6 Best Oral Sex Positions (With Illustrations and Tips)

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6 Best Oral Sex Positions (With Illustrations and Tips)

Variety, they say, is the spice of life, and for those who want to keep their sex lives as exciting and heady as those early days spent exploring every inch of each other, oral sex brings a closeness to partnered play that's hard to beat. For many, oral sex is one of the most sensual and erotic experiences we can share with a lover and one of the greatest ways to make them the sole focus of our sexual attention.

Considered taboo amongst some cultures and beliefs, oral sex has achieved a greater acceptance in recent years due to its portrayal in popular culture and through the rise of digital media. Perhaps this is why, as shown in this study into Oral Sex from Social and Health Perspectives, older generations are less likely to have engaged in the act than younger and middle-aged adults. That said, plenty still enjoy the closeness and excitement it brings, with benefits for every age group.

Oral sex introduces a unique intimacy we can all benefit from.

These two studies showed higher relationship quality for partners engaging in oral sex: Oral Sex for Older Lovers: Implications on Relationship Quality and Mental Health, and A National Dyadic Study of Oral Sex, Relationship Quality, and Well-Being among Older Couples.

As for younger generations, it's become an act to deliver new pleasures, reciprocal, fairer sex, and female empowerment. Sadly, there's still a bias towards male pleasure, as shown in this study, Oral Sex, Young People, and Gendered Narratives of Reciprocity. However, our suggestions of what makes the best oral sex positions apply to all genders and sexualities; let's use them to combat those outdated constructs and provide equality through mind-blowing oral sex for every partner's body!

Why should we be having more oral sex?

Oral sex improves relationship quality between practicing partners, with many women more likely to achieve orgasm this way.

  1. Many women can't climax through penetrative sex alone.
  2. It eliminates pregnancy risk.
  3. To experience the health benefits.
  4. It's incredibly erotic and intimate.
  5. It allows for full focus on one partner.
  6. It breaks the monotony of routine sex life.
  7. It feels amazing.

      Our list may be fairly obvious to most readers, but did you know oral sex can stimulate an immune response against endometritis, fighting genital tract infections in women? We've said it before and we'll say it again—oral sex is good for you in so many ways.

      1. Receiver on a chair, Giver on the floor

      Illustration of the  Receiver on a chair, giver on the floor Oral Sex Position

      To develop your repertoire from the classic laid flat with your partner's head in your groin position, the sitting oral sex position allows both partners comfort and access to everything they need.

      The receiving partner sits on a chair, the edge of the bed, a worktop, a desk, or wherever else the mood or situation takes them, with the giving partner kneeling in front of them. With legs spread, it provides the optimum erotic view for both.

      What makes this position great?

      This is a great oral sex position for penis or clitoral stimulation, and with everyone's hands being free to add to the fun, there are opportunities to play with or tug the receiver's testicles, fingering, rubbing, and additional stimulation.

      Taking sitting oral sex to the next level

      It's the perfect position for domination, whether barking out commands, hair-pulling, or directing the other person's head; it's a great oral sex position for those who like to take control. It's also an ideal opportunity to bring a few sex toys into play.

      2. Receiver Standing Up

      Illustration of the  Receiver standing up Oral Sex Position

      Another great position that lends itself to domination and power dynamics. The receiving partner stands up, legs slightly apart, perhaps leaning against a wall, with their pelvis and genitals pushed towards their kneeling partner's face.

      What makes this position great?

      It's a great position for penis or vagina owners and an accessible and easy option for impromptu adventures in almost any location.

      Taking standing oral sex to the next level

      Who says you can't orally pleasure each other in the kitchen, office, hallway, at a party, outside in the great outdoors, or anywhere else?

      Standing oral sex is an enormous turn-on and the perfect position to show how much you're enjoying yourself. Let your partner know how much by letting out a few encouraging moans or telling them what you want them to do next while you gently push back against your partner's mouth.

      3. 69

      Illustration of the 69 Oral Sex Position

      Unlike many oral sex options, the 69 is one of a small selection where the administration of pleasure is a two-way street. One partner lies on their back with the other on all fours above them, facing opposite directions.

