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What is Penis Stretching, and How to Do it Properly

10 min read
What is Penis Stretching, and How to Do it Properly

Every man worries about the size of their penis. It's hard not to, especially in this day and age of 'bigger is better.' Unfortunately, unreliable information about penis size is widespread. It's normal to feel self-conscious over the size of your manhood, but it's crucial to understand that these anxieties are generally unfounded!

Whatever your reasons, if you're one of the millions of men searching for a way to obtain a bigger member, it's essential you know the options available to you.

What if we told you there were simple exercises you could do at home that could make your penis thicker and improve your length, erection quality, and sexual stamina? Unbelievable, right? Well, maybe not.

Here we'll be discussing the practice of penis stretching - the myths surrounding it and what the science says.

TLDR Summary

  • Many men feel anxiety about penis size, influenced by myths and misconceptions.
  • Penis stretching aims to increase length and girth, using manual techniques or devices.
  • Research shows 5.1-5.5 inches as the average erect penis length, yet size insecurities persist.
  • Common myths: instant results from stretching, excessive size gains, and that combining methods quickens gains.
  • Most women don't prioritize size; acceptance of one's body is vital for sexual confidence.
  • Scientific backing is limited, but penile extender devices show promise; other methods lack substantial evidence.
  • Safety is essential; consult a doctor before any penis enlargement method and avoid unregulated products.

What is Penis Stretching?

Put simply: penis stretching is a means to increase penis length and girth.

You can achieve this either by hand (using different stretching techniques) or by using a stretching device. While a lot of evidence of these methods' effectiveness is anecdotal, certain studies have reported promising results.

Research has shown that, on average, half of the male population wishes they had a bigger penis. Partly due to porn and partly due to locker room talk, men have become increasingly conscious about the size of their member. Power, masculinity, and authority are all associated with penis size, despite it having no real bearing over any of those qualities.

Insecurity over their size can lead men to depression, anxiety, and further sexual dysfunction, so it's vital not to understate the effect of penis size on male psychology. These feelings of inadequacy are widespread, despite research demonstrating that the average erect penis length is between 5.1 and 5.5 inches.

Insecurities surrounding size have led men to search for various ways to increase their penis length. While many men exercise to enhance their bodies, a growing number are performing penis exercises to enhance their penis.

Most common myths and facts about penis stretching


You'll get results instantly

- The tagline of almost every penis enlargement e-mail ever sent - the truth is that stretching requires time and dedication.

- Regardless of the method of stretching, most evidence indicates that you won't see results immediately.

    Penis stretching will significantly increase your size

    - While penis stretching seems to increase penis length, most studies report an increase of up to one inch.

    - Although some men report results of over one inch, these are anecdotal and not scientifically verified.

      Combining methods in a day will result in quicker gains

      - This is false and dangerous. If you liken your penis to a muscle, then this would be akin to overtraining.

      - Combining techniques can lead to complications such as bruising, pain, and numbness.

        Penis stretching only increases length

        - While there is little scientific research into stretching, the evidence that does exist indicates that girth enhancement is possible when using stretching techniques.

          The importance of accepting your body as it is

          If you're one of the millions affected by penis size anxiety, it's worth taking a step back and examining the facts. While you might think you need a huge member to have an enjoyable sex life, the truth is you don't.

          The most extensive study of penis size satisfaction shows that men are more concerned about their penis size than women. The study notes that while 85% of women were satisfied by their partner's size, only 55% of men were satisfied with themselves. 

          Studies have consistently shown that most women don't attribute much importance to size and prefer a man with an average-sized penis over a larger one. It's important to realize that your penis size has no bearing on your sexual function or ability to give and receive pleasure.

          Accepting and appreciating the body you have is ultimately the most important factor when it comes to sexual confidence, health, quality of life, and happiness in general.

          Most Common Penis Stretching Techniques

          There are various penis stretching techniques available to study - some are said to be more beneficial than others, but most research is anecdotal. No matter what method you attempt, it's good to remember to take it slow and that consistency is vital if you want to see any improvements.

