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Best Sex Positions for Men with ED (With Illustrations + Tips)

8 min read
Best Sex Positions for Men with ED (With Illustrations + Tips)

There's plenty of discussion about how those who experience ED can improve their chances of fulfilling and satisfying sex for both partners. We've covered the topic in great detail throughout our blog pages, so you should already be well aware of the many toys and tools that enhance the flow of blood to the penis, constrict it to the blood vessels where it's most needed, and the medications that can help in more severe cases.

For milder or less frequently occurring cases, there are areas we can consider that help to provide the best chances of successful penetrative sex.

  • Strong blood flow
  • Adequate penile nerve stimulation
  • Strong pelvic floor muscles

So, when it comes to picking sex positions that take the pressure away from major muscle groups and improve blood flow to the penis (this research study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine outlines how maximizing inflow and minimizing outflow affects erection quality), there are options that lend themselves to the situation better and worse than others.

Take the missionary position, for example; it takes a lot of energy and major muscle groups to hold yourself over your partner's body, using up valuable blood flow that could be better used in maintaining a firm erection.

And, as much of ED is often as psychological as physical, there are positions and activities that increase desire, sexual excitement, and stimulation. These positions also result in stronger erections.

Practice makes perfect

While exploring different sexual positions might not help with the more advanced cases of erectile dysfunction, for mild cases, this study in The Journal of American Medicine showed how regular sexual intercourse helps to fight off the onset of ED. It concluded that regular intercourse protected against the development of ED among men between 55 and 75 years old while also impacting their general health and quality of life.

It's a good argument for the old adage, use it or lose it.

So, with that in mind, let's get to our selection of those less physically demanding sex positions considered to help with erectile function.

1. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl Sex Positions for Men with ED Illustration

As our illustration shows, the reverse cowgirl position has the man sitting in a relaxed position, or often laid flat on his back, while the woman straddles the pelvis, facing away from him.

What makes this position good for erectile dysfunction?

  • Reverse cowgirl allows the man to maintain a relaxed body, hopefully optimizing the blood flow to the penis.

  • It offers a high level of visual stimulation, allowing the male an excellent view of penetration when laid horizontally.

  • This position allows for deep penetration, and where the woman relies on grinding against his pelvis for stimulation, there's less chance of a semi-erect penis slipping out of the vagina.

      2. Downward Doggy

      Downward Doggy Sex Positions for Men with ED Illustration

      With both partners on their knees, the man penetrates the woman from behind. The woman can rest on her chest, elbows, or hands, whichever feels most comfortable, but her genitals must maintain a suitable height for his upright penetration. If kneeling is uncomfortable, she might lay flat on the edge of the bed while her partner kneels on the floor, assuming it's the correct height for entry.

      Downward doggy allows the woman to control the tightness of fit by closing her legs on her partner's penis.

      Both partners will feel more friction from a tighter grip on a semi-hard erection, bringing more stimulation and pleasure to both.

      What makes this position good for erectile dysfunction?

      • Doggy style is the best sex position for control. It gives the man (or penis owner) total command of speed and depth. In this sex position, he controls the movement and pace of their sex, allowing him to change it as and when he feels he needs to, to maintain his best erection.

      • There's very little pressure on any major or minor muscle groups, allowing the best possible blood flow to the penis.

      • It also encourages clenching of the pelvic floor muscles for deeper penetration, giving those muscles an extra workout. In our 'use it or lose it' scenario, regular doggy-style sex could be considered part of your ED treatment.

      • It's another great sex position for stimulation, giving the man a great view of his penetrating erection and his partner's body.

        3. Cowgirl

        Cowgirl Sex Positions for Men with ED Illustration

        To perform Cowgirl, the female partner straddles the pelvis, this time face-to-face with her partner. Commonly known as the woman on top, the cowgirl reference relates to how she rides her partner's penis.

        What makes this position good for erectile dysfunction?

        • Cowgirl is another great option for deep penetration; with her legs spread wide and her weight used to bring both of them closer together, not only may he feel deeper within, but with more grinding and less in-and-out penetration, there's less chance of the penis sliding out.

        • His relaxed state allows optimum blood flow throughout the body, ideally with more blood flowing into the penis.

        • When it comes to visual stimulation, cowgirl may be the ultimate for many. Having a full, unrestricted view of his partner's body not only provides a great view of his penis penetrating her and the movement and bounce of her breasts, but he will also see how much pleasure she's experiencing while taking control in this highly sexual position.