      With both the top and bottom partner's mouth in line with each other's genitals, it's the ultimate dual pleasure oral sex position.

      What makes this position great?

      It doesn't matter about gender or sexuality, however, if you like your sex, you're likely to find this act of dual pleasure incredibly erotic. It's a classic position for good reason—it delivers mutual intimacy, gratification, sensation, and carnal pleasure.

      Taking 69 oral sex to the next level

      For greater access, the bottom partner can lift their legs and hold their ankles, as shown in our illustration. However, while giving and receiving oral stimulation can become overwhelming for some, using sex toys as the cavalry to give yourself a break can keep the action intense while resting your tongue. Similarly, using your hands and fingers can spare your mouth until you're ready to go full speed again.

      4. Receiver Upside Down

      Illustration of the  Receiver upside down Oral Sex Position

      Not one for the faint-hearted; any sex position with 'upside-down' in its title will always be next-level. It's exclusively for those with the strength and fitness to pull it off and definitely not for those with back and neck complaints. Also known as the standing or kneeling 69, this acrobatic oral sex position is a great option for your kinky photo albums.

      You'll have to experiment to find your preferred way into the position; one option has the lifting partner kneeling behind the other, who has their hands in front of them on the floor. Then, lifting their partner's legs up to their shoulders, they wrap their arms around their waist and lift them into place. Alternatively, you can get into position on the edge of the bed or on a sofa before standing.

      What makes this position great?

      Sexual gratification is low on the list for standing upside-down oral sex. The main payoffs are the great sense of sexual adventure, fun, and bragging rights at the gym! Oh, and it looks incredible in a mirror.

      It's unlikely either partner will be in position long enough to reach climax. Furthermore, men will find it hard to maintain an erection during such a strenuous performance, and women generally need to feel relaxed and safe to orgasm—it will take a lot of trust in their partner's strength to feel that safe in this position.

      Taking upside-down receiver to the next level

      Any upside-down oral sex is next level! If you want to enjoy the sensations without the risks, try upside-down sex sat down, with your partner hung over the back of the sofa, or with one of you in a handstand and the other on your knees.

      5. Doggy Style

      Illustration of the  Doggy style Oral Sex Position

      With the receiving partner on all fours, the giver kneels behind them, taking up the ultimate ass-eating position.

      What makes this position great?

      Regular doggy-style sex delivers all kinds of options for all genders and sexualities—it allows deep driving penetration for penises and strap-ons, for vaginal or anal sex, with a great view and free hands for stroking, teasing, slapping, and groping.

      Doggy-style oral sex is just as giving. With both partners on all fours, there's access to vaginal and anal mouth contact. While this isn't an ideal blowjob position, it does deliver a great wraparound hand-job option.

      Taking doggy style to the next level

      To enhance oral sex pleasure, you can add a sex toy to any position. To achieve doggy-style master status, why not insert a vibrating butt plug as you go down on them? With vibrating and licking sensations inside and out, you're doubling the sensations your partner will experience.

      6. Sideways 69

      Illustration of the  Sideways 69 Oral Sex Position
      For those who want a more relaxing mutual pleasure oral sex position, take the traditional oral 69 and lay it on its side. To get into place, lay down top to toe, facing each other's genitals, resting your head on your partner's inner thigh, and lifting your other leg or placing it around your partner's neck.

      What makes this position great?

      It's got all the benefits of mutual oral sex without the intimidation or one partner having to take the lead top role. It also means you don't have to switch positions when the top partner starts to get stiff knees or becomes uncomfortable.

      It's a worthy oral sex position for older lovers whose knees might not be as limber as they once were. Do you get back or neck pain from being on all fours for too long? You can say goodbye to those with Sideways 69. Once you've picked a suitably snug place to enjoy the act—typically a bed, but who's to say it's not just as relaxing at a secluded picnic or al fresco getaway—it's a perfectly comfortable oral sex position for both.

      Taking Sideways 69 to the next level

      If you like your sex a little rougher, with that carefully placed leg around your partner's neck, you can use it to pull them in when the heat rises or clamp them in place as you climax.

