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7 Best Masturbation Positions for Men (With Illustrations and Tips)

10 min read
7 Best Masturbation Positions for Men (With Illustrations and Tips)

Apart from feeling great, studies have shown all kinds of benefits for regular masturbation. If you want to release tension and stress, lower your blood pressure, or simply enjoy some heightened alone time, masturbation has a lot to offer.

Scientifically, the following studies showed higher ejaculation frequencies promote a lower risk of contracting prostate cancer, masturbation-induced orgasms boost our immune systems, and while it might not help you get to sleep quite as fast as partnered sex, it still significantly improves sleep onset times and sleep quality.

With so much to gain, we're going to explore the best positions for our solo sex time and suggest a few new ways to mix up and satisfy any healthy or overactive sex drive.

Here are our suggestions for the best masturbation positions for men—it's down to you to decide which delivers the greatest pleasure.

1. The Standard (Lying on Your Back)
The Standard (Lying on Your Back) Masturbation Position

Lying on your back is probably the most straightforward, relaxing, and comfortable position. So, when it comes to a little quality masturbation time, why wouldn't you kick back and take it easy? Lying on your back can be flat out or propped against a wall or headboard; either way, you have everything you need right before you for a fun session in the classic position.

Lying down on a flat surface, you can stimulate your erect penis however you like. Every masturbation technique is on the table—whatever works best for you.

Most men enjoy visual stimulation for sexual arousal, but when you're lying down, you're in the ideal position to close your eyes to the outside world and enjoy a personal fantasy. Imagining a sexual world without limits, you can take your masturbation session to different heights, whether that's envisioning someone normally off-limits—a work colleague or celebrity perhaps—or having sex in a beautiful or busy location; whatever takes you out of your usual routine and into new areas of self-pleasure.

What are the benefits of masturbating in the standard position?

With your body completely relaxed, supporting yourself with pillows if masturbating in bed, you have complete, unobstructed access to your penis, testicles, and anus. Spreading yourself out in bed or lengthways on a sofa also allows a clear line of sight to whatever screen shows your preferred stimulation or even a video call with a partner.

Take the standard position to a pro-level

Moving this standard position towards more advanced masturbation techniques, raise your knees to your chest with your legs spread, promoting easy access to the perineum and anus. Masturbation techniques aren't solely dedicated to the penis; with masses of sensitive nerve endings in and around the anus, you can soon add prostate orgasms to the mix.

Even a conventional penile orgasm is elevated to new highs with a little prostate or male G-spot play. Consider using a prostate massager to experiment with different toys.

2. Standing

Standing Masturbation Position

Masturbating in the shower is likely a common part of the male masturbation routine. Taking care—and quickly—of a little unwanted sexual tension before starting the day (or relaxing into the end of it) won't be much of a surprise to most, but standing upright in front of a mirror or leaning against a wall might be.

Masturbating in the shower is likely a common part of the male masturbation routine

For some men, where finding privacy is an issue, masturbating while standing allows them to climax directly into a toilet or bathroom sink, taking care of cleaning up afterward and best hygiene practices.

To try alternative or different positions while standing, use supportive furniture to raise a leg, allowing access to the anus, perineum, and testicles.

What are the benefits of masturbating standing up?

Leaning against a wall and pushing your hips forward will engage your pelvic floor muscles, building strength in the area that controls sexual performance. Not only does this help with performance and some sexual health concerns, but it also enhances your orgasms.

Engaging your core will add to the feelings and sensations when climaxing and your muscular health.

Take the standing position to a pro-level

Adding sex toys to any position will enhance your self-pleasure techniques. When standing, fixing a masturbator or sleeve to a table, the back of the sofa, or a shower wall allows the simulation of standing sex, or with anal sex toys that fix to the wall, there's plenty of scope to experiment with prostate play and anal stimulation—all while keeping both hands free for penis and other bodily stimulation.

Adding sex toys to any position will enhance your self-pleasure techniques

For increased-intensity orgasms, cock rings contain blood in the penis head for bigger, harder erections, delivering more powerful climaxes. Penis rings can be used in any masturbation position, but capturing blood flow in the penis while standing delivers great results.

Another of our advanced masturbation techniques caters specifically to testicle play. With practice, many men have found a way to temporarily prevent orgasm by pulling gently on their testicles when approaching climax. With the scrotum and testicles hanging free, it's ideal to try out this self-control method.

