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16 Different Types of Penises (With Illustrations and Tips)

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16 Different Types of Penises (With Illustrations and Tips)

No two people are the same, and that goes for their genitals, too. Whatever gender, genitalia are as individual as we are, and today, we're taking a look at the many ways penis shape and size can differ.

Before we kick off our exploration into the various penis shapes, we'd like to draw your attention to the phrase, "It's not the size, but what you do with it that counts." Yes, size can make a difference, but a large penis isn't always a good thing.

However big or small your (or your partner's) penis is, they're all capable of providing fulfilling sex and satisfaction—all it 

Features of the Penis
Diagram of the Features of the Penis

1. Grower

All penises look and function in their own unique way. During arousal, as the penis hardens, they typically grow in length and girth. The 'grower,' according to the description in the study Grower or Shower? from the International Journal of Impotence Research, states:

a “grower” is a man whose phallus expands significantly in length from the flaccid to the erect state.

Of the 274 men in the study—26% were considered growers with a 4cm growth from flaccid to erect.

Dating a grower is great news for those who like a larger-than-average length and girth penis and enjoy feeling fuller during vaginal or anal sex.

Sex tips for a grower

Unless it grows to a size far greater than the average erect penis, there's no need for any special treatment for growers. If it does grow a little larger than expected, you might want to wait until it's fully erect before insertion. Apart from that, you can enjoy all the sex styles and positions you'd like to try.

2. Shower

The shower (or show-er) is the opposite of the grower, as a shower's penis barely changes in size and shape when erect. Having a larger flaccid penis might be confidence-boosting for those enjoying a bigger bulge in tight trousers, underwear, or swimming trunks, but when it comes to sex, their typically erect penis size won't create problems for either partner.

Sex tips for a shower

If the shower's erection conforms to what's considered a standard size, there's nothing to stop you from enjoying sex in all positions and variations.

3. Smaller than average in length and girth

Unfortunately, because of how society judges penis size and how it's represented in pornography, many owners think they have smaller-than-average penises. In truth, very few people have what's medically considered a small penis (a congenital micropenis).

According to the largest study carried out on the condition, micropenis is "a medical diagnosis based on the correct measurement of length. For people with medically normal internal and external male genitalia, it's defined as a penis which is 2.5 standard deviations below the 'average stretched length' for their age and level of sexual development."

If you think your penis might be slightly smaller than the average length, there's nothing to worry about.

There are plenty of ways to have the exciting and satisfying sex you hanker for.

Sex tips for a smaller-than-average length and girth penis

Many positions lend themselves to sex with a shorter-than-average-penile length. Doggy style (or any rear entry option), for example, or, in the Missionary Position, placing a pillow under your partner's butt or lifting their legs over your shoulders allows for deeper thrusting. In other positions, Spooning, for example, allows for tighter clamping around the penis to maximize contact with the anal or vaginal walls.

Given that many women and vagina owners require clitoral stimulation to climax—have your pelvic bone press directly against your partner's clitoris during penetration and sex. Alternatively, use your hands and fingers to stimulate it during any other of your preferred positions.

4. Shorter than average in length with a thick girth

Our next penis type also has a shorter-than-average length, but this time, with a thick girth.

Sex tips for thick girth penises

Take it slow, and use plenty of lube to ensure a safe and smooth entry. With so many nerves around the anus and vaginal entrance, there's plenty of opportunity to stimulate both with a 'fatter' penis shape.

Doggy Style lends itself well to the shorter penis length for deeper penetration, and again, to reach your partner's G or P-spot, Doggy Style or Missionary with the receiver's legs raised high allows for the deeper penetration you need.

5. Average length and girth

What exactly does the average penis look like, and what is the average penis size? As we said, every penis is unique, but according to this and several similar studies...

...the average length of an erect penis is between 5.1 and 5.5 inches (12.95-13.97 cm), but after taking volunteer bias into account, it is probably toward the lower end of this range. -- Average-Size Erect Penis: Fiction, Fact, and the Need for Counseling

Having sex with the average erect penis

With nothing to hold you back, you can explore and practice any sex position you like.

6. Larger than average length with a thick girth

While society seems to think a large penis is preferential, it's not always the case.

In this study, it was found that many women enjoyed a large penis during one-night stands and single interactions, but an average length and girth were preferable for sex in long-term relationships.

Women preferred a penis of slightly larger circumference and length for one-time versus long-term sexual partners. -- Women's Preferences for Penis Size from the PLOS ONE journal

Tips for sex with a big penis

To make the most of penetrative sex with a big penis, it's sensible to take a little extra care. Take your time, and use plenty of lube to ensure a pain-free entry and performance, slowly building pace and pressure.

You may also prefer positions where the receiver controls the depth and speed to ensure comfort, for example, those where the receiver is on top.

Spooning is another good option, as the extra padding provided by the buttocks limits penetration by the entire length. The receiver can reduce it even more by clenching their legs together.

7. Larger than average length with a thin girth

Those with a long penis will have little trouble reaching their partner's G spot or P spot, but a thin girth might leave their lover hoping for a little more contact with the vaginal walls or anus.

Tips for sex with a long, thin penis shape

For sex with long, thin penises, explore any positions where the receiver can squeeze their legs together to control how much of their partner's length they take.

Positions where the receiver lifts their legs and tucks their knees together allow them to tighten their vagina (or anus), and with their feet placed against their partner's chest, they can limit how much penetration they allow.

8. Circumcised penises

A circumcised penis has had the skin that covers the penis head removed. Male circumcision is often carried out for cultural or spiritual reasons while the owner is an infant, yet also for medical reasons in some situations. Whether you or your partner have had your foreskin removed or not makes no difference to the pleasure experienced when having sex.

