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Thin Penis: Best Tips & Solutions for a “Skinny Penis”

10 min read
Thin Penis: Best Tips & Solutions for a “Skinny Penis”

People typically think about penis size worries as relating exclusively to length - but many men are more concerned about the circumference dimensions (girth) of their penis.

If you wish you had a slightly thicker penis, you're not alone. Since only 35% of men are happy with their size, that means 65% (nearly two-thirds) of the adult male population would like more length or girth - but many of those are comparing to unrealistic images of their 'ideal' penis size.


Here, we'll take a scientific look at the 'thin penis' problem - exploring realistic average sizes and why being smaller than 'average' is often not the problem men imagine. We'll also look at techniques that can help a person boost their penis size, as well as some useful ways to make sure you have a fulfilling sex life, regardless of size.

What is the average penis girth?

In 2015, one of the largest scientific penis size studies ever carried out concluded that the average circumference (girth) of a penis is 9.31cm (3.66 inches) when flaccid and 11.66cm (4.59 inches) when erect.

The study didn't just look at penis girth though - it covered 5 different measurements - with the following results:

Average flaccid pendulous length 9.16 cm (3.61 in)
Average flaccid stretched length 13.24 cm (5.21 in)
Average erect penile length 13.12 cm (5.17 in)
Average flaccid circumference 9.31 cm (3.67 in)
Average erect circumference 11.66 cm (4.59 in)

For many guys, these measurements might come as a bit of a surprise. For a variety of reasons, men's ideas of average penis size are often significantly larger than the reality. As such, it's a good idea to accurately measure your penis before you get too hung up on your package being skinnier than people might expect.

How to measure the girth of your penis

To measure the girth of your penis in flaccid and erect states accurately, you need the following items:

  • A piece of string or slim fabric ribbon (make sure it's not stretchy)
  • A marker or pen
  • A ruler, tape measure, or tailor tape
  • A calculator or calculator app
  • A penis pump (if required to achieve an erection)

Don't be tempted to shortcut this process by simply wrapping a measuring tape around your penis - they're often a little too wide or awkward to get a truly accurate measurement.

Step 1 - Remove your pants and underwear: This ensures no body fat or muscle is moved around, so you can accurately measure.

Step 2 - Get an erection: Use your imagination, your penis pump, or online material to help you get hard.

Step 3 - Wrap the string around: Wrap your string or piece of fabric snugly around the base of your erect penis. Hold the string where it meets and mark it without compressing the skin.

Illustration on How to Measure the Penis Girth

Step 4 - Measure:
Lay the marked string flat against a ruler or tape measure, ensuring it's straight and starts at the 0 mark. Record the measurement at the marked point.

Illustration on How to get Measurement for Penis Girth

That's it - now you have your erect 'girth' measurement.

Measuring when flaccid (soft)

If you'd like to know your girth measurement when you're flaccid (the medical term for "soft" or "limp"), you can simply repeat these steps but skip step 2. If you do - be sure not to compress the penis when you wrap the string or fabric around; it's more easily done when you have a flaccid penis.

Understanding your measurement

Once you have your measurement, you will have a more accurate idea of how you compare to 'the average'.

At this stage, it's also important to remember what 'average' means.

In the study above, the penis sizes of over 15,000 men were taken into consideration. This means that half of those men were bigger than the average, and half of those men were smaller. So, even if you're under the figure that's considered average, try not to worry too much - it doesn't automatically make your penis 'small' or 'skinny' - it simply means you're in the one of the 50% of all men who fall under this 'average' figure.

Is girth important for sexual partners?

Penis size matters to sexual partners - but not in the way most people think. Studies prove that men are more concerned about the size of their penis than a sexual partner - and further studies have proved that, when given the choice of all sizes for a sexual partner, women tend to choose a penis shape much closer to the average than an erect penis length and girth than any that would be considered especially large.

Penis size matters to sexual partners - but not in the way most people think.