      Tips for Unforgettable Oral Sex

      1. Get there slowly

      For many, oral sex is part of their foreplay. And that's great, as it's a surefire way to raise the heat and prepare yourselves for penetrative sex. However, taking oral sex to climax as an experience in its own right opens lovers to new sensations. Why not switch things around and use other methods of foreplay as the lead-in to your favorite oral sex positions? Take your time, savor each moment, and enjoy the journey as well as the outcome.

      2. Pace yourself

      Taking your time to enjoy it all means holding something back for your extended journey. Remember, sex isn't just about orgasm; it's about enjoying every aspect from start to finish: the heightened anticipation, the tastes, the sights, the increased intimacy that brings you closer together, and, of course, the high-powered and highly-charged climax you'll get at the finale.

      3. Introduce edible lube

      Don't be fooled into thinking lube has no place in your oral adventures. With slippery enough fingers, it can feel like two tongues going to work on their genitals instead of only one. For those who might need a little help creating enough natural lubrication for dual stimulation or for those who might prefer to add a more pleasant flavor to their partner's genitals, edible lube—in all kinds of flavors—is perfect.

      4. Consider sex toys

      The best oral sex positions allow plenty of room for innovation. Can you have too much of a good thing? We don't think so, so why not add a vibrator, butt plug, or penis ring to the mix? If you're craving the sensations of oral sex but without a current partner, there are clitoral stimulation and suction toys designed to deliver the same sensations, or if you've got a penis, grab yourself a Fleshlight, masturbator, or hydro penis pump with a massage function.

      For those focusing on comfort, a sex pillow can help with that, and to kick things off as you mean to go on, edible underwear could be just the thing!

      5. Talk about what you like and communicate it during the experience

      Whatever the best sex positions are for you and your partner, you'll get more out of them if you've discussed each other's expectations, turn-offs, limits, and, of course, what your biggest turn-ons include. Talking about what you like before, during, and after your sessions will help deliver the best oral sex for you both.

      6. Explore other body parts

      Oral sex may revolve around what your mouth and tongue are doing, but our bodies are packed with erogenous zones and sensitive nerve endings you can use to heighten the experience. Nibbling and chewing nipples, necks, and inner thighs provides a serious tease before moving on to the receiver's clitoris or penis, creating masses of anticipation and arousal.

      7. Do some research and mix up your technique

      Your new exploratory oral sex positions are only one-half of the experience; your technique is the other. Do some online research if you want to surprise your partner with a few new tongue-based tricks. Alternatively, you can ask them what hits the spot for them and what kind of controlled movements deliver the greatest sensations. Ask them to show you where and how they want you to work their body to get the best results.

      8. Stay Safe: oral sex transmits STIs just like any other type of sex

      Unfortunately, many teenagers and young adults remained poorly educated about the risks of sexual contact, leading to worrying health implications. Most engage in oral sex to avoid pregnancy or because it doesn't have the same commitment or relationship value as penetrative sex (40–47% of young people in the USA, according to this study, Framing and Understanding the Whole Aspect of Oral Sex from Social and Health Perspectives). However, they also believe it holds fewer disease transmission risks, resulting in them taking fewer precautions to prevent infection.

      Unfortunately, many teenagers and young adults remained poorly educated about the risks of sexual contact, leading to worrying health implications.

      To stay safe, those with multiple partners can take precautionary measures, including condoms for penis-based oral sex, dental dams during cunnilingus, thorough washing, appropriate personal hygiene, and regular testing to ensure a clean bill of sexual health.

      Discover insights for a healthier and more satisfying intimate life!

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      Communication, as with all sex, is key, and keeping each other safe should always be paramount. So, whether you're face-sitting, figuring out your best blowjob position, or having a pelvis pushed into your face, there's much to be explored and enjoyed via the almost endless options of oral sex positions.

      Communication, as with all sex, is key, and keeping each other safe should always be paramount.

      With the benefits it can bring to your love life, relationship, or sexual experimentation, it pays to spend a little time getting to know your partner's mouth a little better and exploring their most sensitive parts with yours.

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