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Not great

The top keeps falling off -- poor seal to the tube...

Not worth it, doesn’t work!!!

Lynk Water-Based Lubricant

It's alright

First pump I've ever purchased, took me a while to figure out how to use this thing, the orgasm wasn't as intense but it does suck you dry.

They were too stretchy even the smallest wouldn’t work for me

Pretty good

Overall the pump is well made and works as it should. Only complaint is the material of the rubber ring could be a little better

Works good

Works good and great quantity for the price

Pumps a bit restrictive

The pleasure sleeve that I prefer to use while pumping when penetrated is pressed up tight to the walls of the pump cylinder so once you’ve completed your pump session removing your extra engorged member is a bit of a fight and tad bit uncomfortable with the member head being a bit more sensitive than post pumping

Silicone Replacement Penis Pump Sleeve

works better than the original

Already broke

I'm giving this 1 star because they say "12 month guarantee" and "extremely durable". This is probably the best tube I've owned until today. The flared base broke off while I was washing it today. Not sure how this is even possible 🤔? Had to purchase another. Would be nice to be refunded. It's very comfortable and great suction. Just disappointing it broke so quickly

They suck

Not sure about others but these were tight on my thumb and impossible to get on my cock or balls and I am not huge.

Total waste of money!

The Ace Automatic Electric Penis Pump

It says it charges for 120 minutes and you can use it for 120 minutes. It does not work that way I cannot get a full session because it shuts off and will not keep a charge for more than five minutes.

Not worth it

Used 2 times and on off button does not work. Charges but doesn't turn on


Good product have no problem with it works even better with a silicone base would buy again.


So far this has been money well spent! Customer support was great too! I’ve enjoyed the smart 5

It Works

Finally a vacuum pump that actually works. I’ve been through maybe 6 of other brands and none of them work as advertised. This thing does a few things, and does them really well. On manual (just a thumbs up displayed) it pulls vacuum and stays there. Want more vacuum, press the power button and you get more. Release, press the air button. The magic happens in automatic. Once you get a happy vacuum, press and hold the timer button. Now a head / brain lights up. It pulls vacuum until the set point is reached. Holds for a few seconds, releases, then starts again. The time counts down from 20 minutes in that mode. The magic with that mode, you can twist and pull the pump. It acts like a blow job machine. Timing is just right and vacuum pull is just quick enough.

That clear insert thing is fine. It does have a hole in the end, so when you squirt, it goes up in the clear tube. Maybe don’t be pointing down when that happens, guessing body fluids might mess up the pump. The other down side to the hole, if you play too long and set vacuum too high, the tip of your penis will get stretched out and pointy (it’s temporary, but looks super weird).

Use lots of lube. Shave - hair kind of hurts. Easy clean up, the clear tube pops off the pump head easily (o-ring slip connection). The head is sort of old school, charges with micro usb cable.

This is the only pump I’ve used more than a few times.


This thing works great I like the automatic it keeps you were you want the whole time

doesn't start

Unable to get pump to rn

Pump kaput under mild use


Great product and great price

Lynn Pleasure

I have never used a product so smooth, long lasting and just so “Damn” pleasurable! Absolutely the Best! Hands down no other product I used can compare to the luxurious, smooth texture of this product! Pure Silk!

The Ace Automatic Electric Penis Pump