        • As well as being one of the top sex positions for men with erectile dysfunction, it's also an ideal option to help your partner reach climax.

        To give yourself the best chance of helping your partner climax, cowgirl could be the way to go.

        Consider this study into how sex positions affected women and orgasm published in the Sexual Medicine journal; it may only be a small increase, but it showed that face-to-face positions increased the likelihood of women achieving coital orgasm during penile-vaginal sexual intercourse. To give yourself the best chance of helping your partner climax, cowgirl could be the way to go.

        4. The Cross

        The Cross Sex Positions for Men with ED Illustration

        The Cross is a mix of missionary and spooning at a 90º angle. The Cross name possibly derives from the shape you both make or that your bodies cross each other during the act. The man lies on his side, facing his partner, while she lies on her back with her legs over his hips.

        The Cross is a mix of missionary and spooning at a 90º angle. 

        With the man laid on his side, his muscles experience very little stress, allowing a highly relaxed position. Once again, this allows blood to flow freely through the body more efficiently, ideally into the erection.

        What makes this position good for erectile dysfunction?

        • This sexual position is possibly one of the most relaxed ways to have sex. It gives men with erectile dysfunction the opportunity to control the speed and pace of sex while maintaining good blood flow to the penis.

        • This is another position where both partners have their hands free to use as they wish, adding a sensitive or stimulating touch to how they arouse and excite each other.

          5. Spooning

          Spooning Sex Positions for Men with ED Illustration

          Spooning is a low-key, intimate sex position that takes advantage of the same tight-fit sensations of doggy style. Spooning is considered an attentive show of affection with maximum body contact. During sex, an abundance of skin contact can add to intimacy and arousal, adding more mental and physical stimulation to combat the varying sources of erectile dysfunction.

          Spooning is a low-key, intimate sex position that takes advantage of the same tight-fit sensations of doggy style.

          Spooning is usually carried out on the couple's sides, but as a sex position, the woman may lie on her front with the man on her back. This kind of restriction can be a great turn-on for many women, and the control aspect offers another for the man.

          What makes this position good for erectile dysfunction?

          • Again, laying on your side will maintain the most relaxed position for optimum blood flow around the body.

          • With your partner's legs closer together, it provides a tighter grip on the penis, making more of a semi-hard erection.

          • As one of the less strenuous sexual positions, as well as the possibility for more blood flow to the penis instead of other hard-working muscle groups, it offers an opportunity for slower and more sensitive love-making.

          • Laid on your sides, this type of spooning allows the most access by both partners to the woman's body. To maximize arousal, both partners can play with her most sensitive areas: her breasts, nipples, stomach, and genitals. With many women only able to climax during clitoral stimulation, spooning can provide her with an orgasm even when an erection weakens during the event.

          Positive takeaways from our best sex positions for Men with ED

          It's good news for those experiencing ED that so many options are available that help. Whatever the root cause, there are a range of treatment options. If the problem appears purely physical, making a few lifestyle changes might be enough: this study in The American Journal of Cardiology outlines how maintaining good cardiovascular health affects erectile performance, and another, featured in Sexual Medicine, explores how much physical activity is required to impact the erectile function of those experiencing erectile dysfunction.

          And if it isn't something easily treated by improving our general health and lifestyle behaviors, prescribed medication is readily available to treat ED.

          For the mental aspect of ED, working on your romantic relationship won't just help you have better sex but bring you closer together as a couple.

          Confidence plays its part in the bedroom, so working on your relationship and communication could be just what's needed to relight the spark, boost your sex life, and deliver a more fulfilling experience for both partners.

          Where erection problems continue, all is still not lost. There are hundreds of ways of reaching satisfaction—penetrative penile sex is merely one. From touching, teasing, and mutual masturbation to oral sex and introducing sex toys into your sex sessions—there are plenty of options to bring extra pleasure that don't have to involve finding precisely the right position.

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          Ultimately, the best sex positions for men with erectile dysfunction will be down to the individual, as will an awareness of how our overall health affects our sexual performance and how any underlying conditions may also impact what happens between the sheets.

          Exploring the best sex positions for ED should add a new layer of fun to your sex life, bringing you and your partner closer while you find ways to spice things up.

          And, of course, if these positions don't deliver the results you hope for—all is not lost—there are plenty of alternatives to dealing with ED.

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