in treating ED.

2. Avoid certain foods

Although food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, a bad diet can have adverse effects on your health. An unhealthy diet could result in diabetes or even heart disease. One undesirable effect of unhealthy food could be damage to erectile function, while some dietary habits may even improve erection quality.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

Eating certain foods may reduce your chances of developing sexual dysfunction. A review of existing literature noted a possible association between diet and sexual health. It found that ED may be less prevalent in men with Mediterranean diets. It also stated that overweight men who lose weight by consuming low-fat foods may see improvements in erectile function and testosterone levels.

3. Don’t smoke

The well-known risks of smoking combined with its highly addictive nature make it a habit worth avoiding. The risks of smoking include a variety of cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. Another potential side effect of smoking is reduced sexual function, specifically reductions in libido and damage to erections.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

Avoiding smoking helps you achieve a stronger erection by reducing your chances of developing erectile issues. Research suggests that smokers are at a higher risk of developing ED regardless of age, although smoking’s impact on erectile function is dose-dependent. One study consisting of 6754 men aged 50-75, found a higher prevalence of low libido and ED among smokers in comparison to non-smokers.

4. Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a common feature in social settings and many people consume it to feel more relaxed. A number of health risks are associated with excessive alcohol consumption such as high blood pressure, liver and heart disease. Drinking too much alcohol could also have an impact on erection quality.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

There appears to be a strong link between regular alcohol consumption and the risk of developing ED. A meta-analysis that explored 46 studies identified a strong correlation between regular alcohol use and the development of ED. It concluded that alcohol should be used in modest quantities, allowing individuals to get the relaxation benefits with less chance of experiencing the risk of vascular damage.

5. Use a penis pump

Penis pumps are also known as vacuum erectile devices (VEDs). They can be used to help men achieve and maintain erections and are often used by men with ED. They are typically made up of a plastic tube (which the penis fits inside), a pump and a ring to be placed around the base of the penis while it’s erect.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

When using a penis pump, the penis is inserted into the tube and the pump is used to draw blood to it via suction. The blood being sucked into the penis causes it to swell and form an erection. The ring placed around the base of the penis helps to maintain the erection (explained in the following cock ring section). Research references VEDs' effectiveness in treating ED after radical prostatectomies (surgery to remove the prostate).

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6. Use a cock ring

Cock rings are an effective sex toy for helping men attain firmer and longer-lasting erections. Also known as constriction rings, they are designed to be placed around the base of the penis. Constricting this part of the penis helps to prevent blood from escaping during an erection.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

When the penis becomes erect it fills with blood. When it returns to a flaccid state it’s because the blood has left the penis. Cock rings are able to constrict the base of the penis and restrict the blood from leaving as it would under normal circumstances. For men who struggle to keep erections cock rings can help them maintain firm erections.

Discover the benefits of cock rings for maintaining erections

7. Spice up your sex relationships

If you find yourself worrying about the firmness of your erection, it could be down to your sexual preferences rather than a physical problem. For example, you could have a fetish that you’re too shy to introduce to the bedroom. This could lead to regular sex with a partner feeling too ‘vanilla’ and reducing the quality of your erections.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

Spicing up your sexual relationships may help you achieve firmer erections by making you more aroused. Try introducing new fantasies (from both partners) into your sex life. You may find that you feel more turned on, have firmer erections and sex becomes more enjoyable for everyone involved.

8. Limit your cycling time

Cycling is known for its benefits; it’s great for increasing cardiovascular fitness and is a way to release stress. However, there’s also a less desirable side to the past time. Extended periods on bike seats may cause pressure in the pelvic region. This could potentially cause damage to sexual function amongst cyclists.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

Spending less time cycling may improve the quality of your erections by avoiding unwanted side effects. A study found that both experienced and novice cyclists may experience impotence and penile numbing as a result of the activity. Limiting the time you spend cycling may help to reduce your chances of developing these conditions.

9. Make sure your testosterone levels are fine

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a large role in male sexual development. When an individual’s testosterone levels are too low, it’s possible they could struggle to maintain an erection and even become impotent. In some instances when impotent men have had their testosterone measured, between 20% and 40% have been found to have low free-standing testosterone levels.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

Checking your testosterone levels can help you get stronger erections by identifying potential abnormalities. For example, if you get checked by a doctor and find that your testosterone levels are low they may suggest testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Such therapy may help individuals with erectile conditions by restoring their testosterone to a healthy range.

Curious about testosterone and its effects on men's health?

10. Improve your sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial and disrupted sleep is associated with both short and long-term risks. Such risks include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. It’s also possible that a lack of sleep can have a negative impact on an individual's sex life. Sex is an endurance exercise that can be harder when you’re sleep-deprived, but sleep disturbance may also result in erectile issues.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

By improving your sleep, you could be less likely to suffer from the sexual disorders associated with sleep disturbance. Research has claimed that individuals who have erectile dysfunction may have it as a result of a sleep disorder. It went on to note that individuals with Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can have lower serum testosterone levels.

11. Get supplements

Finding effective supplements for sexual performance can be a minefield. Plenty of expensive products claim to cure sexual problems with a magic pill but don’t always follow through. However, there may be a relatively inexpensive way to improve erectile function using supplements.

How it helps you achieve a stronger erection

Supplements may improve erections by targeting deficiencies that cause erectile issues. Research references an analysis of 3,390 men which found a vitamin D (VD) deficiency to be associated with a higher prevalence of erectile dysfunction. It mentions that VD supplements could act as a potential treatment and preventative measure for ED that’s low in cost with little risk.

Want to improve your sexual health and performance?

Erection FAQs

What causes an erection?

Erections can occur in response to sexual arousal or even unexpectedly. Nerve responses stimulate the penis with the brain sending signals allowing blood to flow into the penis. The added blood causes pressure and the penis expands which creates an erection.

Is the penis a muscle?

Contrary to belief the penis is not a muscle. The penis is made up of what’s known as corpora cavernosa, corpus spongiosum, the urethra, and connective tissue. These allow blood to gather and erections to form.

Anatomy of the Human Penis

Illustration of the Parts of the Penis

What is the average size of an erect penis?

Despite most men believing that the average erefct penis is over 6 inches, the actual average erect penis size is between 5.1 and 5.5 inches long. The exaggerated size may be due to many studies using self-reported figures which are often biased. The actual average is based on research that reviewed 10 studies where the researchers took the measurements.

Can you have an orgasm without having an erection?

Yes, you can achieve an orgasm without having a full erection. Men who are incapable of reaching a full erection or are hyper-sensitive to stimulation may reach their climax while the penis is semi-erect.

Discover more about the male orgasm and its various aspects

How long can the average man stay erect?

The length of time an erection lasts can range between a few minutes to half an hour. Men may experience shorter or longer time frames depending on a variety of influences such as sexual disorders or the ingestion of sexual performance drugs such as viagra.

How many times a day do guys get hard?

There’s no universal answer for how many erections men have each day. It may vary depending on sexual partners and sex drive. Nocturnal erections can also occur with men able to have between 3 and 6 erections while they sleep.


Although men can reach climax without a firm erection, having one can help make intercourse more enjoyable for both partners. If you’re looking to get harder erections, exploring your lifestyle habits, health, and even sexual relationships can be a good place to start.

If you have any concerns about your sexual or general health, always consult a doctor

Techniques such as checking your testosterone levels, addressing sexual dysfunctions, and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol may help. If you have any concerns about your sexual or general health, always consult a doctor. Although this article is intended to be informative it cannot be considered a substitute for professional medical advice.

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