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9 Best Standing Sex Positions (with Illustrations + Tips)

9 min read
9 Best Standing Sex Positions (with Illustrations + Tips)

While sex between the sheets is possibly the most comfortable, conventional, and perhaps even intimate, there are plenty of reasons to explore standing sex positions that take us out of the bedroom.

  • Introducing novelty to sex to reduce boredom
  • Improve and explore how to achieve orgasms
  • Adds variation and excitement to a repetitive sex life
  • Leaving the bed and bedroom increases the chance of getting caught
  • For the most spontaneous sex—when you can't wait to get home

When it comes to sex, novelty (doing things differently) can keep it interesting. It prevents the loss of intimacy that can cause couples to drift apart, as discussed in this investigation by the Department of Psychology at Southwestern University and published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

In sum, boredom within long-term relationships predicts dissatisfaction.
Fortunately, a large body of research suggests that sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction can potentially be increased by engaging in arousing, novel behaviors.

Standing positions are practically a necessity for anyone having sex in public spaces, particularly men who have sex with men within the culture of cruising, which make up a large percentage of those who have sex in such locations.

Most public sex environment (PSE) users were gay or bisexually identified and half of men in the gay community reported recent PSE use.  So whether you're looking to spice up your love life or raise your game while having sex outdoors, here are our favorite standing sex positions for your inspiration.

1. Partner at the edge of the bed

Partner at the edge of the bed_Standing Position

How? The receiving partner lays on the bed with their hips hovering at the edge, while the giving partner penetrates and performs while standing.

Why? This standing sex position allows the giver more control over depth and pace. It provides a great opportunity for deep penetration, wild thrusting, and passionate sex. It's also very accomodating for couples with significant height differences.

Taking 'edge of the bed' sex to the next level

Instead of performing penetrative sex from a conventional straight-on standing position, the receiving partner can rotate or lie on their side, allowing the giving partner to enter them at a 90º angle. This changes how and where the penis touches inside the anus or vagina, hitting the prostate or G-spot at new angles. With the receiving partner laid on their side, it's also one of the most comfortable positions for pregnant women.

2. Ballet Dancer

Ballet Dancer_Standing Position

How? Partners face each other, and the receiving partner stands on one leg, wrapping the other around the giver.

Why? This standing sex position gives the receiving partner control of the pace and penetration, using their leg to pull their partner into them. It's also a great position for kissing and making out.

Taking 'ballet dancer' sex to the next level

With a little extra support, the receiving partner can lift their other leg so both are wrapped around their partner's waist; this is sometimes called the Upstanding Citizen. Whether you stay standing where you are or move towards a desk, a countertop, a washing machine, a picnic bench, or anything else, this is a great transition position, moving to the next one on your bucket list.

3. Standing Wheelbarrow

Standing wheelbarrow_Standing Position

How? This is the first variant of our standing doggy-style sex positions. The receiving partner starts in a position akin to the Downward Dog in Yoga; the giver stands between their legs and lifts them up so their hips are level, allowing penetration.

Why? Most doggy-style variants allow for deep penetration, strong thrusting, and a steeper entrance angle. With the receiving partner's groin held so close to their partner's lap, it allows greater access to the G-spot or prostate—and from different angles—than front-facing sex positions.

Taking 'standing wheelbarrow' sex to the next level

For stronger participants, the receiver can cross their feet behind their partner's back, allowing them to be lifted completely off the ground. This gives the opportunity to transition into more positions, for example, where the receiving partner is fully upright with their back against the giver's chest or may place their hands on a counter or wall to support their bodyweight with their head at a higher level.

4. Holding your partner against the wall

Holding your partner against the wall_Standing Position

You'll have seen this popular standing position in many movies, possibly because of its practical and passionate application. One partner stands back against the wall with their arms around the other partner's neck. The giving partner lifts the other's legs, supporting them by lifting and half-pinning them against the wall.

Why? It's probably the most spur-of-the-moment, passionate sex position. You're face-to-face, deep into your make-out session, and with pants getting pulled down, it's the quickest way in.

It's passionate and allows for heavy thrusting and deep and alternative angled penetration.

With its simplicity and easy access, it's ideal for those having sex outside, and if you think going al fresco is for a limited few, think again.

When surveying 2,000 Americans, 76% said they've had sex outside. The most popular locations are cars, backyards, beaches, hiking trails and highway rest stops. 58% of participants said having outdoors sex made them happier in their relationship. 69% indicated that they have had sex in a risky place where they could be caught and about 23% said they were actually caught in the act; most of them indicated that this adventurous experience made them closer to their partner. 

Taking 'against the wall' sex to the next level

Still supporting their partner, the giver can carry them away from the wall to perform freestanding sex with their legs tightly wrapped around their waist. It can transition into many alternative standing sex positions or towards a counter, door frame, or anywhere else your sexual creativity may take you.

5. Partner on top of the couch

Partner on top of the couch_Standing Position

The receiving partner kneels on the couch seat facing away from their partner, who penetrates them from behind, standing upright.

Why? The extra height allows a taller partner easy entry, and by bending over the sofa back, the receiving partner is both comfortable and in the ideal position for deeper penetration during vaginal or anal sex.

Taking 'top of the couch' sex to the next level

With your partner comfortably kneeling against the back of the couch, you can transition into any oral or rimming sex position from behind. While rimming may not be for everyone, this position works as well as any; with their legs spread, it allows unrestricted access to the receiving partner's butt.

6. Partner on top of the table

Partner on top of the table_Standing Position

 Despite the description, this position isn't solely for tables but for any flat surface around hip height. The receiving partner lays on their back with their feet against or hanging over the table's edge while the standing partner enters them face-to-face.