           Diagram of the Most Common Penis Stretching Techniques

          Manual Exercises

          Before attempting any manual penile stretching exercise, you need to know that these shouldn't be attempted on an erect penis and should only be attempted once or twice daily.

          It's also important to remember that these methods have little to no scientific backing, as there has been little research on the efficacy of these three techniques. However, there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence available.

          We recommended that you supplement these routines with kegel exercises, performed by clenching the pelvic floor muscles for three seconds and then releasing.

          Regularly performing Kegels throughout the day strengthens the pelvic area of the body, and improves the quality of erections.

          Stretching exercise:

          1. Grip the flaccid penis head and manually pull the penis upward.
          2. Keep it stretched for 10 seconds.
          3. Pull it to the right and hold the stretched position for 10 seconds.
          4. Pull it to the left and hold for 10 seconds.
          5. Repeat for around 5 minutes and do this at most twice a day.

            A variant of this exercise:

            1. With one hand, grip the flaccid penis from the head and manually pull it upward while applying mild pressure to the area around the base of the penis with your other hand.
            2. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
            3. Pull the penis to the right while again applying pressure at the base.
            4. Hold for 10 seconds.
            5. Pull it to the left, keeping the pressure applied, and hold for 10 seconds.
            6. Repeat for about 2 minutes, once or twice a day.

              Some non-scientists theorize these manual stretching exercises promote blood flow within the penis, slowly training it over time to accommodate more blood during an erection.

              Others believe that the stretching force creates microtears within the penile tissue, which, when healed by new cell growth, increases penis size - much like bodybuilding does to the body. Again, no clinical studies have been performed on these methods, so there is no official scientific consensus on how they work.

              Jelqing is a stretching exercise that is said to have ancient Arabic origins and is one of the most famous stretching techniques. Perform this exercise on a partially erect penis - approximately 45% -75% erect. Jelqing on a full erection can be harmful to the penis.

              1. Warm your penis using a compress or a warm bath - this helps to improve blood flow.

              2. Lubricate the penis.

              3. Get your penis to an appropriate erection level (anywhere between 45%-75% erect).

              4. Make an 'OK' sign with your thumb and index finger.

              5. Place the base of your penis in the 'OK' sign (encircling your penis with your thumb and index finger). You should be gripping it with mild pressure.

              6. Slowly but firmly pull the 'OK' hand away from the body until you reach the head of your penis, applying mild, consistent pressure to the penis throughout the movement. This movement should not hurt, so if you feel any pain reduce the strength of your grip.

              7. Once you read the head of your penis, move your thumb and index finger back to the base and repeat the movement. Repeat this daily for up to 20 minutes.

                Using a stretching device

                Stretching devices, often called penis extenders or penile traction devices, are increasingly being recommended by doctors and urologists to treat conditions that affect penis size - for example, Peyronie's disease and short penis.

                These devices are proven to increase penis length in people suffering from these conditions, and clinical studies have reported an increase in length in people whose size falls within the normal range. Some researchers suggest that stretching devices are the only legitimate way to achieve penile lengthening, although there has not been enough research in this field to prove such a claim valid.

                Penile extenders are not for the faint-hearted, as they involve placing the penis in a mechanical traction device for up to 9 hours a day.

                Traction devices work by slowly stretching out the flaccid penis over the course of weeks and months, eventually increasing penis length.

                Some studies have reported an increase in penile length of up to 36% when using a penile extender device every day for six months.

                Using a penis pump

                Penis pumps, also called vacuum pumps, are often touted as the means for sure-fire penis enlargement. However, scientific backing is inconsistent at best. A clinical study from 1995 observed that, with regular use, men were able to see an increase of over half an inch in length and girth. Studies since have sadly not been as fruitful.

