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Sexual Meditation: A Guide to Improve Sex Using Mindfulness

5 min read
Sexual Meditation: A Guide to Improve Sex Using Mindfulness

If you’re familiar with meditation, you may know that it’s a technique that can help to calm and focus the mind. Meditation can allow individuals to take a break from their busy lives, pause to catch their breath and help them focus on the current moment. A feeling often referred to as ‘being present’. 

Meditation can have a number of applications, with one of which being its use in a sexual capacity. This is called sexual meditation, which adopts the mindfulness techniques used in standard meditation for use in a sexually intimate setting. Allowing one or more sexual partners to feel at one with their thoughts and be present during sexual activity. 

Although the concept may seem overwhelming at first, you don’t have to be a meditation expert to introduce mindfulness techniques to your sex life.

In this article, we’ll bring you a short crash course on sexual meditation. This ranges from exploring the benefits of sexual meditation to tips and techniques you can use when getting started.

What is Sexual Meditation?

Sexual meditation involves utilizing a mixture of the techniques used in meditation and mindfulness and applying them to a sexual setting. Sexual meditation may involve many of the techniques used in traditional meditation. These include but aren’t limited to breathing exercises, allowing thoughts to pass and maintaining a focus on one's surroundings to increase an individual's feeling of presence.

Sexual meditation can be performed by an individual during masturbation, a couple during sex or among any number of sexual partners.

Humans experience a variety of sensations during sexual arousal, but we may not always be conscious of them. Being able to focus on these sensations and remain in the present moment can be a great way to create a deeply satisfying sexual experience. 

Some research even suggests that sexual mindfulness may have a positive impact on various aspects of an individual's life. One study noted that sexually mindful individuals may be more satisfied in their relationships, have better self-esteem and lead more satisfactory sex lives. 

What Are The Benefits of Sexual Meditation?

Sexual meditation may bring a number of benefits to a person's sex life. These could range from possible benefits to your sexual performance to the bond you feel between yourself and a sexual partner. We’ve listed some of the benefits of sexual meditation below.     

Diagram of the Benefits of Sexual Meditation

1. You could enjoy sex more

If you find that you aren’t enjoying sex as much as you want to, or that things have become a little stale, sexual meditation may help to increase your enjoyment of sex. For example, by becoming more present and focusing on the moment you may see a side to sex that you’ve never experienced before. Whether you sexually meditate during masturbation or with a partner, the technique could increase sexual enjoyment for everyone involved.

2. Improved focus and performance

One of the benefits of being more present is that you are likely to experience enhanced levels of focus. You may find that you notice aspects of your partner's body that you haven’t experienced before, including signals such as their breathing and heartbeat as well as your own presentation. The increased focus will help both partners become more attentive to one another's sexual experience and possibly even lead to improved sexual performance.

3. More connected to your partner

While there may be many, connectedness is one of the defining characteristics that can lead to great sex. By engaging in sexual meditation with someone, you are sharing a deeply intimate sexual act. By doing so, it may lead to an enhanced feeling of rapport with your partner, and a deep feeling of connectedness. Perhaps even more so than the feeling experienced during conventional sex.

How to get started with Sexual Meditation

As great as the benefits of sexual meditation may sound, if you’re new to the concept it can be difficult to know where to start. This section of the article explores some of the steps you can take when embarking on your experience with sexual meditation.

1. Engage in mindfulness during the day

If you’re new to meditation in general, it can be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the act. Using mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises or focusing on objects in front of you in your daily life may help to increase your confidence with the techniques. This may make you feel more comfortable when the time comes to use them in a sexual setting.

2. Focus on your body sensations during sex

While the genitals experience great sensation during regular sex, sexual meditation can allow you to focus on the sensations that you might be less aware of. Focusing on both partners' breathing, the feeling of each other's skin, and body language may help you to feel more present during intercourse. If you feel overwhelmed, try focusing on one technique at a time and introducing them gradually.

3. Try meditation with your partner

It’s a good idea to engage in traditional meditation with your partner before trying sexual meditation. This way, both partners can practice the mindfulness techniques used before taking them to the bedroom. Doing so may offer a safe space for both partners to become confident using the techniques together. This may help you to transition from standard meditation to sexual meditation seamlessly.

4. Engage in the practice of body scanning during sex

Body scanning is a meditation technique that involves focusing on specific parts of the body, and identifying their feelings and sensations. If you feel that you are taking some of your bodily sensations for granted, body scanning can be a great way to improve your awareness. This makes the technique perfect for utilization during sexual meditation.

5. Try tantric masturbation

Tantra is a spiritual practice dating back as far as a thousand years. Tantric masturbation is a form of masturbation which involves more depth than typical routine masturbation. For example, conventional masturbation is often performed with the end goal (i.e orgasm) as the main focus. During tantric masturbation, an individual may focus more on their body's sensations which arise from acts such as touching and breathing.


Sexual meditation involves practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques within a sexual capacity. It can help people to become more focused on the present moment and feel in tune with themselves as well as their sexual partners.

For people who partake in sexual meditation, they may find themselves feeling more present, connected to their partner, and enjoying sex more.

Introducing mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises, body scanning, and meditating with a partner can help with the natural transition into sexual meditation.

While this article is intended to be informative, it cannot be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have sexual or medical-related concerns you should always consult a medical professional for guidance.

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