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Best Penis Pump Routine for Beginners

12 min read
Best Penis Pump Routine for Beginners

When it comes to penis enlargement, the internet is full of advice. The trouble is, it's hard to work out what's legit penis-pumping info and what's just marketing. What's more, penis pumping is a personal thing - so what works for someone else might not work for you.

To help you find your way through this jungle of information, we've put together an effective penis-pumping routine for beginners. Unlike some guides, there's a lot of flexibility built into what we suggest - so there's plenty of room for experimenting to find what works for you.

What is a penis pump routine?

A penis-pumping routine is a little like a gym workout routine. It's a series of exercises you do repetitively and frequently to encourage growth.

A routine will help you get to grips with your penis pump and learn what works for you and your body.

A pumping routine will generally involve following a set number of sessions, using a certain pressure for a specific amount of time.

Often, you'll be able to increase the amount of time spent pumping as you see results - helping you understand what's the most effective routine for you.

Believe it or not, a pumping routine doesn't just have to include a penis pump. There are other exercises, other devices, and a series of other tips that guys build into their routines to maximize results. We'll explore each of these routine additions throughout this guide.

Why do men get into a penis pump routine?

Men tend to favor penis enlargement routines for three reasons:

1. A routine helps you become comfortable and familiar with your pump and its use.

A penis vacuum pump takes a little getting used to - so when the time comes to use it before sex or masturbation, you don't want to kill the mood by getting the instructions out or trying to work out how to use it.

Practice makes perfect.

2. There's no fixed routine that works for everyone.  Creating a personal routine helps you understand what works specifically for you, what feels good, and what is the most effective way to combat any symptoms of erectile dysfunction you experience.
 3. A routine gives you a scientific way of looking at the results you're getting.

By sticking to a routine consistently, you can decide whether or not you're happy with the growth you're getting.

If you think it could be better, you can change your routine and decide if this new routine is more or less effective.

Are all penis pumps good for a routine?

You can create a pumping routine with any pump - but some make it easier than others.

Think back to our gym routine example. If the weights you loaded onto a bar didn't have any markings on them, you wouldn't know what effort you were putting in. What's more, if you didn't take some body measurements, you'd be relying on guesswork to track your progress. Penis pumping is a lot like this - and some penis pumps are better than others at giving you the info you need.

Vacuum Pressure gauge

The first feature that's good to look for is a pressure gauge. As you pump, the pressure inside the tube increases. A gauge helps you understand the current pressure, so you can decide if you're happy at that level or if you'd prefer to adjust it. We'll talk about pressure in more detail later in this guide - but if you're looking for a penis pump for a routine, it's a good idea to choose one with an accurate pressure gauge.

A gauge helps you understand the current pressure, so you can decide if you're happy at that level or if you'd prefer to adjust it.

Generally, hydro penis pumps (like the Bathmate penis pumps) will not have a pressure gauge. This is because it's much more difficult to measure water pressure. This doesn't mean you have to rule a hydro pump out; it just means you'll have to rely on other methods of measuring to see if your routine is effective.

Measuring gauge

The next feature to look for is a physical measuring gauge. The best penis pumps have clear acrylic vacuum cylinders that you insert your penis into. Since they're transparent, you can see your penis grow as you pump to create negative pressure - and there's often a length measure molded into the pump sleeve.

This measure means you can get an accurate penis length figure for before and after your session.

Recording the figure that you get when you establish a routine is a great idea, as it then gives you a figure to work from. If you change your routine and you see more length - great. However, if you change and see less size, your measure is your friend - giving you an indication that you should perhaps switch back.

Establish a penis-pumping routine

Now we've looked at what a penis pumping routine is and the ideal kind of pump to use; it's useful to think about how to establish a routine.

You're going to need to understand how to use a penis pump, then consider the frequency, pressure, length of time spent pumping, the intensity required, and a possible schedule.

Before starting: How to use a penis pump

We have a dedicated blog that looks in detail at what penis pumps are and how you should use them. However, the basics are pretty simple and apply to virtually all vacuum penis enlargement devices.

Let's break it down into 5 steps:

Step 1. Trim or remove your pubic hair.
If your pubic hair is long, you may find your pump won't seal well. Since penis pumps rely on creating a seal against your body, it's a good idea to neatly trim or remove your public hair for the best result.

Step 2. Apply a suitable lubricant to the sleeve at the base of the pump.
Not all penis pumps have a silicone sleeve at the base of the cylinder - but those that do benefit from the addition of a little water-based lubricant. This helps you slide inside and also helps the seal that the pump creates around the base of your penis shaft.

Step 3. Place the cylinder over your penis.
It should be a fairly snug fit but with room inside to accommodate your erection as it grows.

