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Pump sleeve

Love the texture of them unfortunately they have developed holes in them although I still able to use the they provide much more suction than others I have tried

The Champion Automatic Penis Pump for Men

High quality cylinder

Very comfortable to wear and giving good results

Works with comfort

I was going to ask Lynk to allow me to write a paragraph for them on sizing but for now I will do it here. Whatever you measure your member to be, and that should be with a full and hard erection, buy at least the next size up cylinder and the comfort ring that accompanies that size cylinder. Measuring can be done with a paper strip, wrapping the strip (.75-1" wide) around the fattest part of your hard wanker, mark and then measure. Google, "circumference to diameter" calculator and plug in your measure. Order the cylinder accessory kit as you will not be able to hook to your new cylinder out of the box without the male adaptor tip and tube. The male adaptor tip inserts with GREAT difficulty. Push and twist while you depress the clip, it has to be fully seated to work. Be careful and pump often, resting your buddy when he is sore. Pumping works and you will end up with a larger penis, mostly girth, in time from pumping.

I have not received the pump .

I have not received the pump.
Please tell me how you sent it and please check to see if your people have indeed sent it.

Thank you - I await your answer.
Thank you.

It’s good

Testicle hairs get caught when you put in on. Overpriced item but I might buy it again as this product is hard to find.

great but...

it works fine except for the charing port broke off inside the pump. I can open it to charge it but its a hassle.


Wished I would of got this pad sooner

the sleeve was better then the one that came with the pump


Extremely satisfied!! Excellent cylinder. Love the measurements on the tube. Works perfectly with my electric pump I have from a different company!

Suck N Stroke Masturbator Penis Pump Stroker Sleeve

Excellence choice so soft and moist grips suck your penis when it's nice and hard with every stroke feels like you're actually getting real head it even make the sound which is an added turn on for a powerful erection. As far as my pump I got the biggest size which actually fit good so when I go to pump I get the best feeling grips and pulls your penis soft and firm while it tightens you can see the thickness no hard stress around the base of your penis as you pump which is an extra plus.

👍 love it

Great fit

Does what it says...but

This device performs well, and does everything its seller claims it will do. Only fault I find is that it lacks a feature that I think would be beneficial for the user. It's pre-programmed to range from a low negative pressure to a higher negative pressure and then immediately drop slowly to the original pressure, and then go back up, etc. You cannot make the pressure hold at any given point. Maybe there's a good reason for that, but I don't know one. The company was good to deal with. Responded to my queries immediately.

Starter Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager

Premium product

Loved it!


You guys are great. You took care of all my needs and answered my request. I would recommend you to everybody.
Thank you.

Good buffer

Good to put under metal weights

Silicone Comfort Pad for Flared Base Pump Cylinders

Make it big and proud! You won’t be able to get your hand around it!

Got the Champion pump after researching pumps once again. I went from homemade to the Penomet hydro pump to the male hanger to the Champion. The Champion buried the Penomet in every way. I haven’t blistered or bulged unevenly. I’ve used it for 8 days on the ‘4’ high setting for 30 minute sessions once per day and it comes in at 7.5” long and presses against the 2.5” diameter each time, I’m hoping consistency wins this race because the flaccid girth stays a lot longer than with the Penomet and no blistering of the skin. This pump is well worth trying. Doesn’t break the bank and really does the trick. I can’t wait to try the new size on a willing participant. If you’ve never tried a vacuum pump, you gotta try this one.

Handy helper

I give this two thumbs up, thanks to its hands free usability. If you do use your hand, it's ergonomic and easy to hold. Make sure to get a good grip because it’s powerful! The silicone is soft and smooth. I like the waterproof-ness, makes it easy to clean.

Am I using it wrong ?

I tried it yesterday for the first time. Total beginner here! 8 tried it laying down. Really bad idea. So I relayed the pressure right away. How do I remove the silicone base after my penis is hard? Where do I add a cock ring at? That hole on the silicone base is too small to remove and erected penis after it’s hard. Any tips or help?

Realistic Universal Replacement Penis Pump Sleeve