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Interview with Doctor Anika Ackerman

3 min read
Interview with Doctor Anika Ackerman

Doctor Anika Ackerman is here to share her knowledge and skills on a variety of important topics, including the most common problems men may encounter in these areas and ways to keep their sexual and mental health in good shape. We are indebted to Doctor Ackerman for taking the time to talk to us and provide our readers with useful information.

Have you seen any particular trend in men's health that has been increasing in the last decade?

In my practice I have been seeing more young men with erectile dysfunction (ED). This may be because diagnoses like ED have become more mainstream and less taboo. Thus, men feel more comfortable discussing these issues with their doctors.

Also, large companies like HIMS offer solutions to these issues on social media and television, so ED and viagra have become household terms.

Have you seen progress regarding men’s concerns with their health over the last few years?

As I mentioned above, there is more access and dissemination of information about men’s health concerns, especially sexual health concerns, because of companies advertising on social media and other media outlets. Even doctors on social media platforms are able to educate the masses.

I think the ease of access to more information leads men to question their own symptoms and seek treatments they would have otherwise overlooked.

In your opinion, how can mental health impact men’s sexual performance and enjoyment?

    Mental health is really half the battle for sexual performance and enjoyment - and much more than half for younger men. I see many patients, especially young ones, who think they have ED, but in reality, they have a psychological issue that is affecting their performance. Psychogenic ED, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues can all lead to ED. Rarely do young men actually have a physical ailment hampering their erections.

    Do you think there’s still a stigma for men on sharing mental health issues and seeking help?

      I do notice that my patients who suffer from psychogenic ED are hesitant to pursue mental health help. I often refer to a sexual psychologist, but it takes convincing to get these men to go. Not all men feel this way, but I do think that some believe seeking help shows weakness or makes them less manly.

      What would be the top 3 sexual insecurities men usually bring up the most

        As a urologist:

        What are the most common elements disrupting men’s ability to enjoy and perform during sex?

        • Watching too much pornography.
        • Psychogenic ED.
        • Relationship issues.
        • Anxiety about pleasuring their partner.
        • Anxiety about losing their erection or ejaculating too quickly.

        What is the most unique case you have ever treated?

          Some men enjoy putting foreign bodies inside their urethra to stimulate their prostate. It apparently leads to an intense orgasm. I once had an 80-something year old man put a piece of a crystal chandelier in his urethra to stimulate his prostate. The crystal ended up in his bladder and required and open abdominal surgery to remove it.

          In your opinion, what is big dick energy?

          Gotta ask Gen Z. Lol.

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