So, if women prefer a penile length and girth that's closer to average, why does penis shape and size matter? Well, far more than penis size, women are found to value confidence in a potential partner. Since the perception of having a small penis is an often-cited factor for men with anxiety-related issues (including low confidence) - then you can perhaps understand why your feelings about a thin penis are actually more damaging than actually having a slimmer-than-average size penis.

With this in mind, it's useful to think about ways that you can enhance what you've got, boost your confidence, and improve your sexual techniques - rather than finding yourself hung up on the numbers on measuring tape.

How can I increase the girth of my penis?

There are tried-and-tested ways to enhance the girth of your penis - including by using a penile traction device, through jelqing massage, the use of a penis pump, and through penile surgery.

Let's take a look at each, explaining what's involved, the results that a person can expect, and any possible side effects or adverse reactions.

Using a penis stretcher

Illustration of A Penis Extender

There are lots of otherwise very reputable sources of information online that will tell you that both penile lengthening and increasing girth are impossible - but this is not true. Numerous studies - including a recent 2023 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine - have discovered that penis stretchers do work for people looking to increase length and girth.

It's essential to talk to a medical professional before using a penis stretcher.

Also known as a penile traction device, a penis stretcher is designed to apply a continuous, gentle stretch to the penis, promoting tissue growth through cellular division, which can lead to increased length and girth over time.

As with all medical procedures, results will vary from person to person, and there are possible side effects, including bruising, pain, numbness, and skin irritation - as well as tissue damage from overuse. As such, it's essential to talk to a medical professional before using a penis stretcher.


"Jelqing" is the name given to a type of penis stretching intended to increase the length and girth of the penis. It involves repeatedly stroking and squeezing the semi-erect penis to push blood through its tissues and promote cell division within the muscles.

While scientific evidence that backs up the effectiveness of jelqing is limited, there is lots of anecdotal evidence to be found online from people who claim to have positive results. While not peer-reviewed science, many people have approached the method in a systematic, evidence-based way - and many claim positive outcomes in terms of length and girth.

"Jelqing" is the name given to a type of penis stretching intended to increase the length and girth of the penis. 

Similar to the use of a penile traction device, the results from jelqing will typically vary - and side effects could involve bruising, skin irritation, numbness, or tissue damage. Again, it's important to check in with a medical professional before you attempt any penile stretching.

Using penis pump

Penis pumps were primarily designed to help people with erectile dysfunction achieve erections - but many people noticed a temporary increase in length and girth after they had used their pumps. As such, many people now buy penis pumps purely for the increased size they offer - making them popular with people who feel they have skinny penises.

A penis pump should be used in conjunction with a constriction ring (also known as a cock ring) - to draw additional blood into the penis and then keep it there while you have sex or masturbate.

As well as potentially offering additional size, many users find that penis pumps also increase sensitivity, adding new sensations to sex.

Again, it's important to seek medical advice if you plan to use a penis pump - especially because they're not suitable for everyone. Certain conditions and medication types rule out the use of vacuum pumps for some people - and overuse could result in bruising, skin irritation, and discomfort.

Penile augmentation surgery

Penile augmentation surgery is a medical procedure aimed at increasing the length or girth of the penis. For men seeking penile girth enhancement, various surgical options are available, including fat grafting, dermal fillers, or silicone implants. These procedures involve injecting or implanting materials into the penis to increase its circumference permanently.

Penile implant surgery, another form of augmentation, is typically pursued by men with erectile dysfunction for whom other treatments have failed.

This surgery involves the insertion of a device that can be inflated or manipulated to achieve an erection. While primarily aimed at restoring function, some men report a slight increase in length or girth as a secondary outcome.

As with all surgical interventions, the results of penile augmentation can vary significantly between individuals, and there are risks involved. Complications can include infection, implant malfunction, and dissatisfaction with aesthetic outcomes. Given the potential for serious side effects, it's absolutely crucial to consult with a qualified urologist or plastic surgeon to discuss the benefits, risks, and realistic expectations before deciding on surgery.

