Precision Penis Pump with Trigger Grip & Air Gauge

The Beginner Penis Pump with precision air-gauge allows you to get hard and stay hard without breaking the bank. Boost your confidence and achieve thicker, harder, and longer lasting erections without the effort. This standard size pump includes all of the safety features you need to pump confidently.
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Precision Penis Pump with Trigger Grip & Air Gauge
Precision Air Gauge Pump Key Features & Functions
Material: Acrylic · Silicone · ABS Safety: Quick-release air valve · Precision Air Gauge
Noise Factor: Silent Features: EZ Pull Comfort Grip
Power: Manual Functions: Basic vacuum suction
Waterproof: No Best for:  Beginners · Improved size · Stamina · ED
Lubricant type: Water-based only Max Insertable Length: 7.5 in.
Cylinder Length: 8 in. Overall Width: 2.3 in.


No matter your skill level and experience in penis pumping, we all share the need for high-quality products that will achieve the results we desire.  The Beginner Penis Pump with Trigger Grip & Air Gauge provides that in a package that is great for all levels of experience.

Made from high-quality material and built to last, this pump will give you a perfect vacuum suction each time you use it.  The EZ pull trigger grip makes pumping effortless no matter your grip strength.  Combine that with the precision air gauge and silicone pump sleeve and you are sure to get maximum results with each use.  

With 8 inches of insertable length and a diameter of 2.5 inches, this pump is sure to fit most men.

Instantly boost your size and performance for sexual stasfaction
The built-in precision air-gauge will keep your pumping safe and effective
Easy to read measuring gauge so you can watch your progress
Air-tight seal helps you get thick and hard in no time at all
Your safety comes first thanks to the quick release air valve
Designed to help you achieve harder, thicker, and more powerful erections
Precision · Penis · Pump · with · Trigger · Grip · & · Air · Gauge
Precision · Penis · Pump · with · Trigger · Grip · & · Air · Gauge
The ultimate penis pump for beginners.
The ultimate penis pump for beginners.
  • The high-performance vacuum chamber is designed to withstand even the highest pressure
  • Includes a medical-grade silicone seal to keep the chamber air-tight
  • The cylinder has a built-in measuring gauge to watch your penis grow in real-time
  • Finger grooves help for a firm, non-slip grip
  • Features a quick-release safety air-valve to instantly release all pressure
  • Comes with everything you need to enjoy thicker and harder erections
  • Each pump is designed to fit most penis sizes (up to 7.5'' in length and 2.25” in girth)
  • Improves your sex life no matter if you suffer from ED or looking for more impressive erections
Precision · Penis · Pump · with · Trigger · Grip · & · Air · Gauge

Customer Reviews

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Aaron W.I.

Keep working and I don't know how long it takes to keep hard???

great on budget pump

got t simple one they carry, great price, well done, vacuum wells or seals it well, was skeptical on buyin on amazon or... great quality

John J.
Works well

The vacuum system works well to pull down to the base. The pull is real so only go so far to starting pain point and practice again.


The science behind penis pumps
A penis pump works by creating an airtight seal around your penis, and then removing the air from the chamber. That process creates a vacuum, and the pressure in that vacuum pulls more blood into your penis — just like a natural erection.
Shrug off erectile dysfunction and go to town.
Since penis pumps work by using physics rather than stimulation, ED can’t stand in your way. According to WebMD, up to 80% of men with ED are happy with the results of their pump. And the other 20%, well, they’re probably using the wrong pump.
Safety features that give you peace of mind.
Fearlessly push your limits while working yourself out. The Beginner Pump has a patented quick release valve that can relieve vacuum pressure in less than a second, so you’ll never have nagging injury concerns in the back of your mind.
Precision Penis Pump with Trigger Grip & Air Gauge

Max out your performance with a must-have penis pump

Max out your performance with a must-have penis pump

Packed with all the necessary pumping features and safety equipment, the Beginner Penis Pump with Air Gauge is the perfect tool for the job. If you are looking for a penis pump that will help you achieve your desired results then this is the pump for you.
Lynk Pleasure Penis Pumps The Beginner Penis Pump with Trigger Grip & Air Gauge
Beginner Air-Gauge Penis Pump $32.99
Beginner Air-Gauge Penis Pump $32.99