3. On a Chair

On a Chair Masturbation Position

While most guides discuss the benefits of sitting on a hard-back chair, mostly down to how many men masturbate watching porn on a computer, there's much to be said for relaxing in your favorite armchair or La-Z-Boy-style recliner. However, curling up in a recliner or pulling your knees up into you is more akin to our lying down masturbation techniques, so let's see what a hard-back or office chair has to offer.

What are the benefits of masturbating on a chair?

Seated masturbation techniques allow you to spread your legs with your testicles free and loose. It's another good position to try some gentle ball pulling for extended periods of intense edging. It's also pretty comfortable and very practical.

For those sitting at a laptop, you might enjoy switching to your less-favored hand while your dominant arm/hand takes control of the mouse or trackpad.

Take masturbating on a chair to pro-level

Aside from switching hands, edging, and ball-play, sitting at your screen provides the ideal opportunity for cybersex and mutual masturbation with an online partner. Cybersex can introduce a whole new world of experiences—just make sure you're not going to be disturbed.

4. Facing Down (With a Hands-free Masturbator)
Facing down (with a hands-free masturbator) Masturbation Position

Facing down is one of the standard masturbation techniques that mimics partnered sex.

With a hands-free sex toy replicating the sensations of a mouth, vagina, or anus, it can feel like having sex but without the emotional or physical connection you'd get from another person.

Facing down is one of the standard masturbation techniques that mimics partnered sex.

It's a short drop from grinding on all fours to lying face down and flat-out thrusting against the bed or supporting surface, once again moving into more typical partnered sex techniques.

What are the benefits of masturbating face down?

Thrusting, grinding, and riding against a mattress or pillow while wearing a hands-free sex toy delivers a sense of full-body freedom that using your hand doesn't allow for. It's ideal for those who like to lose themselves in mental fantasies, daydreaming about acts they may never physically experience, or reliving their most exciting real-life sexual adventures.

Take the face-down position to the pro-level

There are countless male masturbation sex toys ready to launch your solo sex life into a completely new dimension.

Whatever masturbation techniques you usually rely on, hands-free sex toys have something new for everyone. Designed to feel like the body parts they represent, they create pleasurable friction in all kinds of masturbation positions. If you think a lubed-up hand feels good, you're going to love these. While your toy won't feel exactly like a real vagina, anus, or breasts, some are incredibly close to the real thing and a great alternative when you don't have access to a partner.

A quick word on hands-free masturbators

Male masturbators come in all kinds of shapes and offer a variety of features and sensations. From discreet-looking hi-tech tubes to replica body parts and life-size dolls—the range is vast.

The two main types are manual and automatic.

As the name suggests, manual masturbators or 'strokers' require you to provide the motion, where an automatic toy manipulates, strokes, pumps, and sucks your penis using various built-in motors and air pumps. The most advanced models can be remote or app-controlled; some feature VR and AI options, training (to last longer during partnered sex), and even advice on your technique.

With their range of in-built actions and options, automatic models do the work for you; all you have to do is pick your favorite settings and let your toy take care of business.

To go hands-free with a manual model, you'll need to fix it in place while you provide the motion as you would during sex.

There's the option of a suction cup to hold a manual masturbator in place: on a suitable wall, door, or other smooth, flat surface.

To use a manual hands-free masturbator, apply plenty of lube and gently insert your penis. Slowly slide in and out and build up a steady rhythm. Once you're used to the difference between your sex toy and your hand, gently pump away however feels good to you.

5. On Your Knees (With a Hands-free Masturbator)

On your knees (with a hands-free masturbator) Masturbation Position


This is another of our masturbation positions that replicates partnered sex. On your knees, it's easy to imagine you're in the throws of doggy style or oral sex. With your chosen sex toy working your penis head and shaft, it's one of the best masturbation positions that encourages you to work on some of the other muscles you use during sex.

What are the benefits of masturbating on your knees?

Being on your knees encourages the hip thrusting that works the muscles in the pelvic region. Clenching the muscles in your anus and penis helps build strength in the pelvic floor. This type of clenching is what's known as Kegel exercises. They're recommended for women to build strength after pregnancy but also highly recommended for anyone, male or female, to improve sexual performance.

Take masturbating on your knees to pro-level

Being upright and with both hands-free allows you to explore the rest of your body, touching yourself to feel pleasure in different ways. Whether pulling at your nipples or gently exploring your perineum or anus with a well-lubed index finger, you can soon take the intensity of your masturbation sessions up a notch.