8 tips to enjoy sex with a thinner-than-average penis

As you can see, while aiming to add girth to a thin penis is possible, it's not without some risks. As such, we've put together a series of tips that will help you and your partner enjoy sex without feeling like you have to enhance your penis in any way:

1. Consider therapy if you struggle with your girth

Remember, confidence and self-esteem are key to great, mutually enjoyable sex - and a wider relationship in general. Talking to someone professionally about your penis insecurities can help you get to grips with the issue in your head - helping to improve your confidence. Look for a therapist with experience in sex and sexual relationships - and don't be afraid to explain what your issue is and talk to them about how they could help before committing to sessions.

2. Don’t use a lot of lube

While lubrication is essential for comfort both during vaginal and anal sex, using a little less can increase natural friction, which may enhance sensation for both partners during intercourse. Experiment with the amount to find a balance that maintains comfort while maximizing pleasure.

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3. Use a cock ring

Cock rings can help by constricting blood flow, which may help enhance your erection and increase girth temporarily. A cock ring may also help in maintaining your erection longer, providing a chance for longer-lasting intercourse and potentially greater satisfaction for both you and your partner. To make sure you get the most benefit from a cock ring, it's important to make sure you use one that's the right size.

4. Improve your oral sex game

Regardless of penis girth, only 21-30% of women say they can orgasm through intercourse alone - whereas that figure is significantly higher when a partner performs oral sex. So, why not focus on improving your oral sex-giving skills? Like penetrative sex, everyone's oral sex tastes are different - so it's a good idea to talk to your partner about what gives them sexual satisfaction - and potentially try different oral sex positions to mix things up.

An illustration of a man and woman laying on top of each other.

5. Explore mutual masturbation

Although it's not reserved for guys with thin penises, mutual masturbation is a fantastic part of sex to explore if you don't feel penetration can fully satisfy your partner. Again, communication is key - especially because masturbation in front of a partner might feel awkward if you're used to solo self-love. Women are more likely to orgasm through clitoral stimulation compared to penetration alone - so using your hands can create an even more satisfying sexual experience, regardless of your penis size.

6. Get creative with foreplay

Great foreplay can be a game-changer in creating a healthy sex life, especially if you have a thinner-than-average penis. By focusing on extensive, enjoyable foreplay, you build up anticipation and intimacy before penetration. There are lots of foreplay ideas to try - including sensual kissing, sensual massages, sharing of erotic talk, and intimate touching to excite each other. When you prioritize foreplay, you increase the chance of your partner reaching an orgasm and place less importance on the act of penetration.

7. Try high-friction sex positions

If you feel like you have a thin penis, it's a good idea to experiment with positions that allow for tighter contact during penetration. Positions like the missionary with legs on shoulders or rear entry (doggy style) where the receiving partner's legs are together can create more friction during penetration, enhancing sensation for you and your partner.

An illustration of a man and a woman having sex.

8. Experiment with sex toys

Like mutual masturbation, the best sex toys can add a totally different dimension to your play. If your partner likes the feeling of large or thick penises, why not consider a toy that satisfies these desires - it could be a huge turn-on for you both. You may even decide to explore penis sleeves (which add to your dimensions) or toys that you could penetrate your partner with at the same time as using your penis.

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Summary: Tips and solutions if you have a thin penis

Thanks to unrealistic expectations, many men are worried about having a thin penis - only to be surprised that their manhood is actually average or very close to average size.

As such, it's a good idea to accurately measure your penis girth before you find yourself unduly concerned about a normal-sized penis.

Of course, there are things you can do to increase your penis size or just improve the sex you have. Penile stretching devices and techniques are popular - with some showing scientifically proven results. Enhancing your sex life outside of penetration is a great idea for people worried about having a thin penis too - with different techniques, positions, types of foreplay, and even toys all potentially adding to satisfaction levels, regardless of size.

Ultimately though, men worry about penis size far more than their partners do - with confidence typically being more of a turn-on for a sexual partner than a thick penis. If you're concerned - talk to your partner - you might be surprised at how unimportant they consider your girth. However, if you struggle with self-esteem and confidence because of a thin penis, it's a good idea to talk to a doctor or counselor about your concerns - both are likely to have ideas about how you can feel more positive moving forward.

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