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The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump

Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump

Suction is very good, doesn't keep a charge very long tho'


My delivery arrived with only one sleeve so one missing.
My negative is that I can’t actually remove myself self when fully erected due to black insert being too tight, I use the lube and release all vacuum
Wound like to know if I can get one with a bigger diameter. That would definitely help other than that works well but defeats my purpose if I can’t remove myself at the desired growth .

Great product

Can someone tell me what type of charging cable this takes? I have lost mine.


Wow! This is the strongest vacuum pump I’ve ever used. Highly recommend and if you are new to pumping take it slow and steady and the gains will come.

Good Buy!

It’s very easy to use and works exactly as advertised!

Design Flaw

The assist cone is a good idea but it fits exactly into the cylinder and will not install with the gasket in place so it is worthless. Best to just stretch the ring and place on the outside of the gasket at the end for ease in moving it off when ready.

wow makes me huge

pumps me so big love it

Good, but not perfect

Sometimes the air release is difficult to engage. Takes more pumps than I expected.

Does not work as well as I had hoped.

The pump will not hold pressure and will not go over -5.0.

Really disappointed

Stop working the second day. I fully charged it used it and it stopped working. If I was gonna waste almost $200 I would’ve just given it to the homeless guy down the street.

Could not insert the charger wire to charge. Very difficult to call anybody to get assistance

Could not insert the charger wire to charge very difficult to get anybody on the phone

Good quality

It’s great quality but unfortunately the extra girth was too much for my wife.

Don’t buy

I order one of each size, both snapped and broke on me, don’t buy!


Just like any exercise it was tough at first. Day 4 and I’m up to 15psi for 5 min. Hard as a rock at 64

Glans Pump - Kind sucks. No pun intended.

Hard to keep on since you have to manually hold it in place. Thats tough for my 20 min seshes. Even 10 minutes is brutal. And it loses suction easy. Im pretty thick too. It needs some sort of base to keep it from sliding back.

It’s ok I’m sure there are better products out there

Penis Pump sucks!

The penis pump doesn't work unless you have a 1" dick!!


I like the levels both in terms of intensity and feel. However, the device is too small in girth as well as length. It’s better when holding it, but hands free is awkward. The materials and quality are great!

Don't really think it's doing anything

After about a week and a half every day I really don't think it's doing anything

It's What I Wanted

I wanted a thicker lubricant that was easy to clean with soap and water, and that didn't need to be reapplied much, if at all. It works great, doesn't leave me feeling tacky after a wipe down with a wet towel, and barely has a scent at all. Exactly what I wanted.

She liked it.

That's all I have to say. Lynx products are of quality for sure. You don't have to worry about them breaking down. The just need to make a finger product for a forplay for her. The vibrator is good just something for him to put on his finger for her.

Mind blowing

Finally had an opportunity to use this new toy and whoa ! First vibrating setting and my penis was feeling it ! Wife started squirming and moaning my balls were tingling then I hit button for second setting on boom ! The wife was cumming and cumming hard 💦💦 took her bout three minutes with my vibrating meat in her to cum and lying there after she said her pussy still felt it 🍆


So far so good with yhis cylinder,i was worried in da beginnng when i saw it cause i have bought similar like this one which wont last having da base come off everytime and never bought from those companies again,so im hoping this cylinder da base is durable and will last from da others i purchase and so far has given me a different experienced when i tested,it was different and better than da others i mentioned cause is a little bit more rounder at da base and gave me better erections and i like that was gonna buy from california pumps which are better and more of a donut like but decide it to try this cylinder and so far yes it made me happy with a big smile,hopefully dont see da base come off soi could come back!1Thanks/william