Step 4. Use the pump to gradually remove the air from the cylinder.
Do this slowly, so you don't over-pump. You should start to feel the blood circulation increasing in your penis, and you should begin to get an erection.

Step 5. Slip a constriction ring into place.
A vacuum pump helps draw blood into penile tissues - but a constriction ring will help to keep it there. Find a ring that's a good fit for the best possible results.

Recommended set for beginners

Here, we're going to walk you through a great penis pump routine for beginners. We'll cover the following areas:

  • How much pumping time to begin with and how to safely increase this time
  • How often you should perform pumping
  • How much pressure will be effective
  • How to add hydro pumping to your sessions
  • A pumping schedule

How long?

Start by pumping for 10 minutes. After one week of pumping sessions, add 1 minute. Keep adding 1 minute each week until you hit 20 minutes for each session. So,

  • Week 1 = 10 minutes
  • Week 2 = 11 minutes
  • Week 3 = 12 minutes - and so on.

How often?

To begin with, work on the 'one day on, one day off' principle. This reduces the chance of any bruising, to begin with, and helps the flaccid penis 'recover'.

For example, sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday would be optimal. Then Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday the following week.

How much pressure?

Aim for 5hg-7hg pressure in your vacuum penis extender. This is an ideal pressure for encouraging blood flow and engorging the blood vessels. This pressure is especially good for erection quality as it doesn't cause excessive 'edema' (swelling caused by too much fluid becoming trapped beneath the skin).

Add water?

It's not only hydro pumps that can benefit from water use. It's possible to add warm water to some manual pumps - and users often say it increases comfort and gains. You might decide to experiment to see if it works for you - but remember to never even consider using water if your pump has any electrical components.


Creating a schedule is a really useful way of making sure you're consistent with your pumping. For instance, if you put the time aside to pump before you shower each morning, you're far more likely to do it than if you just aim to fit it in at some point during the day. Create a schedule and do your best to stick to it - you'll be surprised at how quickly it becomes a habit.

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Tips for getting maximum gains from penis-pumping

There's no scientific proof that penis pumping will result in permanent gains; however, there are plenty of people who claim to have seen lasting improvements in their penis size.

Diagram of the Tips for Getting Maximum Gains from Penis-Pumping


Whether you're hoping for lasting results or just the best way to get bigger and harder temporarily, there are things you can do to improve your chances.

1. Be consistent

When it comes to training your body to do anything, consistency is essential. Trying to use your pump only when it's needed will usually result in frustration and limited growth.

With consistency, you learn how to use your pump perfectly.

You'll work out the best way to get a good air-tight seal, you'll understand the pressures and times that work for you, and you'll be able to minimize the time pumping in favor of maximum time spent having fun.

2. Combine with other methods

Penis pumps aren't the only way to grow your erection and fight the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Combining pumping sessions with other manual exercises can turbo-charge your growth and help you get harder quicker.

You might decide to look into penis stretching, including 'jelqing' and the use of stretching devices. Alternatively, you could explore perineum massages to enhance stimulation and arousal. Then again, you might look into Kegel exercises - a proven way of strengthening the bulbocavernosus muscle, which is partly responsible for pumping blood into the penis.

It's not unreasonable to think that the gains each of these methods offer will add up to support erection quality and health.

3. Follow recommended sets if you're just starting

It's not fashionable or catchy for any company to claim that following a structured program for growing your penis is a good idea - but it is. Getting your body fit requires time, effort, and consistency - and your penis health is the same. Follow the program we've laid out above.

Don't be tempted to rush ahead, but equally, don't forget to increase your pumping time week-by-week.

When you've got some experience, then mix things up and see how your body responds. However, until you have a baseline of experience and practice, guessing the best way forward isn't going to produce results.

4. Experiment with sex toys

Penis pumping doesn't have to be just about the mechanics of getting bigger - it's actually a really great idea to make it pleasurable too.

Why? Well, if you think back to your late teens, you'll remember that your brain plays a big part in getting an erection, so choosing a toy that turns you on will seriously help with stimulation. What's more, your erogenous zones aren't limited to your penis, so toys can help you stimulate a wide range of other areas while you pump.

There's a world of fantastic sex toys out there - including penis pumps that have an integral masturbation sleeve, vibrating cock rings, prostate massagers, strokers, and more. Finding out what pushes your buttons will almost always help with erections.

5. Get your partner involved

Penis pumping can sometimes feel like something that should be done in private - but this really isn't the case.

If you have an intimate partner, getting them involved in a pumping session can be a fun way to reduce tension.

Pumping sessions may end up being something that instigates sex or mutual play. Alternatively, it may just be something that your partner grows to get a better understanding of, so there's no need to keep your sessions private.