Why? Again, this is another standing sex position that allows for deeper penetration and strong thrusting.

Taking 'top of the table' sex to the next level

If you want to get even deeper, lift your partner's legs against your chest so their feet are resting on the fronts of your shoulders. This is a great standing sex position for slow and sensual deep thrusting and grinding.

7. Partner on the sink – from behind

Partner on the sink, from behind_Standing Position

This is another of our doggy-style, standing-sex positions. This time, both partners face the same direction, with the receiving partner propping themselves up against a bathroom sink.

Why? It's simple, accessible, quick to get into, and great for both vaginal and anal sex. It also delivers the best views of your performance, as we'll discuss next.

Taking 'over the sink' sex to the next level

Most vanity units and sinks have a mirror above them. Watching each other while you grind, push, and thrust to climax is one of the hottest ways to enjoy sex standing so close together. It's also a great standing doggy position for slapping butts, squeezing breasts, and biting necks.

8. Both standing – partner slightly bent

Both standing, partner slightly bent_Standing Position

This is a rear entry sex position with one partner leaning against a wall using their arms for support while the other partner penetrates from behind, using the slight bend to gain easy access.

Why? It's a simple position to get into in the heat of the moment. The giver has their hands free to stroke, grope, slap, and administer pleasure any way they like.

Taking 'both standing' sex to the next level

While in a perfect position for kissing and sucking necks, the giver can also push their partner up against the wall, as many people find that kind of constriction incredibly hot. Using your knees and hips to push your partner's body closer to the wall can create a feeling of being forced, a popular fantasy for many women.

Attitudinal and experiential correlates of sexual fantasies involving force or coercion against the fantasizer were studied in 137 college women. Results revealed that (i) virtually every woman reported engaging in sexual fantasy on a regular basis, (ii) more than half the subjects reported having engaged in a force fantasy, (iii) those reporting force fantasies scored as less sexually guilty and more erotophilic than those not reporting such fantasies. 

9. Standing oral sex

Standing oral sex_Standing Position

The receiving partner stands while the giving partner kneels in front of them. It's a great, easy starter for those new to exploring standing sex positions. To make things even easier, do it leaning up against a wall or other solid object.

Why? Because oral sex is great however you do it. Receiving oral while standing is comfortable, controllable, and as sexy to watch as any position.

Taking 'standing oral sex' to the next level

Standing 69 takes strength and balance, yet it's one of the most theatrical oral sex positions to include on your bucket list. Standing 69 is how it sounds—simultaneously performing oral on each other while standing. How you get into the position is up to you: perhaps from sitting on the side of the bed or from the standing wheelbarrow position with a quick lift.

Our best 6 tips for standing sex

1. Be creative with your environment

Whether it's chairs, doorframes, car bonnets, or washing machines, being creative with what's on offer in your sex space opens up all kinds of avenues for fun and frantic sex. Tight spaces, such as closets and bathrooms (think: mile-high club), are ideal for up-close and personal sex positions, where picnic and park benches allow couples to explore exhibitionism and the risk of getting caught.

2. Change positions

As with sexplay in the bedroom, transitioning through different positions adds excitement and new sensations. The same goes for standing sex positions.

To help your partner maximize their pleasure, discuss the positions that are most likely to help them climax, as men and women appear more likely to climax through different means, as this study showed.

Switching positions throughout your play will help both partners explore and reap the benefits of something different.

Our findings suggest that there are no gender differences in the frequency of use of sexual positions, but their rated pleasurability differs between men and women, and higher frequency of use of face-to-face positions with female above increases the likelihood of achieving coital orgasm during penilfe-vaginal intercourse. 

Switching positions throughout your play will help both partners explore and reap the benefits of something different.

3. Keep an eye on your balance

It goes without saying, but maintaining balance with fewer limbs holding you up, or in Twister-type positions, could become tricky—especially in super slippery locations such as the shower.

While we want you to maximize your fun and pleasure, we don't want any embarrassing trips to the ER.

However, if you do take an odd tumble, and everyone's okay, don't be put off by it. Sex is supposed to be fun, so enjoy the moment, laugh it off, and get back to bumping your hips and knees wherever you end up!

4. Use lube, props, and toys

Props can include simple items like costumes, whips, cuffs, and ties, through to more elaborate additions such as harnesses and sex swings.

For those exploring standing positions in the great outdoors, entertaining 'quickie sex' to spice things up, using lube or applying it ahead of your destination ensures you're ready to go at the drop of a hat—or your pants.

5. Make sure you’re both comfortable

This tip applies to emotional and physical comfort. If you're struggling to maintain your balance or stretching so hard you can't enjoy yourself, stop right there and find a position where you can.

If you feel any positions or locations your partner wants to try to go against your boundaries, or you're not quite ready for them yet, tell them.

Clear and open communication creates the best sex and intimacy and is responsible for how uninhibited and free we can be with our partners.

6. Have fun with it

Exploring new positions and sexplay away from the bedroom should be exciting and fun for both partners. If it isn't, find something that is, and remember that pleasure comes first. How you experience pleasure, however, is entirely personal, so talking about the things you'd like to try before you try them is a surefire way to bring you and your partner closer together.


We hope you've taken inspiration from our suggested standing positions and are eager to see what they can add to your sex play. Standing sex positions are perfect for adding spice to sex lives that have become a little predictable and vanilla. By introducing new ways to explore your passion in different locations, with different angles of penetration, you can uncover entirely new emotional and physical sensations.

Standing sex positions are perfect for adding spice to sex lives that have become a little predictable and vanilla.

There's a standing sex position for every tight space, closet, bench, park, or picnic table. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your partner and put those hips to work.

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