6. Laying on Your Side
Laying on your side Masturbation Position

Of all the masturbation positions, laying on your side provides a nice, lazy way to turn yourself on. Consider it the Sunday morning of masturbation positions.

What are the benefits of masturbating lying on your side?

When you're not in a rush and want to take a little self-care time, there's nothing like some lazy sidewards-laying solo sex to recharge the batteries and get yourself an all-over body glow. As far as masturbation techniques go, it's whatever works best for you. Just make sure to keep your stress levels low and your arousal high.

Take masturbating laid on your side to a pro-level

With your backside exposed, it's another of our masturbation positions that allows ideal access and promotes easy anal stimulation, so why not slide a vibrating butt plug? It's also a position that allows for all kinds of sex-toy play.

There are far more male masturbation toys than sleeves and strokers, and you'll find vibrating toys of all shapes and sizes designed to stimulate the penis head, shaft, testicles, and anus.

The modern world of sex toys is ready and waiting for you to explore.

If you're not ready for a prostate massager, try vibrating penis rings, bullets, massagers, ball stretchers, or eggs (they're not real eggs or the vibrating vaginal eggs, but a textured penis head cover that comes in a discreet egg-shaped container). The modern world of sex toys is ready and waiting for you to explore.

7. On an Ottoman Stool

On an Ottoman Stool Masturbation Position

It's a little more niche than our other positions, as this one requires a specific type of stool. An Ottoman stool is a small backless stool that can be sat on or straddled in various positions. Whether bolt upright with knees high and spread wide or straight back with genitals rising skywards, it's one for those who like to explore flamboyant creative positions.

What are the benefits of masturbating on an Ottoman stool?

Laying back on an Ottoman stool mixes the sitting and lying on your back positions. Apart from the extra furniture, you'll need strong back and neck muscles. Raising the pelvis is suggested to help achieve a greater level of pressure and sensitivity in the penis while affecting the natural blood flow around the body. If you like a light-headed climax, this one's for you, but be careful—it's very unhealthy to be anywhere near blacking out or pulling important muscles.

Oh, and it's a great workout for your core and pelvic floor.

Take masturbating on an Ottoman to a pro-level

We have to admit, any masturbation techniques that include an Ottoman stool are already pretty advanced. As with other positions, add toys and lube to your game if you'd like to take things up a notch. If you love the sensations provided by those sensitive nerve endings around the entrance to your anus, try riding and grinding on a rolled-up towel or a spare pillow sat on the stool.

Best masturbation tips for extra pleasure

We delved deep into tips and techniques for male masturbation in a recent blog, so if you're looking for a little more inspiration into the best masturbation techniques for men, head over to our dedicated masturbation page.

If you'd like a quick summary without jumping pages, here's what we suggest:



Set the scene and take your time Taking your time will enhance your experience, and plenty of lube will help you stay safe and comfortable over any lengthy solo session.
Find your favorite sex toys Male dildos, vibrators, stimulators, vacuum cups, and sleeves; there's plenty to choose from, so there's no need for anyone to ever get bored.
Get acquainted with your P-spot Anal play is increasingly popular with men and penis owners. A prostate massager can add a whole new world of sensation to your masturbation routine.
Change positions Just what we've covered (in great depth) in this article!
Explore edging  Changing pace and preventing ejaculation helps build stamina and deliver explosive orgasms.
Partner play  Masturbating with a regular partner or a stranger can provide incredible sexual highs. Mutual masturbation can add so much to foreplay or make an exciting alternative to conventional partnered sex.
Make it about the journey and not the destination We often put far too much focus on the climax at the end of sex and masturbation, but with so much pleasure available during the build towards ejaculation, get creative and work on your slow build to the biggest orgasms.


Masturbating, without a doubt, is one of the most fun things we can do on our own and very good for you in all kinds of ways. However, how you do it and your favorite masturbation techniques are down to you.

Masturbating, without a doubt, is one of the most fun things we can do on our own and very good for you in all kinds of ways

If you're getting bored of using the same technique in the same position, then mixing things up, exploring new masturbation techniques, and trying some of our suggestions could introduce you to heightened experiences, increased arousal, and explosive orgasms in all kinds of new ways.

Explore the world of male masturbation

Discover our article dedicated to enhancing the art of self-pleasure for men:

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