                Anecdotally, however, positive tales are abundant - people profess to have seen increases of up to 3 inches in length with regular penis pump use! The theory behind these gains stems from hospitals using vacuum devices in penile rehabilitation. A pump draws blood to the penis, engorging the blood vessels within and promoting a strong, healthy erection.

                Recurrent use of this device stretches the penile tissue and 'trains' the blood vessels to hold more blood than usual.

                Most people, however, agree that while pumps are helpful for strengthening and maintaining erections, the benefits are only temporary.

                Learn more about penis pumps and how they can enhance male sexual health


                Penis enlargement surgery is a relatively new field, but studies indicate it's becoming more popular as new safety measures develop.

                There are various surgeries to increase penis size, but the most common are: the insertion of a silicone implant; injecting fat into the penis; or a procedure in which a surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament that connects your penis to the pubic bone - resulting in a flaccid penis that looks longer and hangs lower.

                As surgery is usually for cosmetic reasons, insurance policies tend not to cover the costs, and the procedure can end up being incredibly expensive. There are also a lot of complications associated with this kind of surgery, and we recommend anyone thinking about it to research the procedure and consult a doctor beforehand.

                Pills and lotions

                There is absolutely no scientific evidence that penis enlargement pills and lotions work. Most of these products are completely ineffective- containing basic ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and sugars.

                Some of the pricier, more 'advanced' pills and lotions are just counterfeit variants of medications already on the market that treat erectile dysfunction. While these products may give the illusion of increasing penis size, they are less effective than regular erection medication and are potentially dangerous as they're unregulated and not FDA-approved.

                With so many legitimate erectile dysfunction treatment options and medications available, it's not worth risking your health on these dangerous 'miracle' enhancers.

                Safety Tips

                Before starting any penis stretching methods, it's essential that you consult your doctor. If you're concerned about your penis size, your doctor can offer reassurance and advice and will work with you to examine the best treatment for your case.

                Whilst very little research has been conducted on stretching, what does exist emphasizes that most penis stretching devices and exercises are low risk. If you do choose to proceed with any treatment, it's important to remember the following:

                • Always warm up before attempting any exercise - just like warming up at the gym, warming up your penile tissue helps prevent injury.

                • Always follow your doctor's instructions when wearing a penile traction device.

                • Stop immediately if you feel any pain.

                • Only practice stretching exercises a maximum of twice a day.

                • Give yourself time to rest and recover - always take at least two days off a week.

                • Be gentle with yourself - being too rough with your penis can cause injury and damage your penile ligaments.

                  Does Penis Stretching Work? What the science says

                  While penile extender devices have scientific backing, other techniques listed here haven't had enough scientific investigation, and positive reports are primarily anecdotal.

                  Research into these techniques has predominantly been to determine their efficacy on people suffering from penile defects, hence the lack of scientific research on men with an average penis size looking to get bigger.

                  It's worth noting that even in the studies that state specific stretching techniques don't work, there was an increase (albeit small) in average penis length.

                  From the science published, we can infer that stretching works comes down to three things:

                  • The technique utilized.
                  • Your consistency in applying the technique.
                  • Your body's receptiveness to that technique.


                    Studies show that large swathes of men greatly misunderstand the facts surrounding penis size. While a lot of men are satisfied with their current penis size, there is a large portion of men that aren't.

                    Penis stretching practices have been developed over time to aid medical conditions but have also shown benefits for average men looking to increase their manhood.

                    Ordinary men are conducting a great deal of informal research into penis stretching methods and techniques - scientific research, i comparison, is decisively lacking.

                    Although this is most likely due to funding issues and a potential lack of interest in the field, it's interesting to note that while the science remains inconclusive on most techniques, anecdotally, men are seeing significant increases in their penis size. Whether these accounts are to be believed is up to you.

                    If you follow the correct safety precautions stretching exercises are relatively low risk for injury, but we do recommend seeking a doctor before attempting any of the treatments listed here. Avoid taking unregulated pills and lotions for penis enlargement, as more often than not, they will harm your body.ah

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