The Powerhouse 5 Speed Auto Erection Penis Pump

Not all penis pumps are created equal and the Powerhouse electric pump proves that. Powered by a durable 5 speed motor with single click selection, this pump is ready to get you hard in an instant. Featuring an easy grip cylinder, silicone pump sleeve, and safety air valve, the has never been a better electric pump for beginners.
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The Powerhouse 5 Speed Auto Erection Penis Pump
The Powerhouse Key Features & Functions
Material: Acrylic · Silicone · ABS Safety: Electric quick-release air valve 
Noise Factor: Quiet Features: LED control panel
Battery: Rechargeable Functions: 5 preset power settings
Waterproof: No Best for: Improved size · Stamina · ED
Lubricant type: Water-based only Max Insertable Length: 7.5 in.
Cylinder Length: 8 in. Overall Width: 2.3 in.


Get a thicker and harder erection, without all of the effort or worry. The Powerhouse electric pump is a high-quality erection enlarger that does the heavy lifting for you,  Featuring a powerful motor with 5 easy-to-select speeds, all you have to do is slide in and select the power that suits your needs.

Built for beginners but an excellent choice for any pumper, the Powerhouse packs all the essential features and safety protocols without the unnecessary frills.  When you pump with one of the 5 speeds, you will understand just how great the Powerhouse really is.  Just sit back, max out your size, and save your energy for when things get heated.

Five exhilarating workout speed settings
Simple, one-handed button controls
USB rechargeable battery w/ cable included
Quick power release valve for added safety
Quiet motor lets you keep your focus on getting it up
Disassembles for a more thorough deep clean
The · Powerhouse · 5 · Speed · Auto · Erection · Penis · Pump
The · Powerhouse · 5 · Speed · Auto · Erection · Penis · Pump
The best electric pump for beginners, hands-down.
The best electric pump for beginners, hands-down.
  • Get instant results without painful surgery or medical procedures
  • The high-quality motor provides minimal distraction while you pump
  • The 5 levels of speed keep things interesting and ensure you have the exact amount power you need
  • With the built-in measuring gauge on the cylinder, you can watch your growth in real-time
  • The single hand controls to help you change pressure easily
  • Includes a quick release air valve for safety and peace of mind while you pump
  • Airtight seal to help you get hard at maximum speed
  • Never worry about dropping thanks to the no-slip grip finger grooves
  • Features a pure silicone pump sleeve and anti-air leak technology for a seamless seal
  • Helps create thicker and harder erections with improved sexual stamina
  • Latex-Free · Phthalate-Free · Body-Safe
The · Powerhouse · 5 · Speed · Auto · Erection · Penis · Pump

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
William S.

Good pump

Am I using it wrong ?

I tried it yesterday for the first time. Total beginner here! 8 tried it laying down. Really bad idea. So I relayed the pressure right away. How do I remove the silicone base after my penis is hard? Where do I add a cock ring at? That hole on the silicone base is too small to remove and erected penis after it’s hard. Any tips or help?


It works really well!! Hold suction only problem and was my fault it is too small. Gonna order the bigger one next


The science behind penis pumps
A penis pump works by creating an airtight seal around your penis, and then removing the air from the chamber. That process creates a vacuum, and the pressure in that vacuum pulls more blood into your penis — just like a natural erection.
Shrug off erectile dysfunction and go to town.
Since penis pumps work by using physics rather than stimulation, ED can’t stand in your way. According to WebMD, up to 80% of men with ED are happy with the results of their pump. And the other 20%, well, they’re probably using the wrong pump.
Safety features that give you peace of mind.
Fearlessly push your limits while working yourself out. The PowerHouse has a patented quick-release valve that can relieve vacuum pressure in less than a second, so you’ll never have nagging injury concerns in the back of your mind.
The Powerhouse 5 Speed Auto Erection Penis Pump

Amplify your performance with astonishing size.

Amplify your performance with astonishing size.

Don’t waste your energy slowly pumping your penis up to size. Kick your sex and solo play into high gear with the lightning-fast speed of the automatic Powerhouse by Lynk Pleasure.
Lynk Pleasure Penis Pumps The Powerhouse 5 Speed Auto Erection Penis Pump
Powerhouse Electric Penis Pump $39.99
Powerhouse Electric Penis Pump $39.99