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Interview with Doctor Josh Gonzalez

4 min read
Interview with Doctor Josh Gonzalez

Doctor Gonzalez is here to share his insights and expertise on a range of important topics, including common problems and concerns that men may face in these areas, as well as strategies for maintaining good sexual and mental health. We are grateful to Doctor Gonzalez for taking the time to speak with us and provide valuable information to our readers. Let's get started!

What are the main issues men face nowadays?

Men, like everyone else, have a lot to face in our ever-changing world.  Traditional notions of masculinity have come under question, especially in the last couple of decades.  This is not inherently a bad thing, but it does force men to reconcile how they want to exert their masculinity in the world.  From a health perspective, men are facing declining fertility rates and higher rates of sexual dysfunction.

Have you seen any particular trend in men's health that has been increasing in the last decade?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and fertility issues seem to be increasing.  Regarding the rise in erectile dysfunction, this may be because younger men are being diagnosed with ED at an earlier age.  It’s unclear if that’s because the actual incidence of ED is increasing or these younger men now just feel more comfortable discussing these issues with their healthcare providers than younger men used to in the past.  There has been a steady decline in male fertility for the past 40 years, but the reasons for this remain somewhat of a mystery.  Some have suggested it may be linked to environmental and lifestyle factors, but it may be more complicated than that.

Have you seen progress regarding men’s concerns with their health over the last few years?

I think the biggest progress has been men feeling more comfortable coming forward with various men’s health concerns.  Men, in general, are not terribly great at going to the doctor and being proactive about their health.  When It comes to sexual health issues, there’s also added stigma and/or embarrassment that may prevent them from seeking help.  Conversations about men’s health have grown increasingly loud in the recent past, which has allowed men to feel more open to sharing their struggles.

In your opinion, how can mental health impact men’s sexual performance and enjoyment?

Mental health is an extremely important part of men’s sexual health.  I can’t tell you how many times I see men with sexual health issues who appear to be suffering from depression, seem unhappy in their relationship, are stressed out at work, or struggle to manage their day-to-day anxiety.  Of course this is going to affect how they see themselves as a sexual being and how they interact with romantic and sexual partners.  As a urologist, I focus mostly on diagnosing and helping correct physiological factors affecting sexual function.  But I always assess where someone is at mentally/psychologically when they are in my office.  If necessary, I will often refer them to mental health specialists to help address some of the psychological factors that may be contributing to their sexual health problem.

Do you think there’s still a stigma for men on sharing mental health issues and seeking help?

Absolutely.  And it’s not just men.  Our society does not do enough to support people struggling with mental health issues.  There’s still so much unnecessary stigma associated with mental health.  Sure, it’s gotten better in the last couple of decades, but we have a ways to go in helping people feel comfortable sharing their struggles with mental health so they can get the help they need.  Men face a unique type of stigma because they and society see mental health issues as a weakness and possibly a threat to their masculinity.

What would be the top 3 sexual insecurities men usually bring up the most

The three most common sexual insecurities men bring up include erectile dysfunction, penis size, and ejaculatory concerns.  When men struggle with achieving or maintaining an erection it almost certainly causes insecurity.  In general, most men would be happy if their penis was bigger.  We see this even in men with above average sized penises.  This is probably informed by our exposure to pornography, which features well-endowed men much larger than the average penis.  Lastly, ejaculatory concerns—everything from ejaculating too quickly to not ejaculating enough—have become an increasing complaint I hear from my patients.  Ejaculatory volume is known to decrease with age, but many men (both old and young) are bothered when their volume declines.  And more and more they are bringing it up during our visits.

What are the most common elements disrupting men’s ability to enjoy and perform during sex?

I think distraction is a big factor.  Being able to unplug and focus on what’s actually going on during sex is hard for a lot of men.  We are so busy and constantly inundated with stimuli from the external world that it’s sometimes difficult to really be present in the moment.

What is the most unique case you have ever treated?

There are too many to count.  And honestly, as a sexual health specialist it feels a lot of times like every case I see is unique in its own way.

What can men do to improve their sexual performance?

Try living a healthy lifestyle.  All the things your doctor tells you are good for your overall health will be good for your sexual health.  Eat a well-balanced diet.  Get good sleep.  Exercise at least 30 minutes per day.  Practice relaxation and allow yourself to unwind.  These are all crucial for optimizing your mental, physical, and sexual health.

In your opinion, what is big dick energy?

BDE is carrying yourself with a certain swagger.  It’s an attitude, a vibe, an air of confidence without arrogance.  Having a big dick may help foster this, but any man can have BDE if he puts his mind to it.  BDE takes practice.

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