Tips for having sex with a circumcised penis

With the majority of American males being circumcised, you can enjoy sex in all the conventional ways; the only consideration may be to keep a little lube nearby for those lengthy sessions, keeping everything slippery and sensitive.

9. Uncircumcised penises

Diversely, uncircumcised men and penis owners retain their foreskin—the skin covering the penis head. While the foreskin can provide an extra hiding place for bacteria or build-up, this isn't a problem for those with good hygiene practices. How much skin covers the penis head will vary from penis to penis.

Tips for having sex with an uncircumcised penis

For those with uncircumcised penises, the penis head may be more sensitive when uncovered, so adding lube may help reduce the friction that enhances sensation. Also, show care when rolling back the foreskin, as for some penis owners, it can become tight as the penis becomes erect. Communication—as always—is key, so ask your partner what feels good and how they like to be handled in the bedroom.

10. Veiny penises

Some penises are covered with smooth skin, and others are veiny. This isn't anything unusual and has minimal impact (if any) on sex and penetration. Accentuated veins result from genetics and muscle, as the veins that stand out are closer to the skin and not necessarily any bigger than those that don't show.

Tips for having sex with a veiny penis

While texture can provide added sensation within the nerves around the vagina entrance or anus, a veiny penis is unlikely to affect sensation. However, if the receiving partner is sensitive enough to feel the difference, those couples can explore different sensations using ribbed and textured condoms or thicker, smoother, slippier ones for those who prefer the feel of a smooth penis.

11. The straight penis

Despite coming in all shapes and sizes, it's considered that a straight penis is a normal penis. As we've already debunked, that's simply not true. There are curved and straight penises of every size, girth, and color; however, with a straight penis, what you don't have to be concerned with is adapting your sex style and tastes to accommodate something more unusual.

Having sex with straight penises

There are no special rules for straight penises, so enjoy the exploration of everything that's on offer!

12. The curved upward penis shape

Whether or not they bend or curve slightly when flaccid, for some, their penis curves when it becomes erect. A slightly curved penis shape is quite natural, whereas a more pronounced curvature can be a symptom of Peyronie's disease, caused by sustained trauma to an erect penis over time. If the curve of your penis concerns you, your doctor or medical practitioner can check there's nothing untoward going on to help put your mind at rest.

While a slightly curved penis will have little effect on sex, more prominent curves have their pros and cons.

Having an upward curve to your penis can be a great advantage, with the female G spot being situated towards the front of the vaginal wall. Also, an upward curving penis can provide better contact with the male P spot during anal in the Missionary position, as the prostate is sat towards the front of the rectum at the base of the penis.

Tips for sex with upward-curved penises

To hone in on those G and P spots, the receiver may benefit from straddling their partners and going on top; try the Cowgirl position to see if it helps provide direct contact with those super sensitive areas.

13. The curved downward penis shape

For a downward-curved penis, it's the opposite. When erect, the penis is curved downward, pointing to the floor.

Tips for sex with downward-curved penises

Given the curve is pointing the penis away from the G spot during Missionary or face-to-face positions this time, experiment with alternatives that flip your partner around. Doggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl, and Spooning all allow better direct contact with the G and P spots.

14. C-shaped

On the subject of curved penis shapes, C-shaped penises curve noticeably to the left or right. Where a penis bends slightly, it won't necessarily impact sex, but a more severe curvature might.

Tips for sex with a C-shaped penis

In the same way that you can explore directing your curved upward or downward penis towards the receiving partner's G or P spots, you can do the same with your sideways curving penises.

Experimenting with positions where partners lie at angles to each other—like the Spork, shown in our Best Romantic Sex Positions article—allows for alternative angles of penetration that make the most of your sideways curving penis shapes.

15. Wider base with a narrow head

This penis shape is occasionally described as cone or carrot-shaped. With a wide base and narrow head, the penis gets thinner the closer you get to the tip of the penis.

Sex tips for those with a wide-based, narrow-head penis shape

With a slimmer penis head, penetration becomes easier, especially for those enjoying anal. It's no coincidence that most butt plugs follow a similar shape with a wide body narrowing to the tip.

They're easier to slip in and wide enough to feel—just like this penis shape.

As the remainder of the penis enters, the wider base provides the fuller feeling and friction the receiver enjoys. Again, a little lube provides comfort for those receiving a particularly wide penis base.

16. Narrow base with a bigger head

Flip the previous two attributes on their head, and you get a penis that's narrow at the base with a large, pronounced head. This penis shape is sometimes called the mushroom or the hammer, given its large head sat on a thin shaft.

Sex tips for those with narrow-based, large-head penis shape

As the opposite of our previous type, this penis might be trickier for the initial penetration, but once inside, its larger-sized head provides plenty of friction and fulfillment. Once more, lube is your friend, as are positions that allow for a wide-open vagina or anus.

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Whatever you or your partner is packing, different types of penises shouldn't limit the pleasure experienced during sexual intercourse. There are plenty of great sex positions for all types of penises; you just have to be creative in the way you explore what works for you and your partner.

Whatever you or your partner is packing, different types of penises shouldn't limit the pleasure experienced during sexual intercourse. 

Remember, there are a multitude of ways to enjoy sex and achieve climax and satisfaction, with tools, toys, and sex aids of every description to combat issues in the bedroom. If you're struggling with penetration, focus on oral sex, mutual masturbation, or prolonged foreplay; they're all great alternatives for those who want to reach orgasm in different ways.

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