6. Consider some lifestyle tweaks

Pumping your penis is just one part of erectile health - and there are dozens of tiny lifestyle changes you can make that will support your pumping routine. Don't panic, we're not going to tell you to change your lifestyle overnight! Instead, just look at the possibility of some of the following:

Reduce smoking

Smoking disrupts blood vessels in all parts of your body, including your penis.

Reducing or quitting will help your body to recover, improve blood circulation, and reduce the symptoms of ED.

Adding a little exercise to your day

Upping your exercise levels can significantly improve your blood pressure and heart health.

Since it's your heart and your blood that are largely responsible for your ability to get erect, adding a step goal or light exercise routine to your day will help boost pumping results.

Drinking more water

Staying hydrated has a number of benefits - but one of the biggest is improving blood pressure.

Being dehydrated reduces the volume of blood in your body, meaning your heart has to work harder. Studies show healthy blood pressure can improve erectile health.

Improve your diet

Diet is another area that's related to blood pressure - a key factor in maintaining healthy erections.

A healthy diet is also a great way of maintaining good blood sugar levels and fighting diabetes - a big contributing factor to ED symptoms.

Cut down on alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can significantly increase a person's chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Cutting down just a little can improve blood flow and sexual desire.

Penis pump safety tips

Safety is absolutely essential when you're starting a new penis-pumping routine. Not following some important tips may lead to injury. While you almost certainly don't want to injure your penis, you also don't want any discomfort to cause you to break your routine and compromise results.

As such, you should make the following points non-negotiables.

Penis Pump Safety Tips Diagram

Speak to your doctor

You might not want to chat to your doctor about the idea of penis pumping - but it's vital that you do.

Penis pumping isn't right for everyone, and there are some medical conditions and medicine types that could make it not suitable for you.

Book a session to talk to your doctor about your plans. And don't worry - doctors talk about sexual health conditions every hour of every day, so your questions and plans will be perfectly normal to them.

Start off slowly

No one rushes into the gym and starts bench-pressing the same amount of weight as Dwayne Johnson. If you want to achieve gains, you need to start slowly, work on your technique, and see what your body responds to. Penis pumping is exactly the same.

Don't rush ahead thinking you're cheating your way to success. You're more likely to cheat your way to discomfort - which will set you back.

Avoid over-pumping

When it comes to pumping, it's easy to think that high pressure equals better results. This isn't the case. In fact, upping the pressure is more likely to create edema - where inflammatory fluid is pulled beneath the surface of the skin.

The right pressure level will encourage blood flow without causing unnecessary swelling or bruising.

Don't be fooled into thinking inflammation is good, it's an entirely different thing to engorging your penis with blood. The right pressure level will encourage blood flow without causing unnecessary swelling or bruising.

Remember to take a break

A penis pump routine should include rest days. This gives the muscles and blood vessels in your shaft time to recover before they are given their next workout.

If you try to power through a couple of weeks with no break, you increase the chances of the penis enlargement pump causing discomfort or injury. Both of these things will set you back and stop you from building consistency.

Listen to your body

No matter what you read here or anywhere else online, listening to your body is always better than blindly following a routine.

If you've got a session in your diary and feel a little tender or bruised, add another rest day. You're not going to lose any progress you've made just because you take a day or two off. However, you probably will if you injure yourself by over-pumping.

Expected results

So, what can you expect to see after taking part in a routine for a number of weeks?

Most people want to know about lasting length and girth gains - so it's important to set your expectation appropriately. There's no scientific evidence to guarantee permanent growth, just anecdotal results. As such, it's important to be realistic about what you'll see.

Despite this, most men who take part in a pumping routine report positive results. Including:

  • Increased confidence using a penis pump
  • A better knowledge of what works for your body
  • Understanding of the best times and pressures to use
  • Additional factors that help you get and maintain an erection

If you're willing to make some of the lifestyle adjustments we've suggested above, you'll also be able to judge for yourself how they impact your erection health. For example, if you combine penis enlargement routines with a light exercise regime and a reduction in smoking, you're likely to see your results increase more significantly.

How to Find the Perfect Penis Pump For You

We have built this short quiz to help you find the perfect penis pump for your ultimate performance and pleasure.

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A penis-pumping routine is a planned and structured way of consistently using a vacuum device to grow your penis.

A routine will help you understand what kind of pumping is most effective for you. It will also increase your confidence using your pump and help you get a scientific view of the gains you make.

Following a routine is an excellent way to understand what works for you and what factors add to the length and girth of your penis.

To get the most from a pumping routine, you should choose the right pump, follow a routine that's designed for beginners, and be careful to follow all safety precautions. You may also decide to add additional factors - like other penis exercises, interesting sex toys, and slight health adjustments - to get the most from your routine.

Following a routine is an excellent way to understand what works for you and what factors add to the length and girth of your penis.

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